Huge MILES LONG Object Seen Moving On Ocean Floor! 5/19/16

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  1. Mykel Coleman on

    I dont think thats the “perfectly circular” object is what made the trail because it looks more to the side of the trails the withing the trail and something else could have made the trail sence the trail goes higher up or maybe in just trippen

  2. Crysix on

    Omg mate youre so damn right about everything
    I mean its definetly something mysterious and not A FUCKING ROCK OR SOMETHING ELSE

  3. ugn669 on

    I really don’t like how the narrator keeps referring to things as “perfectly round” or “perfectly flat” when we can clearly see off the same data that they’re neither.

    Moving along, there is such a thing as underwater rivers – when different currents are split in clearly defined “streams”. (NOAA has some great videos where you can clearly see underwater rivers, HD and everything, none of this silly “blurred out” trash.) That “trail” looks exactly how a river would up above water, there’s no reason why it would look any different beneath water… occam’s razor right?

  4. radroy92 on

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  5. Trooper Bias on

    secureteam, This is the way any discoveries or active finds should be presented. You make a conservative effort to be factual and truthful. You also  leave a little room for speculation. This is why your findings are believable.

  6. Chhath Chhuong on

    Awesome video.I love it.I like to see and to hear more.That is freak me out for this object under Ocean .Thank you.

  7. Eric Andrews on

    Your mommy called…. She wants to know when you are going to be moving…. She wants her f@ckin garage back! SUFFERIN SUKATASH!!

  8. Benedikz on

    UFO underwater is USO, please.. How can you say Unidentified FLYING Object is in ocean ? Thats wrong.. Its USO once again

  9. garyleothelion7 on

    Its your mommy undersea whore house’ mr man lisp bull shitter’ your so full of shit I can smell your breath in England ha ha lol

  10. Mac Plumber on

    The “images” of the bottom of the ocean are not photographs, but are instead scan readings from satellites taking gravitational measurements over many years.

  11. No green sheep here just a free thinker on

    from the first chinese dynasty the emporer believed that the bigger, wider and higher your tomb mound the greater you were. this tradition continued after his death leaving several of these mountainous burial mounds dotted around.
    it took hundreds of thousands of slaves to build these MOUNTAINS for their emporer to call his resting place.
    some of the mounds in your video tyler remind me of these burial mounds.
    the first emporer had a full terracotta army built in the belief they would protect his soul in the after life.
    the chinese people built their towns around or behind the mounds.
    the mounds at first gave cover and protection from invasion by hiding the towns. though they eventually attracted invaders and tomb raiders.
    as with ancient egyptians they believed being buried with treasures and luxury items ensured a better after life. check out these burial mounds! they were and still are ENORMOUS and definitely worth a mooch for the history geek like me lol! some of them look like mountains with the top cut clean off.

  12. LightedGT on

    Email some researchers and say find someone who wants to die to discover that area, i would do it but i cant lol

  13. Frostorch_Gaming on

    THE trail of it keeps going on O_o it is more than what measured It measured to be 127.58 km so dude secureteam10 u got something here i got a feeling you found a new species or something unless it is just a big huge coincidence its weird anyone hear what i mean??

  14. Christian Ruocco on

    Ugh such pathetic people trying desperately to find some great conspiracy where isn’t one.. Just go to the google map coordinates and scroll up and right a bit (zoom out a fit first). You can see many similar snake like patterns albeit without a blob sitting at the end which are completely natural. Lame honestly. To actually spend time making this shite.. Get some therapy “Secure team”, a girlfriend and a life in that order.

  15. George Isaak on

    it is certain we know very little about our oceans but guys ,just calm down a bit and lets get this real deep in our minds at the moment . I am sure scientists are doing their best to find out what is going on . All those kind of videos are out there for us to see because of them after all

  16. Swissadian Mapping on

    I looked at the coordinates and well, I saw it was off the coast of B.C. Which is where I live. And I thought, wonder why that’s there. And then, I remembered a thing called “The Canadian Ice Glacier Movement.” Remember kids, stay in school, and science can explain EVERYTHING.

  17. Rubén Duarte Bigurra on

    That place is not even near California! its offshore British Columbia, I was looking all over California, until I searched for Graham island (you can see the name in the video) and that “trail” clearly continues north and does not end up in that dome-thing

  18. Michael Deaton on

    Nevermind the circular object! I’m wondering what made those perfectly straight tracks that are over 3 miles wide??

  19. tbird 55 on

    Is it too late to comment on this year old segment? Tyler says a 2.5 mile-long moving object is scary, indeed it is. But look again. Those 2.5 mile round objects are all over the place in the picture, without the tracks, as if they sat still for a long time or else
    flew in. It reminds me of a junkyard of etv stuff.

  20. tbird 55 on

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  21. George Garcia on

    What a good mystery and whether its aliens,our government,or something we don’t know about it will this will remain unsolved

  22. Mood for Thought on

    Admiral Byrd stated that these things under the ocean exist. Did anyone from the fleet corroborate this story. I don’t know as much as I would like so if someone knows I would love to hear about it.

  23. Chris Thompson on

    hi Tyler why is no government around the world not going to Antarctica with full military power to find out what is happening????

  24. Pamela Hammers on

    I sent you an email a long time ago about these 3 different symmetrical tracks I found in the oceans. One has more been blacked out. when you try to zoom in the screen turns into black squares.

  25. MadTAII on

    There are 2 more objects see at 7:09 on left bottom side of the screen there are 2 identical objects with a trail.

  26. Michael Lorenzo Manaog on

    You said it’s off the coast of Southern California when I actually found it off the coast of Graham Island, Skeena-Queen Charlotte D, BC, Canada.

  27. yerroc on

    Obviously the zig zag path is from an ALASKAN BULL WORM. The circle is bikini bottoms being pushed away. The line that looks “dug out” is the trench that the worm fell into, landing on the city.

  28. Kevin Moore on

    Secureteam10 – did you notice that the saucer at the bottom of the ocean mountain and the zig zaggy one are both roughly the same diameter, and if both put side by side, could possibly create the bigger wider straight lines(the ones that were said to be sonar lines) my guess is they did the big side by side lines for run ways. especially if that area was drained & above sea level. to save them time on creating a runway for ships. also the mountain were the one saucer stops dead center of the big line could be the beginning hanger of a massive underwater&under ground lair?


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