EXCLUSIVE Interview With David Paulides Of The Missing 411!

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  1. Edward William Case on

    Do not be surprised if your film and Steven Greer’s film result in ultimate answers to this perplexing problems.

  2. Leslie Lawrenson on

    This is definitely one of your better videos. Mr Paulides has researched his subject thoroughly, and he has asked questions of the relevant authorities that simply have not been answered. It doesn’t matter how sceptical one is of this type of channel (and I have often expressed my scepticism on many of your subjects), this topic discloses many anomalies. Something is clearly going on.

  3. Yvonne Jackson on

    Sounds like they the park service, is more concerned with the almighty $$ than those who are or maybe at risk!

  4. WMD on

    Can someone tell me what kind of people are getting kidnapped, I have heard that the people who go misisng have similarities in weight, age, etc. What do they have in common? Anyone any details? the more detailed the better, pls. Im looking for hints…

  5. ste powney on

    liked the interview . nice one Tyler however u did waffle a bit with questions. keep up the great work from the UK

  6. Dom Morrison on

    Very strange and scary topic this is.
    what are the realistic options? we don’t really have a clue do we really……

  7. Perry McGriff on

    Could this honestly be part of an extremely bigger picture: is this the Government’s “deal” with Advanced Lifeforms…?

  8. EastPAWZ on

    took so many years to just get the books on Amazon and now no way of getting a DVD because it’s a streaming service you need to pay to see the movie. FFS I lost interest.. the paperback cost too much and no DVD to buy…

  9. Ross Eisenschenk on

    i have been following david for years now and i will say he is one of my favorites because his research is solid, he presents legitimate data and he takes a lot of theories into consideration. i wish he could really point us to what he thinks the root cause is, but I understand why he can’t 😉

  10. MR.M on

    Good job Tyler! I am happy to see we are growing in your circle and soon will pass the million. Next step is to have 2 million subscriber. One million more then you will enjoy more thanks to your efforts bud:)

  11. I Am Presence on

    These people were abducted by aliens. Period. There is no other explanation. Otherwise they would remember.

  12. Elizabeth Darling on

    Feds lying to the American people…not surprising, but in this case shameful. Reminds me of the lies about alien encounters and technology that is likely being used by US military. In this case, however, lives are being lost and the loss is covered up. There is something so sinister happening here. We are in no way going to be setting foot in any National Park in US. Thanks to Dave and Tyler for this very interesting interview. We will watch the documentary. Please stay safe, guys. God Bless you.

  13. Per Hansen on

    Great video, really enjoyed it!
    I have a lot of interest in this documentary, but unfortunately I don’t have the cash to see this movie until it ends up on either YouTube or some other “free” platform.

  14. Liza_Nightshade on

    This video reminded me of one of the videos I was listening to from Corpus Husband. There was one story he read about a guy who just started his new job as , I believe, a park ranger. One day they had to go out and search for a young boy who went missing. While searching they came across these stairs in the middle of the forest. They were described as being new, as though they were taken out of a house and were just put in place. There was not any kind of debris not even fallen leaves on these stairs. I remember him asking his boss about it but he was cut off and basically was told to never ask or go near the stairs if he knew what was best for him. I remember this particular story he did and got his ass chewed out for it. I don’t remember if the boy was found or not. This one person who turned in his story to Corpus Husband had many stories. I remember one of a man climbing and ended up falling because some creature came up behind him. Another someone was found miles away from where they originally disappeared from. Another was about the clothes or a backpack was found that belonged to the person who disappeared. I remember one being about this kid disappearing and I believe was found dead but weeks later, as though he was cared for and was dropped off and had been dead for a couple of days.

    However, I watch so many videos I could get the confused on which stories goes with who. I remember for a fact the stairs in the forest video is on Corpus Husband.

    I’m still playing catch up with the videos here. Have you done a video about reports of stairs being found in national parks?

  15. Enjo Mathew on

    You know Tyler, I’ve been listening and researching into the Dulce base and Thomas Castello story. If you are aware of that story, it tells you of people who are locked away in that facility begging to be heard. And then we have this phenomenon of people who go missing from the surface. Some of us have already made a connection between the two stories. I’d like to implore you to look into it too. A truly scary prospect actually. Cheers from India.

  16. Christopher Jennings on

    I wonder what the ratio of people missing in National Parks to people missing in populated areas/cities? I have a theory but I’d like to know that data first

  17. Adam BOZS on

    I think the parents should do hypnosis regression on the kids and the rescued people to see what they remember from what happened ! Guys plz GET THIS MSG TO TYLER ITS IMPORTANT

  18. Edward Steinhardt on

    I was really disappointed with this interview. The problem is that there isn’t much of an interview as the host does this PROLONGED monologue. We clicked on this video to hear Mr. Paulides!

  19. SpacedOut713 on

    I believe the solway firth spaceman photo caught a being(capable of invisibility) in the process of taking the little girl. It was caught before she became another victim, like the children that have disappeared in front of their parents.

  20. Nick Gray on

    oh that’s right a few years back some old lady disapezrd down the road in the forest . hesps of people go missing . including a friend of mine . fuck the tackers. and strange enough I keep seeing strange flashing shit in the sky

  21. LaRoyya Burnett on

    This interview sounded more like a casual conversation than an interview, which I like better. Great interview Tyler!

  22. Nun in Bikini on

    civilization 2 Katherine Austin Fitts who is very credible has some interesting conclusions .. Dark Journalist just did a interview with her

  23. Rudy Flores on

    all of us should come together and demand the list! they can’t say no if hundreds of thousands of people call every week.

  24. Fed up With lies on

    We have to feed the underworld, so they will not come up. Called aliens, reptoids, or plain demons, the thing is, they feed on humans. The authorities cannot accept this because they deny their existence, so deny, deny, deny, deny has turned into an apparent inhability of said authorities to investigate the missing cases. It is very difficult subject to get in the open, and same applies to human mutilations(like cattle). It’s abhorrent to many, but this cases are happening, and this kind of investigation is VITAL !!

  25. Angiebear on

    to me, and it is sad my mind works like this, these remote places are perfect for serial killers. And yes that is plural. I live in the woods. It is remarkably easy to blend in in the forest. Can’t explain people that are found with no memory of what happened though. Maybe hypnosis to get through the brains trauma coping mechanism. Anyway, it’s not good and needs to be taken more seriously. Good work getting it out there Tyler. 🙂

  26. JB Newcastle on

    Tyler…every single vid you put out is fantastic and gets the grey matter working! This interview was the same. Can’t wait to watch the documentary.

  27. Veronika Holm on

    It could possibly be the lay lines of the earth just inter dimensional portals that cover the earth just a thought sound legit tho

  28. Elaine Maddison on

    The so called elite are using these massive off the grid places to kidnap these people for their human sacrifices, look up queen Elizabeth and she has a warrant for her arrest somewhere in Africa i think, for a group of school children who went missing while on a field trip with her allegedly, and people are saying she had something to do with it, I know for a fact they spy on us, and use foreign countries for their child sacrifices, or any human sacrifice for that matter. The people who run this world are sociopathic, psychotic evil people who are above the law! They don’t care, we are flys ready to be squashed as far as they are concerned. They want most of us wiped out don’t forget, if you don’t believe me, do your research and you will know what i am saying is true. They control everything from media to what we eat even. This plan has been formulated for at least the past 200 years or more, and people think this is absurd, saying things like,” they wouldn’t do that”!, well wake up because they are, and right under our noses, they even rub our faces in it, you watch, research and see. It’s all true. Many of you will know this already. God bless us all, and please stay safe. The American and British government certainly won’t keep us safe, that is the only guarantee we can rely on.

  29. High man up on

    make a group and go discover those locations in the map on the other vid try to find these ”bases”’ if they even exist

  30. Andre Carvalho on

    What a great informative documentary!
    Thank you so much for Tyler and the author that was brave enough to show us what’s going on

  31. Christopher Pingree-Felts on

    I paid for the movie last night.There are explanations to the cases highlited. I truly dont see any thing to do with a missing persons phenomenon.The one kid had pretty questionable parents and was out with a sex offender while grandpa took a nap in his trailer and the others have all the earmarks of predatory attacks and straight up abductions.Even the narration covers the possible causes of the disappearances.Little disappointed.Bit of hype.12 bucks for the move too..

  32. BaronRogoff1 on

    I just bought his “411 East coast edition” but I don’t know why his books are so expensive. Can’t wait to read it though. I predict I’ll probably be compelled to read every one though. Fantastic vid on a very important and suppressed subject! Why aren’t you @ 1 million+ subs by now?  My #1 rule when entering the forest: Be armed. Great perspectives and questions here Tyler!

  33. Wackidu on

    After recently watching the TV show, Stranger Things, I did research into the Montauk Project and can’t help but see similarities between those Black Ops abductions of youngsters and these strange disappearances.

  34. Darin Encallado on

    Hi Tyler, I think your theory about our “government” having some hand in the missing persons scenario seems plausible to me…

  35. Aaron KM on

    Weird how there are no markers in all of Texas and straight up through Missouri ,Wisconsin , Minnesota across into Canada ?? Like the Heartland i.e. Bible belt is not involved ????

  36. kc7ghi on

    Marshall, Will, and Holly, on a routine expedition, met the greatest earthquake ever known… Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t they disappear in the wilderness. 🙂

  37. reginald garfield on

    This why I never go in the woods. Only crazy ass crackers do that shit!
    This some real Freddy Kruger meets Charles Fort shit man!

  38. Jeremy Little on

    You are a good presenter but you do need work on interviewing. You tend to start rambling off and that’s a good spot to just defer back to your guest with another question or ask his input quicker.

  39. Free Energy on

    usa govt paid for ligos n probe b usa govt darpaa paid for dwave quantum tech…. usa govt has university prof ron mallett & others saying lasers n other methods can be used to warp spacetime into time loops yes pplz the math says its possible…. usa govt has livermore lab making positrons blasting gold w pettawatt laser cern manifest higher energy state higgs etc again usa govt ties as well…. usa govt has haarp conditioning atmosphere they control time tech proven lasers can warp spacetime n thats what ligos n probe b measure gravity waves the expansion n contraction & frame dragging the twisting of spacetime etc…. usa govt is bringing the alien non negative electron based energies into our existance pplz….


    Could be a very clean serial killer? Or even group or connected killers? I was trying to think of the best non-paranormal explanation and that’s what I have.

  41. Thomas *Nammis* Namtvedt on

    Great interview. I def. believe there is unnatural/supernatural explanation to these disappearances. There is not one animal on earth that`s going to undress you before trying to eat you little own a mountain lion for that matter. The park rangers know a lot more than what they are saying, or is allowed to say to the public. Something fishy is going on and I believe someone if not a lot is sitting on the answers. Of course a lot of the disappearances is due to other people, but in some cases its just impossible. No trace, dogs cant get a scent, no struggle marks on the ground no nothing. I dont know but I am leaning towards aliens or Bigfoot. Love the channel, I am glued to it every day. Keep up the good work Tyler.

  42. Riordan on

    I’m from Europe and I can’t get his books from nowhere! So frustrating! I’ve listened to almost every radioshow with David on it, really gotta get my hands on ’em 🙁

  43. donames evenmatter on

    tyler im just saying when you get lost as a 6 year old or something, its possible unfortunate series of events led that kid to spend his dying energy to get to that place only to narrowly dodge the help and rescue. and die to be found,

    clothes and no bodies, could be they went crazy after isolation and the terror of been lost.

    not many people here have actually been lost and went as far as to die, these people have and dont you think pretty crazy shit would happen out there alone for a week, you would feel hopeless and go insane.

  44. Claycat4 on

    Thanks for this wonderful interview, Tyler! I can’t help but remember the film Fire in the Sky about the logger who was abducted in the mountains in AZ while his friends watched. He showed up several days later, naked and dehydrated, miles from the abduction point. He was able to tell about his experience. All the guys took lie detector tests and passed.

  45. Kelly Hewett on

    I’ve been following David Paulides for a while, I’m reading one of his books now. His investigative work is a breath of fresh air, facts only. Finally a guy that says something is going on and it’s weird, and I don’t know what it is, and I can’t figure it out. Instead of the usual, “I’m not saying it’s aliens, but, it’s aliens.”.

  46. Brice Henry on

    Mt lion David you’re not telling the truth again. Mt lion attacks on humans have skyrocketed. Will over 100 in the last 30 years. Human rescues tracking dogs do not track predators like  mt lions. DUH why are you lying David? As soon as mt lion lifts a body up the trail ends the dog can’t track it. Real common on children for no blood to be found on the trail you have to find kill the site. David is big city boy clueless about animal attacks.

  47. Michael Meogrossi on

    Strange unexplained shit happens all the time. The solvable mystery peaks my curiosity more then anything. Why are you not provided the requested list.

  48. Kel Jennings on

    I really enjoyed this interview.
    So clear and very concise, also thorough.
    Thank you for sharing this Tyler.

  49. deams66 on

    CONGRATS TYLER!!!! Thank you for scoring such a great interview with Mr. Paulides! I have followed his work from the very beginning and I think your interview/ discussion was better than almost all others I have seen with him. Your questions were clear and intelligent and to the core of the subject. I am jealous you have seen the movie! It is 3 am and I am ordering it NOW. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  50. JC Shades on

    The Parks service won’t give out the lists because they already know what’s happening to these people and they don’t want what’s really happening to be publicly known.

  51. Mark Magill on

    An Amazing Interview! To Think That Not A Single Survivor Of An Abduction To Tell His/Her Tale…Frightening! The Truth Is Stranger Than Any Fiction!


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