DISTURBING! “Men In Black” Are REAL & Not From Earth 5/20/16

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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod (The best damn music producer in the land)
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SPECIAL Thanks to LunaCognita for his amazing work in enhancing this footage.

ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under Fair Use for commentary/research/news reporting purposes under current copyright rules.


  1. iconforu2c on

    I would to find out more about these men in black…..every story about these guys has me even more intreagued with UFO research!

  2. Kennedy Crevoiserat on

    I feel like ive seen them before not that I have but when I imagine them I already know what they look like as if ive seen them before. Kind of freaky but I prolly have seen them when I was a child

  3. Peter Moring on

    You might ‘offer’ anonymity but the resources that ‘just’ the police have (let alone special forces) for tracing E-mails/IP addresses seemingly out thin air, means you can’t offer anonymity if they send you info ‘digitally’ – They would have to physically put the stuff in your hands, and even then – They’re Watching You – #PersonOfInterest is ‘not’ #Fiction and never has been, we’re all at least 10 years behind ‘real’ technological development in the public arena 🙁

  4. PeterH2006 on

    Don’t you think that you (Secureteam10) isn’t under constant surveillance. You’ve drawn plenty of attention to yourself and you get a lot of people contacting you about UFO sightings. I’m sure they’d know everything about who contacts you.

  5. Kyle G on

    Just shoot them dead. Drag them inside, place knife in their dead hands.. Self defense. Take pictures, video and clothing/biological samples.

  6. Jessica Rabbit on

    Erm paranoid rant… seriously!! Talk about condescending and it’s not paranoia is it…?! It actually happened his information got out people went to his house and he doesn’t know how! That’s not paranoia that’s reality! But your comment and reaction to him emailing you asking why these people had his details (utterly fair and dam good question considering!) makes me wonder… Why would someone be so defensive and rude towards him otherwise?! He gave you the information he helped your site! Not the other way round!
    I normally love your stuff but that comment really got to me! 🙁 feel it was quiet disrespectful. His life is properly stressful and worrisome now! He needs understanding and support.
    Anyway awesome video other that keep up the amazing work and thank you for opening so many people’s eyes to the real world 🙂

  7. JimZiii on

    the mufon twins. so what happened, did they ever come back?
    also, pretty sure you didn’t mean unanonimity, the word you were looking for was anonymity.

  8. Pedro Okor on

    Hello secureteam10.
    I’m a fan. I’ve being watching your videos for some time now, and I love them. Bt please, I wanted 2 tell you something very important.
    “ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR LOCATION IS TURNED OFF IN YOUR LAPTOP OF PHONE. Because the GPS location can be traced if you upload videos or pictures with the location tag on.
    Thats all I have to say, and I hope you get this message.

  9. ISSsm64 on

    actor Dan Akroyd said he had encounters with men in black also. i forget why but i know i read about it or seen a youtube video of it

  10. resourcedragon on

    For Tyler: I think you may safely assume that your e-mail is read by a wide variety of people other than yourself.

  11. Jamie Goulds on

    Why doesn’t someone just confront them and start asking THEM questions. Then when they try to leave follow them, record it. See where they go. Basically turn the tables on them!

  12. VideoGames4Days ! on

    I’m sure they are just a scare/intimidation tactic to get people to stop talking about what they saw. now I’m sure that sounds obvious. but since they don’t seem to return, and get more info like they seem to ask, it is very effective in scaring the shit out of someone. remember who has unlimited access to everything you do online. it is no stretch at all for people like this to get what they want, and silence them. if there were cases of violence following these visits, it would be huge, and everyone would want to report it, but a single visit is enough to get someone to say “ok I’m taking this video down, and destroying it, we never speak of this again” and it seems to work. no crazy events taking place afterword.

  13. Jazmeme on

    I’m getting deja vu watching this- like I’ve witnessed this experience in my dream. and I’m just going on a typical Secureteam binge of the videos I haven’t seen yet.

    Idk maybe I was in the consciousness of one of the MIB bc I have alopecia and my pupils are always dilated where ppl think I’m on ecstasy. Or even better, I shape shift.

  14. dominick davis on

    I’m not sure if anyone agrees with me that these “men in black” guys sound and are described alot like the photo of the secretary guy standing behind trump. look it up.

  15. Erden Mensch on

    They work in the Background. Its more eefective to mute his Audience than mute the Speaker himself.
    People that follow ST10 will be afraid now to send their videos to him. The MIB spread fear.

  16. That Kid In The Red Hoodie on

    Anybody else get a loud angry knock on their door right as a black car drove in my drive way their car looked black and old

  17. Daniel Davis on

    I love these haters who have nothing better to do than cast shade. What is the best available evidence and where is the source? Why are you stressing yourselves over something that you think doesn’t affect you? Seems pretty childish to me.

  18. baeyzl lzyead on

    It’s interesting to watch this almost a year after the original posting. The claims of…(paraphrasing) I’ve never revealed any information, I never posted his information, we follow strict guidelines and protocols…All for it to come to light that the government has been forehead deep in mass, cyber surveillance. Nope, you didn’t release any information…they’ve been reading your emails and listening to/filming your discussions.

    That should be the focus of a segment. How does one share footage or information with true anonymity? Is that even possible nowadays?

  19. wattsiswhat on

    In regards to the MIB surveillance footage, if they were looking for the manager, then how come they never came back?


    Secureteam, I actually think its possible that anything that’s published, talked about, opinions, are all monitored, we’re all at risk of disappearing, if we push too hard for the truth, investigating the IP address thing, i have found since having Windows 10, Microsoft see and hear everything we do now, i feel like i’m being watched, anything so small, seems to be a crime if they don’t like it. can you explain why we live in a world where humans are trying to rule over other humans, and lying to each other, about whats really happening.
    i watch your video’s every day, learning what could really be happening in the world and i go to work, really annoyed with governments, knowing they’re laughing at us.
    I also have a question about recent events on the news about a satellite crashing into a planet cause of running out of fuel, my question is, whats filming the satellite as its heading towards this planet ? cause it seems to be an excellent picture, its marvellous how the quality can be so brilliant, when its something they want you to see.

  21. The Seeker of Ancient Truth on

    Organic androids, most likely. Biological constructs that are centuries, if not millennia ahead of current technology.

  22. Jeremy Darling on

    any chance the owner of the original video you had published sent it over the computer? if so the only explanation would be they found him through his ip address. that would explain how they knew who this person was.

  23. Koco Kix on

    are they really bad? the movies give me different opinions 😂 EDIT: it makes sense that they wear old fashioned clothes, their aliens and possibly came down earth at the time it was 1800 and they examined how humans dress therefore they dress how people dress in that year, aliens don’t live on earth so they leave to their home right right like us and now years past they probably don’t know clothing fashion changed lol

  24. rich lowley on

    if i was you i would check to see if your email has been hacked or if you can check to see it your email has been accessed by another ip address tyler because if they know where he lives and your the only one that he has contacted then your email needs to be changed or the password needs to be something very long and totally nothing personal to you like your dogs name or kids date of birth seriously change it today and do it from someone elses computer incase you have a trojan virus or something like that, if they are government agents or worse then they have tech that no virus protection will ever flag so if you do change your email password then access it from another device that doesnt belong to you.

  25. anonymous B on

    I believe if et are on Earth with all the tech they must have to travel through the solar system they must have a cloaking technology and it can prob be used for themselves as well

  26. cammodude420 cammodude420 on

    if this ever happened to me 2 strange men like this I would grab my gun and blow there ass away

  27. cammodude420 cammodude420 on

    I also think the men in Black are reptilian alien that work for the government to scare you to keep quit about your UFO sightings

  28. Naomi Macaroni on

    I watched a video saying the mib are alien-human spawns and it makes a lot of sense I encourage everyone to google the conspiracy

  29. Nash Doyle on

    All the mib are doing is rubbing in proof by showing themselves as they do and lots of these people didn’t even video anything now that they have seen these two well they know something’s up so how are they doing their job or a better question is what might be the real intention it’s not like these specific people had memory erased maybe some do this is just even more strange.

  30. zeus and hera on

    well i think that maybe they are from this Earth and that they are not really aliens but mutated/involved humans from the future hat have time travelled to our time to get resources that they need after the world went to shit with all the nuclear war talk!!

  31. Philip Lowe on

    recently I felt as if I’m being watched by the men in black, although I haven’t encountered any yet…

  32. Deftaly on

    maybe this sounds paranoid or something but, maybe if we threaten them for information they give it to us, ziptie them on a chair, bitchslapping them

  33. Deftaly on

    the even weirder thing is why you yourself (tyler) didnt get those men at your door, you tell your name in every video, that man was totally anonymous…

  34. 432 on

    Is there a specific type of UFO for which the men in black are interested? Maybe there is a specific Alien species?

  35. Jody Griswold on

    They have tried to kill me numerous times. They are marking people to be fed to the aliens. They just want my body to inhabit. That is not going to happen . I must find assistance for they have replaced my whole town just to get to me. They chip people so a super intelligent machine can destroy them. They may have placed a wrinkle in my life . But I’ll carry on . Like my daddy did . My grandad and his dad before him.

  36. Brad S on

    lol, ” hey men in black look me up you fricken clowns ” you will be in for the surprise of your life. hey we will cast you idiots as the new blues brothers, shhhh do you hear that, the whole world is laughing at you, fricken morons !!


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