Large Saucer UFO Found Buried In Antarctica! 1/13/17

Disc coords: 74°38’18.53″ S 164°31’48.53″ E
Caves: 66°33’12.33″S, 99°50’20.37″E — 66°36’12.69″S, 99°43’12.44″E
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  1. Composition 4 on

    Those in the mountains: Thermal vents. I’d wager they used to be volcanoes at one time.

    Guess what? There’s also a warm lake down there, at an average water temperature of 65 F.

    I think that first one is the most intriguing.

  2. Ron Moon on

    the Upper right?…. the shadow is extended to the upper right from the forms of ice in the middle … which means the sun is shining from the bottom left….

  3. Bonnie the Tortoise Bunny Gaming on

    !!, help.. OMG THAT IS INSANE!! what if there are some at the North Pole? or Australia if it was made a long time ago??, cuz millions of years ago Australia was in Antarctica and, from the Hollow Moon video you made, it could mean Aliens have watched our planet’s entire history.. and are now only coming for a closer look

  4. vincent wood on

    Tyler I like how you search for the truth that’s cool what I don’t like is when you mess with pictures like Google earth south Pole ufo why Tyler why u know it’s ice why flip the original to make it look different I. e ufo
    keep it real Tyler and u might keep your subscribers but start bending and fabricating things and u will be discovered keep it real bro

  5. spacemanvector32 on

    Well…uh…actually, it looks quite a bit like a trick of perspective…a small peak of snow and ice casting a shadow (no it’s not all solid black, it’s a shadow) across an area of a small shelf sliding off in a half circle shaped area (not terribly uncommon, in fact examples are right nearby with erosion and windblown aspects creating circular looking patterns) that combine to look vaguely like a UFO shaped object. About as convincing as the polar bear on mars. More pareidolia. Funny how it might look radically different at a different time of day?

  6. Benjamin Woodward on

    The sun is coming from bottom left, not upper right. Trace the shadow. It matches the ridge. It didn’t take me 13 minutes to see that.

  7. Soundwave Entertainment on

    Your third anomaly has a diameter of 230 feet. The wingspan of an F-18C fighter jet, one of the widest jets used in U.S. areal combat, is about 40 feet, with a height of about 15 feet. Therefore, it is very possible this could be a military base for planes such as the F18C or more likely a cargo plane to enter. But I will never rule out aliens. Keep up the good work.

  8. Mario Mora jr on

    @secureteam10 can you all tell me why the thumb nail and the photo on the right looks like an eye or is that just a coincidence

  9. Steven Jones on

    View of cave 2 in is just a greenish blob now… that’s all I see… bell-shaped opening has been obscured! can anyone verify?

  10. Alpha Performance Porsche on

    Love this Channel! Those entrances are really weird and it really does look like a ufo or saucer of some type. very cool find

  11. Shol ́va RIchthys on

    I´m sorry, but I have to stop. When you say “you can see those rocks and their shadow”, then it´s to the *upper right*, not bottom left! You don´t have to be an expert to see this, so yeah… and as I saw this completely explains the “mysterious ebject… it´s a shadow

  12. a fulldaysgame on

    4:18 it could just be a hole in the ice under an overhang. the shadow maintains the left slant of the rest of the shadows shown, just with more overhang from the ice shelf. imm not saying its a face or even just some misleading hint, but im not saying its actualy what he is saying. there just more to this than whats being said, or posably even whats known.

  13. conduittothecollective on

    this thing sticks out like a whinny lisp…a ridge shadow and a couple of caves…and a whole heap of suggestion…nice.

  14. Robert Potter on

    Cave 2 (longitude>99.84060829057211 , latitude>-66.55328733745691) has now been obscured by some kind of intervention on Google Earth. Cave 1 is still visible though. Re the “large saucer” shape
    I can easily see enough in the it to be very curious. It is very unlikely to be a “layer of bedrock” with such round edges. I’ve seen nothing that rock in the rocky structures anywhere on the continent. Secureteam, in my view, is just presenting what they find—very little “reaching”. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  15. Bobbzie B. on

    If you take the ‘time tour’ option to revisit the same location, then you can go back as far as 1984 to see the changing conditions as well as (I assume) the evolution of satellite optical quality?
    From 2009, where the alleged ‘object’ begins to appear, It clearly displays a decidedly less than circuliniar profile and where things more or less remain unchanged until the image depicted in this particular ‘offering’ from secureteam10.
    By the 31st of December 2016, the ‘object’ had reverted back to an outline displayed from 2009 onwards.
    Clearly whatever the dark shape is, it has been subject to countless harsh and extreme Antarctic weather conditions over the years which have variously buried and partially revealed whatever it might be time and again as satellites have passed over it.
    None of these images (even the clearest , as used by Sec.T10) give any real indication that what we’re observing is a ‘flying saucer’ or some other kind of ‘anomalous’ object trapped in ice and slowly thereafter being disgorged…irrespective of the Sec.T10 narrators customary ‘leaps of faith’ that might suggest otherwise.
    There is of course another side to this ‘mystery’ that logic suggests would be worthy of consideration, as in  were this truly what Sec.T10 have implied, then surely don’t you think that the ubiquitous ‘security services’ would have been all over it like a bad rash, and consequently ‘doctored’ the publically available evidence accordingly whilst they quietly set about instigating a ‘retrieval’ operation…or is the implication that they’re just sitting back and, like us, watching the images until the ‘object fully revels itself before they take action…
    …As the Scots would sarcastically suggest at such a totally implausible notion “Yeah…that’d be right!”

  16. Austin Yost on

    Part of politics is good publicity, just visiting Antarctica for a week and making a statement about global warming can boost and public figures cred. But it dose not mean they are lying!

  17. Bob Thiym on

    The only issue I have here. Is when I look at it myself. The image is dated 2009 and the caves are dated 2012 . Any explanations as to why this is?

  18. Logan Cameron on

    When you “correct” the perspective of the bell shaped hole, you are in fact turning it to look like a bell. The way it sits in reality is not a bell shape. Also more than half of the hole is filled in and can clearly been seen via the light grey rock. That could very well be an ancient magma vent.

  19. 00Couger on

    I love how the aliens come to earth and say “hmmmm, I wonder….. what’s the most terrible place I can possibly land this thing?”

  20. Corri Stewart on

    Question: for those of you doubting and writing negative comments… why are you watching this video? What is the purpose of you being here viewing this video if you’re only here to write negative things? Are you being paid to do so by Hilary? Seriously, the pay cannot be that good. Either go get a real job and work it like you should be doing, or if you refuse to work and want to be a bum forever which seems to be what the Illuminati has brainwashed America into being, do that, but do not bother leaving retarded comments. Seriously people…

  21. Cindy Banks on

    It looks like it has sawtooth edges. I wonder what would cause that. Or was it actually a large drill bit like we have today to drill tunnels

  22. PreSha on

    The cave @ 66°33’12.33″S, 99°50’20.37″E is not visible anymore, the spot looks blury now. Interestingly the picture of Tolis000 still shows the initial image…

  23. Israt jahan on

    honestly, I have seen a light moving in the sky obviously at night, I don’t know what was that,but it was so far, may be a broken star or Ufo..

  24. M Hayos on

    Tyler, you need to return to this site here 10-66.273354 100.984661 and correct your video as a wrong first impression. Because its “not without a doubt” a ufo now. The ufo is obviously water now. Do it for your youtube subscribers. Do it for your integrity if nothing else. Still liking the secureteam10…..

  25. Alternative Lies on

    here goes tyler again thinking everything semi-circular is an extraterrestrial flying machine. anybody actually believe this?

  26. John Hill on

    Hey Tyler. At this point it would be late summer there. What ever it is it is 10 kilometers away from the Jang Bogo Station which is a research station for the South Koreans. There should be sixty folks there probably looking at left handed blue ice worms. You don’t suppose that someone could call them up and, as a break from the microscopes, have them take a little skidoo ride over there and see what you have found?

  27. KB420SWED on

    I’m a big fan but, you talk way to much! show everything with minimal talking until the end of your videos please!!

  28. la maker on

    At first i was like its a fuking mountain Tyler cmon! then after you measured the so called entrances the results shocked me, it cant be a coincidence, humans or aliens must of affected those mountains, those were not the work of nature.

  29. CrazyWhytMan on

    Ya’ll happen to hop on a jet and go check this shit out? Oh no wait, you just report the dribble, not investigate!!

  30. Stephen Hegel on

    Just saw this in French, and you were pretty good , it gets freaky hearing the guy in French and you in English on (theWow, last time, exclusive, incredible discovery in antartique.)Youtube


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