Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”

1/13/2014 – Stay tuned for updates.


  1. Nanbopally on

    Sadly, with corporate and gov. Technology more advanced than publics… These cam be terrestrial based… Easy. I need ship and close encouters on same vid to be convinced.

  2. Josey Wales on

    The flagship Lilith (dark glossy Metallic War-planet) which around 9.600 B.C at the time of the sinking of Atlantis & Aegis was moved and stationed behind the Moon at a selenosynchronous orbit.

  3. Firstname Lastname on

    you all should think when watching these “how could i fake this?” 
    for this video he could have prerecorded audio of himself acting out the scene in the woods, then put a video he filmed in his garage with metal and a couple lights. 
    this was real footage, but i’m not entirely convinced it is what it looks like. there are periodic flashing lights though, and that is a widely known trait of ufo sightings.

    • Roo63 on

      I agree with your first comment. That is how these things should be viewed. It’s the only way to weed out the fakes & finally expose the truth, one way or the other.
      I find it in the same category as the so called ‘Tarantula Nebula’, recently relaesed to the public, which at first glance looks like a Dragon, mopre than a spider. lol. You can see what you want here also.
      My first opinion was that it looked like a Boxing Glove catching the moonlight, as the only apparent motion was that of the camera. Stuck on a fence post (e.g) 😀
      Plus, I know Tyler states that there is no way to judge the distance, or size & that’s true. I don’t know that there’s a woodland area out there. It would really have helped if the cameraman could have panned around to so other object nearby, if only his house or car, but that doean’t happen here.
      The guy may be sincere, but in my eyes, it could be a video clip of anything whatsoever.
      “widely known trait of ufo sightings”? True, there do tend to be a lot like that & I think it’s jolly sporting of the aliens to turn their lights on in Earth airspace so to avoid a collision. Ain’t it. lol 😀

  4. scott baker on

    energy fields distort UFO running lights especially Triangular craft which can morph into different shapes for speed travel.

  5. evan c on

    GRRRRR whenever theres a ufo vid or alien vid you get all the religous nutcases calling them demons and fallen angels blah blah blah.noone gives a fuck about your religous thoughts are go talk about religion on a religous video cause this isnt one of them

  6. Sinosure on

    I’ve read on other sites that you guys (Secureteam 10) are disinfo agents because of your cg usage, uploads, & professionalism on your Youtube produced videos. I personally don’t believe this, but people say things because they don’t want us to know the truth. People are waking up & these UFO occurrences are becoming more & more frequent. They are getting to the point where they cannot be denied! I say keep up the great work! If you are disinfo agents, it will come out soon enough. People use your own discernment as Tyler often says. As for me, I’m down with you Secureteam! 

    • secureteam10 on

      Wow.. Well, I have no background in CGI, so my guess is any attempt at creating something would look pretty horrible. We choose to be as professional as possible because we care deeply about this subject and believe our viewers deserve a level of respect and production not currently being provided by most on Youtube. I’m a family man, and my passion is digging for the truth, and we’ll keep posting videos until we find it.

  7. Sonseeahray Morningstar on

    Honestly, I didn’t see anything, and I was watching at the 720p. It looked like someone blew a bubble and shined a weak light on it. And since I’m commenting, the Andromeda Council? Really? Subtlety? Why bother if it can’t be seen. As for Pureinheart77 .. I recommend you start smoking weed to clear the religious crap from your psyche. Demons are a Christian invention and their reality is fueled by foolish religious or ignorance.  

  8. Crow Valentine on

    Its a cool vid, but am not convinced yet. Plus the guy didn’t sound convincing. Seeing as you promised an update, tell your guy to put his cam on a tripod, and make sure his cam can prove he was outside visually. Hope its real, if not it was a nice try.  

  9. usapatriotAK47 on


  10. jst4curiosity on

    At appx. 1:40 – 1:43 I thought I saw on the object’s right side, where some light was reflecting off it’s surface, what appeared to be the nose skin of a blimp with rubberized black surface material.  That would make an ideal surveillance drone or vehicle, given that the black rubber / plastic coating would make it blend into the night’s sky..   Just saying, it’s a possibility.

  11. zeeek1 on

    I just love the frame at the end in one older video where you are pictured at your PC with a Pepsi Throwback, my Favorite. Hard to get in the great white north. Love your vids, just subbed.

  12. Pete Gonzales on

    I would think its a blimp like drone also. Without a good clean pan away from the “sky” you have no idea where in the sky it was or how far away.

  13. ElijahJohn888 on

    The Anti Christ is waiting in the wings b/c The Body of Christ
    is on the stage. Now once The Body of Christ is removed from that stage The Anti Christ shall fill the gap & NO one will be able to prevent him from doing so. You are either of Christ or of the world [ Saved or Un saved ]. If you are of Christ you will shall be removed if you are of the world you shall be destroyed. Maranatha

  14. s. alnoman on

    Ok its an interesting video to say the least , but please tell the guy who captured this video to use a tripod next time.

  15. Religious Sky Art on

    Why didn’t he shout, “grab a strong flashlight?”  all these sightings are either too far or too dark.  Come on, make us believers. I want to see the real thing.

  16. transientdreams on

    Um, Tyler…you said “Portal” as well…Can you please point that part out? Or is that just a ‘Buzz’ word to get people to watch?

    Are you really a “Team”? How many? ’10’? I don’t know, Tyler. You keep adding words to your posts that have no meaning or reference to actual reality.

    Tell us about your ‘Team’ at some point and who of you guys does what regarding whatever. It’s really Ok if it’s just You calling yourself a “Team”. But, when you say the word “Portal” and there is no reference to it in the video, I tend to think this is just a lonely guy starving for attention.

  17. Adaptive Rider on

    These triangle lights under whatever craft is there, are in videos from all over the world and look identical.  Coincidence?  Absolutely not.  First time Ive seen a reflection off of one though.  I feel its gotta be either some kind of secret govt craft, or a result of some Satanic seance.  Alister Crowley used to make lights and things appear in the sky as a result of Satanic behavior.  That was before he died pennyless and alone in a boarding house(homeless shelter) in the 40s.

  18. Space Port California on

    the thought I got was balloon. It looked like it, you can slightly tell by the reflection of the so called portal. Portals have to type of looks, 1) you can see, but light wont reflect off of it. it creates it own light..2) invisible nothing will reflect off it..not even moon light..I say balloon. It did nothing.

  19. RonRay on

    This resembles the object in your 1/15/2014 video.
    This is also showing on as “1/13/2014 LARGE UFO & PORTAL CAUGHT ON VIDEO – ALIENS EXPOSED”

  20. Ewan Mclaughlin on

    Right ok… the more you watch this stuff the more convinced you become, the people making these videos are not lying to you but also believers. The original photos are not from the NASA archives, as if they where how did they end up on Youtube? If these photos where public then they are not hiding anything and these are not anything suspicous. If NASA and the rest of the worlds space angencies are covering this up, then wow this has to be the best kept secret ever, with the amount of people who will have witnessed these sightings you would have thought that more people would have openly leaked the cases, for example Edward Snowden leaks information which wasnt even that special and he ends up all over the news world wide… But somehow no-one has leaked anything about aliens being coved up, or “if they have” which some people actualy believe, then why hasnt it become bigger news?

    Another point worth making is that if there is all this UFO activity above Earth and the immediate vicinity, then why has none of it been picked up by University telescopes or by ameture astronomers as there are plenty of them around the world constantly gazing at our skys and the moon.

    Then if NASA or other space agencys had dicovered alien life then why have they not reported it publicly considering it is one of their goals and humanities biggest question; if there any life? What is the benifit in organising a world wide effort to censor the “UFO activity”? This involves evry country and every research centre in the whole world to comply with censoring their discoverys – if they do discover the apparent UFO’s.

    If you look at it from the alien’s perspective, why would they all be chilling around the moon after coming all the way to our solar system? You would ahev thought that they would have come to Earth more often, and although many people to say they have come to Earth and that they have withnessed their space craft, why would the aliens only reveal themselves to a select few after making the effort to come all they way here; surely they would make a big entrance above a huge city for everyone to see.

    It is also very strange that only people who are activly looking for UFO’s and belive conspiracys that ever see these UFOs. We never hear a convincing account of a normal person encountering or withnessing UFO activity.

    If you comment on this post and have an argument to pose against me which I havnt covered, then it is becuase I could’nt be bothered writing anymore but will reply to you and will try to convince you to leave this trap of conspicary

    • Ewan Mclaughlin on

      Thank you for replying. First off, I’am not ignorant or closed minded, I look up these videos as I find them interesting, I actualy don’t want to believe in them but find my self swayed by them allot, so decided to make up an argument against it – open to critasism.

      Then, I do believe in alien life, the odds of it not existing are just soooooo slim. However I don’t believe that they have visited Earth, and if they have why they have not been more obvious. They might have in the past, but we don’t know for sure.

      Alot of the “evidence” supporting these “theories” is actualy made up, despite what you say, there is no actual proof that this evidnce is legit and is instead faked, either by actors or photoshop. But I do agree that the Goveremt is very suspisious about the whole concept.

      Sorry to put a bad note on this but why have you not had a bash at any of my arguments yet, is it because you cant find a come-back? Also don’t critisize my spellings and grammar, as it is irrelevent and shows that you are trying to change the subject, I’am typing fast and make mistakes sorry as it is obviously annoying you.

      If I have forgoten something please keep me updated and I will helpfully reply 😉

    • Ryann1795 on

      No one said this information was factual so calm down a little before thinking we’re brainwashed idiots who believe any conspiratorial crap. There’s nothing wrong with making theories such as the one in the video above and if you weren’t so close-minded, maybe you’d agree. If you’re gonna be so ignorant towards the whole alien phenomenon subject then why are you even looking up videos about it online? Do you look up videos about various religions and post comments about how their beliefs are false, too?

      First of all, If you think Edward Snowden’s leaked information ” wasn’t even that special” then I don’t even know to fully reply lol. Clearly you don’t do much research or pay very much attention to the news.

      Second, a decent education? Where did you do your post-secondary studies? You don’t even know the grammatical difference between “your/you’re” so I suggest at least picking up an English class before posting your misguided opinion on a subject you’ve clearly never looked into before.

      Third, I could honestly correct you on every erroneous argument you’ve made and even provide you with credible links as proof but I think I’ve already wasted enough time replying. If you don’t think alien life is real, you’ve got a ton of research to do. I also suggest looking into the whole Snowden case. Clearly you have no damn idea what that’s about.

    • Ewan Mclaughlin on

      Ok you’re opinion is your right, but we all want to know the truth, please point out one fault in my argument and I will correct it so you nice people can get a decent education 😛

    • Karl Johan on

      +Ewan MclaughlinEwan Mclaughlin So many of your points are outdated and simple minded.. No beliver who has done their research, would know where to start with you 🙂

      Please. You need to get a bigger picture of the case before making your mind up.

      Anyhow iI am really not sure what to make of this bad video, which is probably not even shot outside… You can do better Secureteam10

  21. Randall Smallwood on

    It has been leaked by ppl like Nick Pope and Paul Hellyer and more I seen the videos myself and they have been in the media they just don’t get as much coverage

  22. twodogs716 on

    U = unidentified. Lots of man-made stuff up in the sky. Not a portal. Seen them. They look like a stream of light. One night, I saw four, evenly spaced, then another that followed, not far behind. They *appear* to float like clouds, but don’t change shape and are not brilliant, but sort of dim. The ones that I saw were aligned north to south, or vice’ versa.  Because of another sighting of unexplainable FOs, I believe these may act as corridors. Many streaming in the same direction in a relatively narrow path, more East to West. No, no video or photos. Just a fellow witness. Dozens of them. Bright lights. Did not see the portal light. So, just 1+1 educated guess, from experience. Not my only one. Even have seen a large orb.  

  23. calical26 on

    if ufo was real they would be here every ufo is at night im going to buy a drop put some bright light on it and flight it nite 

  24. Jack Bodiless on

    I love how sure all the commenter’s are as to what this actually. It could be fuckin ANYTHING!!! I’m an interested party but I don’t suckle on anything dangled in front of me…

  25. Mr94Corvette on

    To this day no one can hold a camera! The reality is people are filming unusual things, but only they know it. Because the footage they capture is terrible. 

  26. PLEA on

    I do believe in aliens. but I really dont believe, just by seeing this video, that this was a ufo.  Like why do they always just hover and dissapear? Why dont they touchdown? why is it always at night? Why can it never be shot with a good camera?

  27. tom harrison on

    I’m pretty sure that was just a helicopter. If you turn it up it sounds like a helicopter in the background, you could also see a flashing light or lights if you watch closely and maybe had its spotlight shining at a cloud. Its winter in Ohio I’m sure that sky was mostly dark clouds which could explain the vanishing part too. I lived just north of Columbus,Oh and saw the same stuff all the time in the sky from every direction and I wasn’t close to the airport either. Cant’t say i didn’t stare and imagine but usually was able to tell eventually.

  28. Lord Vishnu on

    fantastic footage keep up the great work guys youve been pumping out some great videos youre also blowing up on the site abovetopsecret ive been posting links to your videos in the discussion topics there too many skeptics there tho

  29. jose rivera on

    come on it’s so dark you don’t know what that is or if it’s even in the sky or just in a dark room

  30. Erick McGraw on

    I live in Columbus, Ohio… there’s no way you can look in any direction and not see multiple type of aircraft.  Port Columbus CMH is an International airport and the flights are non-stop.

  31. teri lefevers on

    Hi Secure Team. I have been subscribed about eight months since my hubby introduced your channel to me. I thought I would catch up on the vids like he has already done. Thank you for what you do. I have seen a couple of things with witnesses so I know that crafts exist that we could not have made ourselves. More important, the Bible goes into detailed description about them. Thanks again.


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