Floating “Ghost City” Appears AGAIN Over China Skies? 1/18/17

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV4BTjopphg
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  1. Andrea Savage on

    when I lived in Alaska it was in a very remote rural village that was off the road system and 400 miles west of Anchorage. One day when I was out for a walk I noticed on the horizon what looked like a distant city with tall buildings and skyscrapers. I really did wonder for a while if it wasn’t Anchorage, but of course it was way to far away. I also wondered if it was mountains but they too were to far away and would not look like man made structures. I figured it was a mirage and now I know what it is called. After seeing this I would have dreams that we were being lied too and that there was a city within driving distance and we did not have to take an hour flight to get back too civilization.

  2. Maryann Davis on

    Its the end of days people..of course we are gonna see signs in the skies..God even tells us that!!!

  3. SSJBlue Vegito on

    Because the water 💦 reflects everything so the sun reflects the blue ocean 🌊 and the ocean reflects the city so the sun ☀️ reflects the city 🌃 with the water 💦 and that’s how there is a city in the sky

  4. LuisTIM /TheIronMinecart on

    THATS AN EVIL CITY! DESTROY IT! BRING OUR FIGHTER JETS AND BOMBER PLANE AND DESTROY IT! SO WE CAN HAVE PEACE!!! *planes drop the bombs* wait why did our bomb disappear? when the low fighther jets sees the bomb was droping under the eveil city what the heck? *pilots call general* Pilot:uhh sir what is this bomb General: well boy its Super Hydra Nuclear Bomb Pilot: what?!?! its nuclear?! General:yes and why are you shocked? Pilot its just enter and pass through the evil city! General: ummm im out. * radio starts bluring* Pilot: uh oh Bomb:WHAT THE F***! *nuclear explodes* Bomb:*Laughs Evily* President: holy mother f***** 80 bilion dead?! as the story goes of an epic fail of teh military…

  5. Matthew Flores on

    it might not be real. becuase there is a rare effect in clouds that makes the sky look like citys or buildings. its called fata morgana effect.

  6. simon anthony anthony on

    china is known as the great prankers ever in and technology so hehehe i just wana ask y it only happen in china coz china have this mirage tech.game over

  7. The Product Pixie on

    how do we know that those building aren’t really there but the cloud pollution is just covering the bottom of the landscape

  8. Raven Crim on

    I’ve seen this a few times. at first seeing it here I thought maybe that it’s the light hitting the clouds weird but as you got up close I could see the detail of the buildings of the “city” and it actually looks like the structure of a real building. I could see the side of it up close and not just the outline.

  9. HERETICIAM 777 on

    yay a floating city! oh wait if it’s floating and it’s above us where all thier shit go? 💩 alright folks our new weather forecast shit will be raining in all directions take cover and gather provisions coz literally shit will be flying

  10. Sam Thu on

    the alternate universe.. the reality we have is one of many or this is the ancient hidden city through out time in another realm.. I know i sounds crazy right now Lol

  11. Jack Parker on

    what amounts to atmospheric anomalies to the cloaking Factor of the living quarter structures. quite possibly alien…. anything possibly Earthbound human design possible

  12. ZMB KLR on

    Ever notice that the buildings sort of have a pattern to them? It’s as if there are dual images of the same building at slightly different angles. Look at the split screen at 6:13

  13. Brownie Greg on

    Maybe aliens have always been among us and they Wana make themselves visbible now cause they don’t give a fuck also does anyone know what the people were saying in the video?

  14. Christian Salmo on

    china can make an island in the cloud too and build a city great.. just like what they did in south china sea ..

  15. Jay Jenner on

    Hi Tyler, love your work. However one photo is not China. It is st leonards on Sea east Sussex UK. I know as I live here it’s the pic with the sunset.

  16. NATHAN K5LA on


  17. Lisa Scalabrini on

    Maybe it’s somehow images of what civilization on mars looked like right before it was obliterated- & we’re being shown it by some power, right before we, ourselves, are also obliterated.

  18. Anthony Okeiyi on

    I’ve seen the sky glitch in a flash. It happened in a second, while I was going for a shop run & a busy street at night. I looked up just to take in a view of the sky & something just flashed but not like lightning or anything. More like when you see this TV screen glitch error with a bright neon colour & you go WTF? Like someone’s trying to fix their cable TV. It was super strange. I thought maybe something exploded in the distance which is highly unlikely in my region of the world but this is one strange sighting I’ll never forget.

  19. SpyzeNyze on

    Thats just the roof of the buildings under them and its just the fog that makes them look like floating it is called smog a combination of smoke and fog…

  20. Shadoe Haze on

    @SecureTeam10.. Tyler, I have 2 points to make, please bear with me.:

    1) You always ask me “what’s up?” and yet, every time I try to answer, you continue with “Tyler here..” and I never actually get to tell you what’s up. I’m starting to think that it’s just a standard greeting in every video instead of you caring about what is up with me. I hope I’m wrong, I was kind of hoping we could be friends.

    2) I heard you giggle when you said “dong’.

  21. Mary Lou Vasquez on

    My aunts saw the floating city twice this year. My aunt Rose was working in the garden and spotted the city over Juarez, Mx side. We live in El Paso, Tx and Juarez is about 1/2 mile from us and they live right next to the railroad tracks. They both witnessed the sight. My other aunt Tony said she told Rose look at how many people are walking into heaven. Thats what they thought it was.

  22. stev stevhoov on

    City in the Sky phenomena has been seen since buildings have been built ,… it’s like an aurora reflection mirage,…. We saw this in San Diego one day ,..a perfect image of Seattle ,…

  23. Aligned Wheelie on

    Think this is hologram, part of HAARP and chemtrails making gigantic holographic images, objects and apparently structures in the sky. This must be a test before they make some big religious dude.

  24. song seon on

    I believed in alien ghost or other stuffs no offense to the Chinese but that might be a pollution remember SARS came from beijing who is considered one of the polluted area in china


    maybe God people live in heaven in City that why there’s city.i am a girl this is my brother name tag

  26. Southern Grace on

    Honestly it looks like a city , with Alot of smog in front of it… and China has tons of pollution and smog…

  27. Zineb Bouâoudate on

    if this is a ” marage” -I’m not sure of the spelling- the buildings in this flying city should be similar to some existing already in China. so we should people who live there, does this city represent a reflection of some other real buildings?

  28. James Gravil on

    This reminds me of the final scene in Philip Pullman’s “Northern Lights” (“The Golden Compass” in the US), where Lyra looks into the sky and sees a city in the clouds. This happens minutes after her father Lord Asriel has ripped open a hole between universes – and the city literally exists in a parallel world – so maybe that’s exactly what this is.

    Although Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series is fiction, it was released at a time when the public was starting to become aware of and interested in subjects such as quantum mechanics and the multiverse theory, and even serious scientists have considered it worthy of note, so maybe there is some truth to this idea.


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