Giant Glass Dome On The Moon! UFO Follows Plane, Zombie Patrol Cars? 9/15/16

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  1. Michael Mera on

    also, he calls straight away that as a Secret base for black ops operation from NASA and us gov where they conduct alien-earth conspiracy weird and creepy tests with humans and they exchange terrifying secrets… when it could perfectly be just some other geological feature that looks like a “crystal dome”

  2. Space Jones on

    Back in the 50s they would say what’s happen at Edwards Air Base a prank. They would do it on radio also. But that could’ve been a cover-up. That car in Bellville , NJ somebody made that. I’m from New Jersey.

  3. Valkurie Gamer on

    that doesn’t look like a commercial airliner, more like a gov aircraft flying at high altitude, hence the vapor trails….but yea that’s definitely some kind of UFO above it in my opinion…..

  4. Richard Jones on

    they sent A 2 kiloton nuke and took that glass Dome out just so you know Tyler I think it’s crazy that we nuke our very own Moon

  5. Richard Jones on

    if you ever play Call of Duty Black Ops 1 zombies they have that same glass Dome on the moon map lol ironic ain’t it

  6. Taylor Murphy on

    I don’t believe a single thing from any of your videos, but somehow I like having it in the background. It’s like those true crime shows or the woman who opens kinder eggs. Somehow, for unknown reasons, I watch it

  7. Tom Barnes on

    If all these aliens have bases on our moon….. Why? It doesn’t make any sense to me as of why they would want anything to do with our planet. I mean, they have no quarrel with us. Hell, we barley even know they exist. Resources are literally all over the cosmos, what could they possibly want that’s here? If we’re so puny and primitive what’s stopping them from destroying us?

  8. chris cataldo on

    why are people still so shocked with theese things? its all real. The government will never ever admitt it even with all the irrefutable proof. They just lie to all our faces like we will just continue to ignore the truth. sorry government we know you lie to us however it will catch up with you eventually…..

  9. Johnny SZN on

    I seen a zombie patrol car here in LA California on the freeway coming home from work,i thought it was a cop behind me , i moved over to the next lane to let him pass. and turns out it was a Zombie patrol car that was the same as a police car with all the lights… i thought it was illegal to have police lights on your car? -_-

  10. Kenneth Grzegorzewski on

    The new photo of the dome actually looks like it has a movable ‘blast shield’ that is in the open position. Reminiscent to a telescope observatory door. I may be wrong, it may be an illusion caused by the stitching of the photos but if I’m right, there is NO CHANCE this structure is anything but manufactured!

  11. Steven Baal on

    relax Tyler. I don’t think they are oceans in hollow cavities. more like diffuse water in a water table, only deeper and mixed with mantle rock. no giant animals like some 50’s B-grade sci-fi.

  12. VII X on

    Of course they are gonna try to contact us, I’m sure they already have, at least talked to the owners of the world. We get observed since the beginning, this is what I believe!

  13. Chris Jones on

    I must ask, why did you, Tyler, ignore the MASSIVE square “base” in the upper left corner of the moon photo? Just curious. Thanks.

  14. Anthony Thomas on

    I have a joke “Zombie Response Team” sticker on the rear screen of my car, as I am a huge “The Walking Dead” fan, you can buy these on the internet for gods sake. My sticker is quite small and has the same “Bio Hazard” symbol on the inner part, I have seen much bigger decals if that’s the correct name for them available online, this is worthy news? Come on Tyler get real and stick to UFO sightings and strange building/debris on the Moon and Mars, you are making this channel a joke with shit like this, you don’t need to put stuff like this out or are you struggling to find suitable material? Is the need for Dollars that bad?

  15. Raymond Allen on

    I worked for time warner. one day as I was working in a residential area I seen a parked unmarked car start driving by itself i thought I was going crazy. as I seen the car driving off I turned and seen my coworker with his eyes wide and jaw open in disbelief. at the moment I thought I was going crazy. but

  16. Cheryl Moniz on

    Lockheed Martin ‘s Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman has given full disclosure concerning ET’s and alien life in a youtube video,complete with pictures showing that they have 5 webbed toes and only 3 ribs ; also see former defense minister of Canada , Paul Hellyer concerning full disclosure , apparently aliens are working with us right now ; both of these videos are here on youtube

  17. Cheryl Moniz on

    who will protect this water cache from GREED ; bush purchased the aquifers in paraquay and who knows where else ; the enormous opportunistic greed and malicious intent is sick making ; perhaps nestle will bottle this too

  18. Alan Walker on

    Tyler THE MAN….. is that concord the same one that had a awful accident, ??? but the ufo was impressed by the concord that’s why it was showing off!!!!????

  19. Wind Perfect on

    Zoomed out moon picture at 5:27. Stars in the background are in “formation”. In lines and squares . Weird?

  20. GoobersGaming on

    The Roswell incident didn’t happen. It was a secret disc that the government didn’t want the public to know about. Pretty sure that’s what most ufos are. Just governmental projects that they try to cover up and hide from the public. Not aliens.

  21. Randall Sellars on

    Tyler, I do live in Dallas, and I have seen several of these zombie patrol vehicles, but I just thought they were just people joking around since you can buy all the stickers on line to put on your own vehicle.

  22. Samuel on

    2:07 It looks like it has a starfish shaped ribbing for support. There is just to the left of it a dome shaped building with arches

  23. Sean P on

    4/3/17 @9:30pm pacific time UFO Flying East was spotted over Las Vegas at extremely high altitude ,then abruptly hit a 90• angle heading North,towards the base and either vanished or lit out at high rate of speed with no blinking lights as made in comparison to commercial airlines flying passing over the city . I was enjoying the experience to take video or take multiple photos but did snap one on phone but .. It just looks like a stranded star in the photo.. From watching your channel I’ve learned to change to contrast to make the craft stand out in a more defined structure but was to far away to get a define craft. Thanks for letting me share ! Salute

  24. Joseph Aulbaugh on

    Was there another concord plane flying next to the concord plane to video tape the ufo? How does that work?

  25. Renford Charles on

    The domes are true they were created by the Grays as living quarters for human beings as part of the agreement that was made with earths leaders in the 60s to share resorces, the domes are connected by underground tunnels that also connect to spheres and square structures inside the moons body, kind regards…

  26. Renford Charles on

    The closest astoriod on earths path has already been diverted but there will be more. This is controlled and dealt with from the moon, there was a lot of good stuff happening on the moon during the 80s to protect earth, trust me on that, it’s not all gloom and doom. Good video presentation on this channel all round as it’s not easy to proove fact or fiction in todays world…Kind regards!

  27. Renford Charles on

    Do not fear small glowing orbs, they are just cameras used by the grays, like flying a drone only difference is theres no mechanical or solid parts on the cameras used by the Grays, and they can use these energy balls to create crop circles too, trust me, they will not harm you, I’ll be back soon…kind regards..

  28. Scott Wolfe on

    in 2002 we only knew about 5 % of our oceans. S we have doubled our knowledge on the oceans in about 15 years

  29. retina storm on

    if ppl try to hide evidence of ufo do you rly think they wouldnt hide ‘zombies’ -.- that shits from resident evil movies

  30. Erik Coulombe on

    The water under the surface of the earth is quite amazing and now is evidence to the flood in the bible. I believe it says god released the waters of the deep to flood the earth, and let it rain for 40days and 40nights.

  31. TheLivingGlitch on

    If there is an ocean layer between the lower and upper mantle, then there are relatively cold spots inside the Earth.

  32. MyBigThing2010 on

    optimus prime will protect us from asteroids while areosmith is played by bubblebee on every radio on earth

  33. Lue Liv FairyBreeder Mistwalker on

    Dude seriously? Zombie patrol vehicles? These are fan made at the best of conditions in preparation and to look cool there’s no conspiracy there

  34. Renford Charles on

    Greetings, yes underwater ufo’s also known as USO’s are real they are air/water tight the protection force shield around the craft is turned off before hitting the water ( not sure why ) but the star people for one and the greys are the only specie’s that enter and have bases within deep caverns beneath earths seas, also 99% of water ufo’s are disc’s shape reason being they would break up on impact due to the high speeds, a few other ufo’s do go under water at very low speeds, but it’s only the disc shapes that can enter the water at mega speeds, kind regards….

  35. flyingklown on

    John Lear says many years ago that this area is where they latched on towed and placed the Moon in orbit. Go check what he said.

  36. Chris Hampson on

    re: domes on moon, billy faye woodard, describes these domes and these underground oceans on earth, also known as part of “hollow earth”

  37. Andre Williams on

    the SST footage is what was found to be a light reflection caused in camera but everything else Tyler is right on point
    love your first hand reports secureteam keep up the good work

  38. Ricardo Roman on

    Ok everyone,while looking @ the glass dorm, did anyone see the round Spire next to the glass dorm. Observe closely ???

  39. gbunch42 on

    I love your shows but fuck osama Obama. He is a racist Muslim terrorist who has destroyed america. Not enough time to speak on this devil.

  40. Brandon Stroud on

    I live in Dallas, TX , and there are these vehicles everywhere. You can get the decals on line. You too can have a Zombie Response vehicle. Lost me on this one. Keep up the good work on the other stuff though.

  41. JustSayJay on

    It’s a bit odd that so many people focus in on the 1min zombie portion of the 20min video, using it as evidence to dismiss the channel as a whole for being “overly paranoid” and “laughable”. Just seems like an insignificant topic to focus your attention onto.

  42. Ron Stark on

    We will never get hit by a astroid that would wipe out us out, this planet is protected by advanced alien races.

  43. Jorma Teräs on

    I red the Jules Verne books back in the fat and I have alvays tought there must be huge seas inside the earth!

  44. mike alexander on

    Consider, those glass looking domes are giant spherical bombs that were shot down to the surface from some long ago war; duds that didn’t go off?


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