LEAKED “Alien” Photo Gets Website Shut Down!? 2/24/17

Heavy article: http://heavy.com/social/2017/02/4chan-alien-reptilian-reptoid-picture-photo/
4chan thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/5vpihy/4chan_alien_selfie_leads_to_quick_take_down_of/
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  1. secureteam10 on

    UPDATE: Looks like this particular photo is actually a fake, made to confuse and muddy the waters and was taken from the X-files show. Another possibility is that this alien story was a decoy to take attention away from something else that was leaked the same night that had something to do with pizzagate. I’m also being told that this fake photo was put out to hide the actual real one, and was also sent this photo to check out: https://twitter.com/SecureTeam10/status/835334458349862912 — Something doesn’t seem right here, but I’m looking more into this now and will post an update video tomorrow.

  2. gloria lewis on

    I got a chance to see the photos it looked like a photo of 3 different beings. The link was up again a few days ago and i saw the picture. I wonder if the aliens are trying to start their own disclosure project?

  3. Steve Konrad on

    An alien posted a selfie on the internet…I don’t mean to be a party fowl but gee I wonder if it more likely to be a mask or special effect…which do you really think it most likely is?

  4. Antifaslwblmdowhat kimmel on

    come on u say its a legit pick! the xenomorph from the new alien movie looks real too. so are u saying its real aswell? u r the one being naive. and yes retard. site’s crash all the time especially when a ton of people are chimeing in. now ur just cherry picking! u really need to get some non bs on this channel retardler! u fucking cuck!

  5. TheDisneylover23 on

    What does the person asking people on Facebook to up vote his question have to do with Reddit? They are 2 different web pages. Why is posting something on FB even being questioned by Reddit? I’m confused. If he asked on Reddit, that’d be one thing, that could be a violation. Posting it on FB should be irrelevant.

  6. Sid Stevens on

    Now whenever I see the Secure team logo, I skip the post as they are all dilusionan clap trap put together by nerds trapped in their parent’s basements ! You guys have really got to get a life!

  7. St0rm Ranger on

    4 chan The worlds most trusted source for hard hitting, investigative news reporting. “You kinda gotta go with your gut here.”

  8. Big B on

    No shit, did you ever really see anything, come on man, you do some real good shit , never , ever , ever. , fall for shit, research , you must you got to many fans like me

  9. TJ Libertybelle on

    Reddit probably doesn’t want you to know that bots are stalking every move we make and run real-time

  10. Michael Tennyson on

    Exactly what is it about living in a non-free society do you not understand? Facts and truth are distorted. Individuals who get too close to the truth are murdered. Threats to the public are ignored. Unless it is one they want you to know about, particularly the engineered ones! Wake up and smell the poisons in the air, water, and foods, and stop asking for answers to questions your not classified to receive! Realize there are government trolls online specifically to side track and look for any leaked information. Which is often removed promptly! Learn to be content with living and dying in ignorance of the truth!

  11. Michael Tennyson on

    That picture was not an alien but a human who had been experimented on! He was trying to warn the public of what is going on at several black op bases. He barely had enough time to get the photo out! The government is very good at misinformation. They use several methods for capturing people and using them for experimentation and some are returned while many others are not! Start connecting the dots!

  12. Peter Gibbons on

    I don’t think it is creepy. I think it is amazing and wonderful that the alien is trying to communicate with us.
    I can only guess as to why it would do that.

  13. divereric on

    Don’t go to 4chan if you don’t know what it is. You’ve been warned. Besides, they don’t like normies there.


    I need no photos to know the truth. Most appear to be more human the the rare. They are the elders, and rarely seen and not going to stop for a photo. If you seek you shall find and they are not to be so strange more the we are.

  15. Jane Phillips on

    Yep that could be an Alien, but, I suspect experiments have taken place with reptiles, cross breeding programmes, & tampering with Human DNA.

  16. Joel Frantz on

    well if you think of it like this. maybe his question was being answered by his account being banned. imagine what more commotion would come if NASA were to say they do in fact believe there is alien life

  17. Doctor ! on

    WTF do we accept our fellow humans in charge and allow them to nanny all of us, we should demand to know the full truth, no more bull shit. We have a right to know, we are not guests that are tolerated by the elite, we are their equals. Never forget that, you are not a slave.

  18. Post Cancel on

    The Odds of any other extra terrestrial life in the Universe is about 1 in 1,321. Might be higher but I got that statistic from a NOAA Climate Scientist so rest assure, it’s probably sound.

  19. Witch Please! on

    Tyler, so no one managed to archive this photo off of their hard drive, such as onto a thumb drive? I’d have done so immediately!

  20. Robert Long on

    Why does the government hide aliens? It goes to show you that the majority of the people of the world are kept around for consumption to make the ones in power rich and the rest of us dumb and in the dark about whats really going on behind the senses. There are people so rich the could cure world hunger and make sure every body get everything they need to not only live but live comfortable but then they wouldn’t be in control and that’s what is all about. you think we live in a free world we don’t and good men have died in the name of freedom. think about it why is it that sometimes when you want watch a video or movie and sometime you have to wait for buffering, buffering haven’t they figured out how to get ride of this everything you buy is not meant to not last it’s meant to break so you have to buy a new one or but the latest version. And why do people get sick i can’t remember the last major breakthrough in medicine. I don’t know how much of this is right all i know is we are not in control of our lives we have been programmed to do what the people who one this world want us to do.

  21. jelkel25 on

    Collective Evolution should send a guy and NASA should send a guy, have a nerd fight where there would end up being lots of scratching and crying and spilt ear medicine, the alien in the selfie could be ref.

  22. John Miller on

    I am no photo analyst but why is the background seen through the alien figure. how does the camera capture the horizon behind the figure

  23. chris buchanan on

    does anyone know this persons address of secrueteam10?..i have a video of a ufo i recoreded in may of this year and wanna see what this guy thinks..cause i think it def is..go to my channel and tell me what u guys think

  24. Maxavaria MA on

    I feel like nasa were waiting for a guy to ask this exact question and get alot of upvotes, then ban him so they start a controversy. Just a publicity stun m8 they need to keep peoples interest somehow. So why not just make people think that they are covering up aliens shit.

  25. Gordon Anderson on

    HA you guys think having photos deleted, websites shut down and your computers permanently wrecked by malware is bad, wait until you see what happened when the covert agents came to end the life of a real Nordic Alien living as a Earth Human in Minnesota! So many died, more people including Robin Williams, Prince Rogers, and ME, were killed to cover it all up, and now no one can believe i am alive, it is not a good life! I have photos!

  26. Luke Freeman on

    Are you seven, or do you have 2 sets of braces in your mouth? Also, 4chan? Reddit? you’re kidding, right? those are your sources? what about 4chan and reddit makes you think they are good sources. secureteam is insane.

  27. Aaron Francesconi on

    I can’t play your video past 1:10. I’ve noticed that this has been happening a lot with videos that seem to be the weirdest. Food for thought.

  28. Charles Jackson on

    Where is the damn picture! He should still have picture right? Why not blast it all over the web. Making new accounts, spreading the truth. Dude or woman should have it still even they deleted it.

  29. Cycle Green on

    I must admit, of late I have become more and more impressed with the work of Secureteam 10 and their (I cannot believe it is just Tyler himself) work in bringing forth credible evidence and also their willingness to de-bunk where necessary. Keep up the good work and don’t go commercial. I will subscribe to your channel.

  30. Christina Varnold on

    Thirty years of personal research that I have done uncovered decades of agreements between movie corporations and the government agencies regarding aliens. The government has on some occasions restricted things in some movies. Thus any particular movie even fictional may depict actual reported or public disclosed or whistleblower info regarding aliens. This allows the government to say nah thats just hollywood fiction when noone does research of any particular movie and where their info design and depictions originated from.

  31. Lee Holmes on

    Not being funny or anything people, but Aliens have already been on and from the Planet for thousands of years. The thing that people don’t understand is that these beings have been manipulating mankind, even to that fact that they altered our DNA to make us more evolved. Think about it this way, if an intelligence higher than us that can fly about the universe as and when they want…. they have been here for thousands of years returning here as and when. Lets face it if they are more intelligent they have come from planets that are millions older than the Earth. Just think about it people the Government are trying to paint a picture that we need to discover planets and other life….. but the fact of the matter is we’ve already been discovered. It’s pretty simple if you think of what you have been taught in reverse.

  32. dennis admiraal on


  33. Wyatt Wright on

    The pic seems farfetched but then again if it got shut down 30 seconds after being up someone doesn’t want us to see something lol

  34. Sean Walker on

    they are sissies that have fear and when they think like this there destroying there grand children’s future to just simply ask questions

  35. Wht Rabbit on

    If your the owner of reddit. You can make whatever rules you want on the fly at any time, so its their choice to do that. And i’m sure nasa is fucking tired of hearing “Alien life, alien life.” Every fucking time they let people ask them questions. Get fucking real aliens or no aliens we’ll never fucking know until they actually physically by pass our government, land, and make themselves known. Not “Shaking cam.” “Random picture.” Crap.

  36. N. Henzler on

    this photo couldn’t be interacted with and deleted itself from every hard drive that downloaded it, but someone traced it back to a base in Arizona. Yep, that makes sense.

  37. Matt Luongo on

    THEIR NOT ALIENS THEIR FALLEN ANGELS, DEMONS, NEPHILIM AND “gods” of old…. where all the old story’s of half god half human heros hercules, Prometheus’s, Akeeles, and the rest of the titans .. half demon half human from fallen angels having sex with earth women as the Bible says … nothing under the sun is new also as the Bible says!

  38. dmc200755 on

    They are very touchy about reptilians. Simon Parkes when interviewed on TV was allowed to talk about Mantids, even show his drawings but could not even mention reptilians.

  39. Ed on

    My only question why all the pictures that I see about aliens don’t have any type of clothing. They are so advance to come here but not to make clothing or some type of something! even in movies they make them look like prehistoric civilization with advance technology don’t make any sense.

  40. Harrison Rutledge on

    In the words of cenk at the young Turks do aliens exist – “Uuuvvvvvvvvvv courrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssse.”

  41. Jeremy Thompson on

    NASA: “Oh my gawd people this is the millionth f****** time today some a***** asks about aliens so guess wat u r banned banned BANNED!?”


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