EERIE UFO Morphs In The Sky Near Passing Airliner 3/20/16

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  1. Cynthia Mason on

    I personally wish the ufos would start shooting down the bastards spraying the poisons down all over everything. Sorry if you don’t like it but something need to be done to stop them.

  2. Zeppelin L on

    thats a freaky looking thing. what is the dot or object to its 7 or 8 o’clock? i realize its day time but is that a star maybe?

  3. Landshark! on

    off the subject kinda but why don’t we just call it exhaust ? That is what it exhaust from jet engines mixing with high altitude cold air.

  4. M Roadless on

    why was it in front of that small plant if it was up in the sky it would be behind the small grass blade. Is every body blind?

  5. Charles Long Jr on

    It is still a UFO to me. I cannot positively identify it. It looked sort of like a balloon or something else descending back to earth. I don’t think it way as high as the contrails. The tree limbs at the end of the video really suggested that it was not far away and was coming down. I don’t know how close the tree branches were, but the object seemed to be passing in front of them which was strange looking. It was too damned ugly to be any sort of alien ship. Maybe an alien from the ghetto?

    Why would they be spending all their time looking at contrails? They are mainly water vapor?

    There have been cases of airplanes losing their frozen crap and pee from their shitters. No lie. They have even fallen through roofs and crashing into cars. I don’t think that was what it was because it was moving too slow to be a ton of frozen poo.

  6. KW77 on

    And i see people saying weather balloon. Ofc there are weather balloons out there. But why is it when someone captures something weird on cam/vid the answer is ALWAYS weather balloon from certain people? I have no doubt some are balloons. But some are for sure not balloons. When u call every ufo sighting a weather balloon u look like a moron. U could change it up a bit and say swamp gas instead xD

  7. Phil Barre on

    Weather high altitude radiosonde. Hundreds of these are released in North America every day. This video shows no correlation whatsoever between the aircraft and the balloon. Lots of camera artifacts from the full zoom. A full stream of bullsh*t from the commentator. Don’t willingly follow fools folks.

  8. fanatic about football on

    yesterday I saw a diamond shaped UFO it had 4 lights that were blinking and it was very low there are no airplane hangers where I live or any thing  I also saw 2 more come 30 seconds after that one came I could just make out 6 figures standing at the window hope you reply.

  9. Arrow58 on

    If you keep posting stuff like this , before long men wearing dark suits and sunglasses may pay you a visit . Make sure you ask for ID !

  10. Anthony Smith on

    NOT chemtrails…simply frozen water vapor in the Engines exhaust!! LOL ‘Chemtrails’ are a whole other thing!

  11. Chilling Bro on

    I saw a UFO fly through a chem trail and cut it in half. Causing the chem trail dissipate entirely. Going to go get some footage! It looked just like this space craft.

  12. morbsGTI20vt on

    Last summer me and my two boys were at the beach and we all saw a similar silver dot just behind a plane. We all sort of looked at each other to see if we had all seen it and when we looked back it had gone. I wondered if the jet trail allowed us to see a bright star or something. You never know whats out there though….

  13. PardonMe ImDrunk on

    Some times i wonder if these U.F.O. crafts that we see are indeed space ships that we have always thought them to be. I am a believer but in the back of my mind I wonder if maybe the’re just some sort of species we no nothing about. Maybe from our own planet but more likely from out in our galaxy. Like a space whale (just an example) holding it’s breath, coming into our atmosphere and looking around. I know it sounds kinda dumb but still…

  14. avgsitizin on

    Whatever it is, it clearly did not morph, it was just changing its positioning. It was rotating in the sky. I like your channel but I notice you distort the truth quite often.

  15. Jewel Heart on

    Looks like a rocket going up to me, the bright bit are the flames and if you look to the left you can even see the “pointy” bit which is the top.

  16. Interstellar on

    I’d it is a very long trail that has not dissipated, it’s a chemical trail. If it dissipates quickly, then it’s a contrail from the plane’s exhaust

  17. Aussie Steve 53 on

    secureteam – second only to TPOM for bullshit..or maybe they are neck and neck.Why do I keep looking at this rubbish!? Glutton for punishment, it seems.

  18. Loohan7 on

    Those are not good guys any more than those spray-drones are airliners. Those guys are the particular strain of reptilians who have been doing almost all the spraying for several years now (except for a minority of chem which contains metal and is occasionally sprayed by planes). They also do the rippling of the chem-clouds.
    I guess they monitor something about the trails, is why their oddball craft are there.
    Their “planes” are not really planes, either, and sometimes morph, fly lopsided, disappear, etc.

  19. tribexa on

    That sir, is a chemtrail, and as you can see, they have formed the classic X in the sky. Contrails dissipate after a short while, since it is a function of hot air from the aircraft engines meeting cold air. It is the same exact thing with your cars exhaust during the winter, or if you open your mouth a go “huuuuuhhh” in the cold air of winter. So don’t be shy…that’s a fucking chemtrail, aight…

  20. Dale Mcneil on

    come on tyler your getting worse mate its obviously a mylar balloon or a weather balloon of some sort.there was a time when you’d never post crap like this

  21. Kain Martyn on

    i have photos of a similar object over n.s.w Australia, taken a few weeks ago at midday when the pacific eclipse was occurring

  22. Cliff Cook on

    Comments about “chemtrails” aside, this is an interesting video. I don’t know what the hell it is, for a change–and that’s refreshing. From its overall shape, I can say that it appears to have all the aerodynamic properties of a brick, so one has to wonder what’s keeping it airborne, and at high altitude to boot. There appears to be a long antenna at left end of the object. It’s hard to tell what direction the object is moving, or if it’s moving at all.

    As far as I’m concerned, this one’s a UFO pending positive identification.

  23. Cliff Cook on

    After watching the clip several times and reading some of the comments where people called the thing a weather balloon, I called up images of modern weather balloons with their instrument packages/gondolas, and made some interesting discoveries. There doesn’t appear to be a “standard” weather balloon configuration. While NOAA, FAA, NWS, and other government agencies probably have a more-or-less standard type they use for periodic daily observations, they aren’t the only ones launching instrumented balloons on any given day. Universities, astronomy clubs, high schools–even scout troops–launch balloons. There’s a mind-numbing variety of shapes and sizes of the damned things!

    Anyway, I’m now pretty sure that the object in this clip is an instrumented balloon of some kind falling to the ground after losing enough gas to produce lift.

  24. WolfCastle Wolfcastle on

    looks higher then trail. hard to tell what’s up with track, after zoom. possible lower orbit satellite. there’s tons up there. only reasonable to think sometimes visable when Sun reflects off.

  25. BustYourBallsMetalXD on

    you’re videos are a joke! lmao get real and find another hobby. cause you fail. and aliens aren’t real! have you ever seen one in person?

    I’m guessing 100% you haven’t. so I suggest you stop with making videos.

  26. Bill Page on

    Probley Goverment UFO space craft testing and the Chemical Trails help fly the space ships I noticed it had a tip on front of space craft and Goverment on a lot of tv talk shows said they are working on aircraft that morph

  27. UnionofSouls on

    It says Walson put a copyrite on this in 2012…wasn’t that the same year he used his own invention to film some type of phenomenon in space/some type of spaceship’s while they were morphing at high speed?? What ever became of all that? There was huge speculation about it. Just wondering if there’s anymore news on that subject?

  28. Tim Hortons on

    While this might not be a UFO in this video, it’s interesting to think, maybe these contrails or chemtrails as some people like to say, might contain a detection system to reveal cloaked objects. A little additive to the fuel that could possibly expose objects could make for a convenient system with all the planes we have flying around.

  29. Don Wheeler on

    They’re here and have been for thousands of years. We’re going to see a lot more of them during our planets organic ascension thru 2017. I see them all the time because I do something most of us don’t. LOOK UP! Great footage!!

  30. Don Wheeler on

    If you watch the nasa ufo videos, you will see that the universe is literally teaming with life just outside of our planets ozone layer

  31. Tweaksism on

    it’s a semi-deflated high altitude balloon . with it’s shiny surface and the odd air flows/turbulence resulted from the passing of the planes makes it ”behave” like this.

  32. CJ Oppies on

    I Saw exactly the same thing in my home town. Was taking photos of an airline with my 300m lens. After looking on the pc i noticed a few of these orbs in the shots. Interesting to note i took the photos in burst mode, and then you can clearly c how they move from frame to frame

  33. PurpleHelmetAvenger on

    Looks exactly like a Mylar balloon to me. It is slowly moving from the winds and is reflecting sunlight. You can see at the end of the video that the branches are brightly lit from the same direction. I have seen it dozens of times.

  34. SweetSome on

    It’s very clear at the end of the footage you’ve shown, the object goes in front of & in between the branches. It almost looks like its something inside a fish tank at that point. I’m not here to debunk anything, it’s just my observation… has anyone else noticed that? I really enjoy your channel & I’m looking forward to lots more, especially if you have an update on Phoenix Lights footage from 3/31/16 And I think you told us the man saw them the week before?…I’m wondering if anyone else saw them that night ??  Awesome channel !!

  35. James Rozell on

    you do know those are chemical trails not contrails following that aircraft right?? they stopped spraying for a month because a supreme court judge banned any future use of it and guess what, that judge turned up dead less then a weak later. a new judge came in and removed that retriction, its beyond me that in that one month time no one noticed hey theres no spraying in the sky how can that be normal?

  36. Asyra Cat on

    3:15 – 3:30 just from the visual the object looks like it does not belong in the video. (it sometimes flys in FRONT of the bush/sticks) ??

  37. moparman7400 on

    The white lines left by jets are called “Con Trails”…. short for “condensation trails”. Much like hot rising water from the ground condensing into clouds… hot jet exhaust condenses into cloud trails. They’re not chemical sprayers. But… that being said… the UFO was interesting.

  38. Bigsteelguy4 on

    If it is Alien it’s just hovering there, just watching the U.S. Air force spray poisons in or skies with those chemtrails, and doing absolutely nothing. Which are having a huge impact on our climate.

  39. gagago302 on

    Chem-trail should be the correct term; condensation is a build up of a chemical even if it happened to only to h2o gases; h2o is a chemical just to remind you all. Condensation can literally be anything though – atmospheres are condensation barriers (layers), and if we look back to the inflation period of the Big Bang we can deduce that this period was an atomic condensation period, that is that the inflation slowed to a point where the sub-atomic particles could finally be condensed into atoms through the expansion of zero point energy field in which the wave spectrum became wider, finally allowing more than 1 sub atomic particle within 1 wave length (Planck length) allowing hydrogen to form. Also this zero point energy field is what these ufo crafts use to fly, essentially retightening and directing these waves back to the point of inflation which is what allows these objects to move faster than light itself – the true warp drive if you will.

  40. cliff brown on

    I just snapped a pic of the sun with a 16 mp camera, When I zoomed in there is a small object at the 1 o clock position,I thought it was just my camera but it apears in other pics as well.

  41. Theresa Feeney on

    I saw that today but my phone takes crappy videos and couldn’t capture what I saw and not worth sending in to you. Maybe next time, thanks for sharing!

  42. dew losero on

    i am in California it was 3/4 am when we spotted the craft , .I need some one to come forward with what they seen this night/day . video/summery/time zone /country/ . together we can change how we live . i know serious and not so . so lets be very clear in what you tell me .free to message ….

  43. Marcel bijlsma on

    First you’ll see the ufo go in front a branch, then behind a branch. So he is flying through a tree, is it’ a very little ufo???


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