GIANT Alien Object On NASA Satellite Imagery? 11/21/16

NASA Stereo:
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  1. Dana McCallum on

    TYLER.. I hate how quickly u throw away nibiru stories.(this not really being one) I don’t know if “nibiru” exists. but I keep seeing pics and data (and I’m not talking about a little amount here) of an object or objects in and around our solar system. and nasa it saying shit about it. so I don’t understand how u believe in aliens and ufos, but a binary star (which we now know most stars have) with possible planets around it is far fetched? cmon bro.

  2. Janet Devon on

    The Sun image of the same day is identical, but you have to flip the mystery ghost object image for a complete match. Good spot…. we can all change our underwear and carry on!

  3. Marko Skwarli on

    [-] November 21, 2016

    On Wednesday, November 16, one of the COR1 temperature sensors briefly exceeded a software limit during a scheduled momentum dump of the STEREO Ahead spacecraft. This triggered an autonomy rule which disabled the COR1 telescope. From that point on, until COR1 operations were restored at 20 UT the next day, the missing scheduled COR1 images disrupted the timing of the image processing for the other telescopes such that images from one telescope were being misdirected to the processing for another telescope. This resulted in many apparent “double exposures”, such as this example where an EUVI image has been superimposed on a normal HI-1 image. All the telescopes were affected, except COR1 which was disabled. The temperature limit on COR1 is being adjusted to keep this from happening again.

  4. gecsus on

    This is a spectral photo of the sun. Obviously another spectral image got superimposed on the shot. Woooo. Sooo scary.
    I’m done with your crack page. You put up the most junk of any page I’ve seen.

  5. LiquidMuzikTV on

    is there a way to determine the orbits of the satellites? i looks like one is orbiting top to bottom and the other is orbiting left to right. I’m really interesting in knowing where they cross? which has the wider orbit? how long do they take to complete an orbit? how fast each one is traveling? thank u. oh yea, i think it’s an anomaly. looks like the other satellites pic of the sun.

  6. etrememasters1 on

    Why would you make a video acting like its an alien object when you know it wasnt and not debunk it til later in the video quit clickbaiting the fuck out of your videos.

  7. Robert Callen on

    Why is the dot you claim to be earth super imposed over the object in the close up? And in early version in the video you can see someone in a window relfection teeth are bright shrieking in terror

  8. Ewe Doob on

    There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Are you dead yet? Then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Just STOP being afraid, people! There’s nothing new under the sun.

  9. blazeboi25 on

    i belive u 100% ive been looking for this for the last few weeks me n my gf from uk looking south was up at night at 02:20 watching the stars some thing on a masive scale went passed like a dull moon look .. out of the 31 years ive never seen anything that big in the sky it only lasted about 20 seconds but omg wat a view .. the night sky been really active over the last year

  10. Robert Robinson on

    Know this ‘ when that mass grabs us the north pole of it will grab our south pole and less than 30 min’s later we will flip axis… The nominal prediction…” I f we can see it in Dec, then we should go through the tail no later than April, but it has always hit in March before… according to history… That’s what I understand from weeding out all the chatter. Make no mistake we are almost out of time… I also understand that we will meet before it goes around the sun

  11. cndsynz on

    cameras overheated??? in outer space? paleeze. I am really tired of all the conflicting info from all over the place. Thanks secureteam for attempting to remain somewhat neutral, without name-calling. NASA will never recover from being called Never A Straight Answer.

  12. Stacy Elam on

    I THINK YOU ARE WRONG. IMO this is one of the ships belonging to the Blue Sphere Alliance. It disappears because of its ability to cloak itself. There are perhaps 1,000 or more of these ships in our solar system at present. They range in sizes from as small as our Moon to as large as Neptune. They belong to the Blue Avians (known by some as the Guardians) to learn about them you will have to go to the Cosmic Disclosure series with David Wilcock and Corey Goode. Corey Goodge had been representing the Blue Avians in negotiations with various other factions of the SSP regarding the Disclosure process.

    The Blue Avians and their craft are discussed here:

    What they are doing is buffering the streaming Proton energy coming from the center of the Galaxy (Central Sun) so we aren’t harmed on account of the intense energy.

  13. Dave Statter on

    It was obviously always the sun. There are a bunch of reasons why it couldn’t have been a huge spaceship… from the fact it’s gravity would have ripped apart our planet, to the fact that it looks exactly the same as the sun. Always good to watch your videos though!

  14. Chris L on

    I agree with you that THIS is just a corrupted image. But i have also wondered why it is that when people talk about planet x or whatever. Everyone says, well you would be able to see it, and well that’s true, but also again if there is suppose to be some sort of highly advanced civilization living on this planet, could they have not also figured out a way to cloak the entire planet. I mean if say they were able to cloak ships it wouldn’t be too much harder to cloak the whole planet. But even then the gravity from that planet would still be evident in how it would effect other planetary bodies in out solar system WAY before it ever got to us. So i mean the whole argument is sort of moot. But is still none the less fun to think about, an entire planet cloaked so no one would know where it was and couldn’t attack them or interfere with there way of life what so ever. They would NEVER have to worry about outsiders coming to there planet if they could never find it, even if they KNEW it was there…..lmao.

  15. Incognito on

    when you where showing the stereo ahead and the glitch side by side i noticed that they are exctaly the same image but one is flipped horizontal 180 degrees.

  16. Steven Baal on

    You can easily see that it is a glitch. There is shadow on the sun side and brightness on the side away from the sun.

  17. Chris Hunt on

    @ 2016-11-16 16:09:01 why does it seem the large object has a stretched magnetic field that we usually see around earth but is caused by the radiation from the sun?

  18. mark busch on

    how do you explain the forward rolling motion? Our sun rotates left to right, this rotated top to bottom. Did the satellite go sideways? Also, this object was photographed from the earth on the next day.

  19. Rob England on

    Its a camera​ that looks at the Sun. All The Time. It is SHOWING A PICTURE OF THE SUN, SO, What’s your point here???!?!

  20. hfivgjbh bghfgkbg on

    lieesss ! the sun is half way burnt out n the other one has fire still around it all except some spots ! that is not the sun. n NASA only talked to u so I would think it’s awesome n say what they wanted because any of your other videos don’t get NASA attention . they wouldn’t say anything if it wasn’t something Important.

  21. goodgulf13 on

    I have never believed in Niburu. An advanced culture could land on and survive on a planet in the deep cold of outer space. But if they were advanced enough to land on Niburu. They wouldn’t have to wait until the planet was close to Earth. To visit us.

  22. stallion758 on

    think they are trying to develop a heat based acrylic that can withstand massive heat for sun surfing , being worked on at present far as im aware , maybe see these things hppening an know it can be done !

  23. brian bowling on

    hey Tyler I agree with you that is the Sun but it’s the Sun from the sechhi point of view not stereo a or b. something just didn’t sit right with me and that’s what it was please let me know what you think

  24. brian bowling on

    and also if you watch the rolling picture you will see the object that we see constantly now with the hole in it or the so-called death star that everybody calls it honestly I think it’s a free-floating body Moon planet or something of that nature. but it’s part of a bigger system man there’s just too many objects out there that are two different with too many different features to be just one object we all can’t be crazy we all can’t be.

  25. Stephen Charles Nott on

    Watched Half of the Video so far and before I go any further I have seen this before it is a Double exposure of the sun, this is not the Nibiru planet x, I will watch the rest of the video later I am in such a rush today, I am sure it is a double exposure though.

  26. Alley French on

    I don’t know why people should be scared if they wanted us dead we would be dead already they’ve been here a long time a lot longer than we have as of 2012 it’s Enlightenment time time told the truth that the truth out there you are not alone evolution is not true

  27. cheesecake lover on

    This time round he came to the conclusion that it was a glitch… get a grip people this guy looks at the facts… no political or religious nonsense ??

  28. James McDermott on

    I love secureteam I wish I could donate to your channel, but i have an amputated leg and 64 years old. and on a pension so very difficult to donate they make it so there are no luxuries. Just survival. But please keep me informed.

  29. Nalin Badyal on

    Nibiru is a lie had it been nibiru they would have seen it right but there is nothing to proove this planet exists


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