Huge “X” Shaped Alien Installations On Moon Near Apollo Site 1/2/2016


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Music: Spellbound by Keven Macleod
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Date: April 16, 2017

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  1. Landon Malson on

    Think people, world government’s don’t trust how people will react, do u really think we went from simple iron age to space age in a couple 100 years? It is Literally impossible for there not to be other life out there. we only seen 1% of the universe. To religious people, If your god can make us why can’t he make other life else where?

    • cheatmongul on

      +m3ile0hig3h The crusaders was formed because the Muslims took over the holy lands and started killing lots of Christians overs there and we had enough of it. You cant let people push you around.

    • OgirlmjTruths on

      +iOwn17_ Pro pretty much my point! or rather, man’s understanding of the word “religion”! just trying to get everyone to see that it is just a word, and does not mean what most think! I feel you, and I respect your opinion.
      Again, best regards

    • iOwn17_ on

      +ogirlmj I am criticizing religion, religion was created for 1 reason, power and manipulation. I can’t prove that God isn’t real, or that he is, but one we can is that the religion systems that some people have made are complete bs.

    • OgirlmjTruths on

      I kind of notice how, Everyone is pretty much correct in their statements, and facts.
      Either for or against “Religion”, ACCORDING to common man’s understanding of the word religion!?!
       If you think that religion means…
      Catholic, Christianity, Islam,Hinduism, etc.
      then you are very wrong, Believer or Not!
      The Bible clearly tells what TRUE “Religion” is, and none of the names that I mentioned are in the list!!!
      Neither is GOD a “one religion” GOD!
      As a matter of FACT, GOD IS NOT A RELIGION! And this is the very reason Jesus turned over the table’s in the Temple’s. They practiced “religion”, but the TRUTH about religion is this, and if a man, group, or Church doe’s not have this True religion, then he/it does NOT practice religion at all? All of the other stuff that so called  “religious” men do
      (Church gathering,Feasts,Easter and) ALL, is like the washing of the pot!

      “PURE religion, and undefiled before GOD and the Father is THIS…
      To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the World.”!!!
      _1 James 1:27
      May YOU ALL  have “Ears to HEAR”
      Best Regards

  2. Fernando Brito on

    Pure bullshit I used to be loyal to this fools channel but now I see lots of videos proving that this guys video is just pure lies

  3. james mcbride on

    This is probably one of the bases Dr. Richard Hoagland has been talking about for years….it is one of ours BTW….the alien bases are on the dark side.

  4. Christian Padilla on

    the last time secure team released a video like this it was a prank, since then not sure how much of trust this channel


    is this gentleman using a telescope? if so what power magnification? what brand of telescope? What software was he using?

  6. SillenTDMrider on

    Just ordinary rock formations! Then the sun shines so that there is little shadows too. Problem solved ! No Aliens at all involved .

  7. Gavin Green on

    So.. yet again, another natural formation caused by a meteorite and you call it alien megastructure! Oh for fucks sake go take your meds tinfoil hat turd burglars!

  8. Disphockun Guy on

    In 1954 Lockheed Martin top secret Skunkworks facility supervisor Ben Rich stated that “we now have the technology to take et home.” we went to the moon with obsolete technology as a distraction. Hundreds of thousands of top secret files have been disclosed all around the world I am 100% convinced that we not only have bases on the moon but bases on any other planetary body that’s big enough in our solar system most of the UFOs we see are more than likely ours not extraterrestrial or interdimensional beings but that does not discount them from being seen.

  9. watershed44 on

    Our disinfo fictional telEVILsion makes things like this seem to be impossible,
    remember Space:1999? Moonbase Alpha exists in REALITY. But the elite want you to think it is impossible and fantasy.

  10. david f on

    my question is how do they get there with out us knowing like to the moon and back?.. or is there people all ready there. like they send astronauts to the moon but its strange that not many rockets go up if you get me. plus they don’t have the materials real to build the structures of that size on the moon. unless we are been feed a ball shit lie like always

  11. Darren Wilson on

    very cool man,we know there are buildings of sorts on the moon,you dont need to be an expert to see them.nasa yer what can i say”tell or show us more of whats there,the games up.

  12. Tino on

    The Moon is pregnant with mysteries. These hands-on telescope and other direct observations of the Moon by the public are THE BEST evidence of the anomalies
    and ufos – check out Bill Bryson’s videos on YT – absolutely fantastic!! Thanks again ST10!

  13. Pat Riot on

    this is not enough proof ! this is 2016 anything can be made on film tell me the location on the surface to prove its really there until then cant take his word and really secure ya team credibility has fell off you became satire but I still respect your work and dedication

  14. Dj D-Cide on

    It’s only logical they landed there: X marks the spot! (Kidding) But i bet it’s one of the reasons they chose that landingsite near, if that was already there, they have investigated or have made an attempt… but there is also the question if we actually did go there since there is also a highly conflicting circumstance present such as the Van Allen Belt that supposedly prevents us from getting there at all….

  15. Ken Behrendt on

    You just discovered these lunar “anomalies”? I saw photos of these decades ago. IIRC, they were published in books by authors like George H. Leonard (“Somebody Else Is On Our Moon”) and Fred Steckling (“We Discovered Alien Bases On The Moon”). There are various theories as to what they could be. One is that they are huge abandoned ET mining machinery; sort of like crawlers that can dig up the lunar surface and extract various elements from it. I even saw a tabloid publish a picture of one of them and claim it was a WWII bomber that some ET grabbed while it was in flight and then placed on the Moon to be proof to we humans when we finally managed to explore up there that ETs were real. Then, again, maybe they’re just very unusual geological formations of some sort. We need more data to know for sure. Hopefully, with countries like Russia, China, and India starting to develop their space programs and planning to land various rovers / robots on the lunar surface, one of them can come down near one of these objects and take a close up look. If it does turn out to be some sort of ET base, don’t be surprised if it was stripped of all of its advanced equipment before it was abandoned. They might want to leave it to prove their presence, but not to necessarily give whichever nation discovered it a big technological advantage over the rest of Earth’s nations.

  16. Blunt toker on

    dont you think if they made it to the moon they would pay us a visit grab atleast a few humans to take back for a barbeque, sad fact is this universe is to big, if another race had to leave their own planet and accually made it out to us, we would all be on the diner plate and thats a fact, aint no race travleing lightyears to sit starving on someones moon and watch all the food run around on the surface.

  17. Karen Grainger-Allen on

    I hate to brake the news to you but it’s been proven that no one human has visited the moon none of the moon events ever happened ,the rocket circles the earths atmosphere then came back to earth !! It was all hoax’s every single one they did,,a guy called Stanley Kubric came forward and 15 years after his death a video was released Kubric admitting every thing ,it was left 15 years after his death so there where no come backs on his family after the truth was out ,the guy was a master film maker that’s why NASA chose him to do it ! So there you are ,look it up if you don’t believe it !!

  18. Lambsy Laird on

    i agree with a lot of commentators that there is a lot less substance in your videos these days.. still subscribed but hoping this channel does not end up like a thirdphaseofgoons channel

  19. Dunford00 on

    if you know anything about the secret physics of life youd know the meaning of the x in xmas, it means partership, is the symbol of two vortexs phase conjugating,
    think of the center of an apple (torroid) the taurah was written in the symbols of the spins of the taurus, the secret to launching, or flying, or embedding the cube of space,
    study DAN WINTER

  20. André de Andrade on

    The funny part people ignore is, if we humans someday find some kind of intelligent life on a distant planet but, the ”dominant” species of that planet has a technology really inferior comparing to us, like they were in the gunpowder age. You just gonna land your fucking rocket on their planet and scare the shit out of then and bring chaos to that stupid society, wtf of course not, make so much sense just put some freaking base on their moon or a satellite around their atmosphere watching to study then.

    • Chillaxed2DMax on

      +Keith Park I feel most people won’t be able to handle it. We have been conditioned to fear the unknown. Have you gotten a chance to watch or read “childhoods end”? It’s likely what would happen if they ever came

    • K o d on

      Yeah I totally agree too! 100%. But just think you can very easily wake up one day, maybe even tomorrow and open your curtains or turn on your TV to find that they are officially here! Now that is an exciting thought but scary too! But at least folks like us will handle it a lot better than the brainwashed majority! I mean it’ll be THEE biggest thing EVER to happen in History! 👽✌😱

    • DashingNative on

      +André de Andrade Yeah I believe this. Since most people come to these videos claiming bullshit when there are great videos containing evidence of their existence. The reason why they do that is because they are scared and do not want to believe in it. People will call us crazy for believing it! But the truth is that THEY are the ones who’ll go crazy when we can handle it. They apply their own assumptions to how they’ll react expecting us to react the same way. Others may be scared but to me? I would feel a little scared, but excited since it’s something new and it’ll confirm what I’ve believed in.

    • Chillaxed2DMax on

      Exactly. We would study them from a distance at first. And what you say is likely true. There are likely different civilizations at different stages of technology in the universe. Some more advanced than others. Others far less advanced. I think the advanced ones are rare. Since most usually kill themselves before reaching that level. The ones on the moon are likely ancient from the time of the 15th century or older. They likely left a long time ago.

  21. Mike Flynn on

    I’m sure the sleazy Governments of the World are 30-50 yrs ahead of society. The State is our Future, unless we fight back,

  22. GER473 on

    u cant land on the moon get with it we live in a dome the moon is a very old sun thats burned out its in no way a ball its a disk think about the night sky has never change in 5000 years come on we r not moving we were never moving if we where the night sky would change one star or rock would move or be out of place we r not moving we r still in a dome sun and moon r 5000 miles away not 930000 or what ever they tell u its all lies if some is 93000 miles away u could not c it let alone feel heat from it wake up ur been lie to ur hole life iv said since im 10 we live in a dome no a ball

  23. Illuminati seeing eye on

    its not aliens building on the moon you dumbo.. its USA building something top secrete there, NASA approved this 12 years ago. and its the new area51……

  24. Wendy Solo on

    How the hell do you even come up with this shit??? Seriously?…oh yeah, If Aliens were really that close, don’t you think they’d do a little more than play hide n seek in the clouds all the time?

  25. Tim Trimble on

    O.K. The first problem…and the last is that you are relying on a GOOGLE app to substantiate your theories. I’m sure that you would agree that GOOGLE has been caught (more than one time) altering photos/data/information for one reason or another. It’s like saying “Well, it’s on Google, so it must be true.”, right? So the ‘entertainment’ value is up there, but I’d like to see 5-6 other sources to confirm this……like the real days of investigative reporting. Still entertaining…..

  26. Mr Sanjose420 on

    Thank you…great is some more info everyone can research.. NASA, the ESA, and the Republican Congress are planning to use 3D printing to produce Moon habitats.

  27. Mr Sanjose420 on

    Despite NASA denials, all the structures on the Moon are not natural, nor are they man-made. The Moon, so close to Earth yet clear of the Earth’s congested surface and atmosphere, has been used by many alien groups, and for many reasons. Currently it is a home for those in the Service-to-Self, who reside there in 3rd Density. Service to Self is not good!!!

  28. Mr Sanjose420 on

    NASA has already contracted with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Bigelow to provide prototype domiciles for the Moon. NASA has also been provided funds by the Republican Congress to establish temporary domiciles in space. The race to the Moon is on!

  29. Jack Cogswell on

    There’s a whole book that addresses the X’s on the moon. “Who Built the Moon” authored by Christopher Night. I recommend reading it. It’s a mind blower that exposes a lot of anomalies found on our moon.

  30. cy2087 on

    I believe that there are ancient structures and ruins on Mars. They might be on the Moon as well but, why hasn’t anyone just focused a big (16″ or more) telescope on the purported areas of these objects and taken a 4k vid or series of images? I sincerely doubt that any Gov’t based observatory would do this but, is there any way for the various communities that are interested in these to hire a private company to do this? Some comparative, same scale imagery of the Lunar Landing sites could be obtained and then shown alongside these suspected sites so that people could get a better idea of size and scale. How do the rest of you feel about this?


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