DAMNING New UFO Video Near Boston! They’re Everywhere 3/15/16

Yellow UFO Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ws8fLY5sk_o
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Music: Spellbound by Keven Macleod
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  1. knucklehead on

    WOW!!! There’s one right now over my home, shit my camera died, shit my cellphone battery just died, a friend just stopped by with his camera, OH NO! it just got cloudy SHIT!

  2. powernumpty on

    There is something small above it too (first clip), directly above, almost out of frame, why did you not mention that?

  3. Theron mclauchlan on

    I am from maine and I saw one of these sitting by the highway on rt 95 it was just sitting their I couldn’t believe my eyes I tried explaining it to people but the only thing I could think of was totem pole but this is it. very bizzaar

  4. Tonithenightowl on

    I don’t know much about drones but the one’s I have seen don’t look anything like the first UFO. The V shaped one does look like it could be a balloon but that doesn’t explain the orbs. I never know what to think of the ones that look like a sphere or rectangular light. Reflections possibly. Last fall the neighbors and I saw a rectangular silver object about a half mile away from us moving slowly in the sky in broad daylight. Cigar shaped from the side view but then it turned and we could see the back of it which showed it was rectangular. There were no lights but seemed to be reflecting light from the sun. We weren’t the only ones to see it. What it was i don’t know. Some think it may have been some sort of balloon collecting weather data but it was just so weird. It was like seeing a big silver twin mattress in the sky. Then it traveled into a cloud formation and we lost the view. This all happened within about 15 seconds. It’s like it came out of nowhere and disappeared into the clouds. I have seen vids that looked very much like what we saw and the rectangular one in this vid reminded me of it.

  5. Jeff Busby on

    This is the first time I have ever thought to call bullshit on your channel but that second part to this video looks like a bunch of goddamn balloons tied together… very odd and questionable to call this a UFO in less you are a huge fan of killer clowns from outer space

  6. philip sattaur on

    Aliens  calling earth…. Aliens calling earth… do you hear me earth? We are coming to fuck all your women.  Do you  copy?  our star ship was made in  Japan  It’s a Honda crossed with Suzuki parts..

  7. Tamara Dodge on

    Looks like the “crucified JESUS,” piece of religious church decor. Very close to Russian style of Christain/Catholic inspire religious art before Communism.

  8. Jake Snake on

    That squiggly serpent craft is indeed a mothership. I really wonder what the science behind that craft is. How does it bend? Why does it bend? How do these crafts hover without a visible power source? Whatever it is, it seems to be way better for the environment. Stupid fucking humans.

  9. Paul Simon on

    @5:50 damn. such a clear shot of it. looks like when its stationary it hovers vertically, when it moves it turns and hovers horizontally

  10. BlackNeverLeft on

    You absolutely cannot see at all what that is,it could be anything,”unmistakable”?but you’ve never seen or touched an alien craft..so how can it be unmistakable?..it looks like a balloon to me..it’s actually flowing and moving fluidly slowly in the air..exactly how a deflating balloon behaves,and that’s unmistakable because we’ve proved that’s how balloons behave!!see touching somthin and clearly seeing somthin is when somthin is unmistakable..not this blurry god knows what footage.

  11. Eric Canterbury on

    Visitors aren’t using craft or vessels or ships. They use something similar to what we would call portals. During daylight hours, from a distance, these portals appear almost squarish and gray and reflect sunlight. At night, they look just like large very bright stars. They are motionless but will disappear suddenly. When they disappear they will leave behind a vast twinkling effect that lasts just less than a second. The majority of the time they appear over air force bases.

  12. WantToKnow on

    Over 20 yrs ago, I saw something just like this, or very similar, west of Boston.  It was black and just hanging in the sky.  It was more of a cane shape – not like a saucer or triangle, and no lights.  I couldn’t believe it.  This is the closest thing I’ve seen to it.  I actually almost doubted myself after some time.  So glad you got together to get this posted!

  13. J.D. Waterhouse on

    Thanks Secure Team for being smart enough to not include music with the videos. I guess those other guys think somehow that adding music makes it more believable.

  14. HydroFlame20 on

    I live in Boston and let me tell y’all at night when you can see the stars you can see some weird shit I’ve seen ufos that change shape like wtf lol

  15. Jennifer Adamek on

    Tyler Massachusetts has freaky UFO and orb sightings all the time.. just last year there was a major plasma orb huge that came down in Springfield, Massachusetts just over the Connecticut River right where Springfield has their energy plant on the river and the electricity towers that carry the big electrical wires that make up the power grid, anyways the big orb dropped 5 smaller orbs down along the wires.. Different people had caught them on camera and cell phones. Interestingly enough a few days prior to that there was a huge orb again someone caught on their cell phone during the day it looked like a second sun peering through the clouds but you can tell it was an orb. Springfield is north of me.. And last Tuesday in my town again at the electrical grid sub station in Torrington, Connecticut where I live.. Northeast Utilities has a small sub station that is along the W. & E. branch of the Naugatuck River and there is again electrical towers that run from Connecticut’s grid from New York and part of a smaller grid run up the mountain. where Torrington is in a higher elevation (in the mountains which is near New York (famous sightings Pine Bush New York, and the famous Rheed Brothers from Sheffield, Massachusetts where they were abducted multiple times in their childhood) definitely freaky things happening… Also Alison Kruse from SeeingUFOSPA did a hypothesis on ufo’s that have the ability to shape shift and go invisible and it’s funny now how the United States military has gotten their hands on this type of new technology which as Alison clearly shows our “U.S. military” having a car disappear and then a military tank..
    Also that UFO with the smaller ufo’s flying Tyler that someone sent you awhile back that you were calling it the “Black Knight Satellite” and that also had the ability to disappear.. I often wonder when the US Government will actually come clean about other life forms in existence, they are already here the government is too afraid to tell the human race..

  16. natasha begley on

    The government test things all the time and your contacts would know nothing about new craft test that’s why its called top secret lol

  17. Ciara on

    Wanting to be undetectable might be the reason for not using lights on their crafts. We relate almost all sightings to the lights in the sky so not having them makes it harder to catch them.
    New subscriber! I enjoy the channel 👍

  18. Jay Mann on

    It’s obviously the state of Florida with Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee flying high along with it. I’m really surprised nobody can see that but me.

  19. SHARE H!S V!S!0N on

    Secure team 10, I fu@ks with your channel, gonna sub very, very soon… Post some more cool videos, keep that commentary fresh!

  20. short sighteddog on

    Gov craft…. very much doubt it as we have contracts for smelly gas propelled winged engine planes for the next 25 years! And when ppl say they are secret covert craft…then why do they fly low over huge towns and cities and hang there for hours. I think these craft can manipulate or make cloud cover? I agree about the dogs going nutz whenever these guys appear…for me..they help validate the videos!

  21. SS Erwin on

    We need to stop all of this shit about learning about exo planets and completely and utterly be sure we know every single thing about our planet because we don’t even know about our own oceans for good sake. Let’s get to the bottom of this shit.

  22. Rick Dangerous on

    you guys dont know ANYTHING about cameras and what they can and cant do when wielded by an amateur…. THIS GUY I mean.. he’s an amateur because a pro or even someone “INTO” filming would have a BETTER camera and be setup with proper resolution etc etc… NOT MUCH can be accomplished by an amateur…… NO WAY THIS IS REAL… no chance… we are to swallow up the fact that he is able to zoom perfectly into the spot… hard to do for even a professional especially considering the blue sky offers NO points of reference… its even hard to zoom in to a person on a busy street corner with a camera when in a hotel room having ALL SORTS of identifiable reference points while zooming… and then the camera zooms back out after the captureand shows the trees and all of a sudden goes out of focus!? camera software does NOT do that…

    so much bullshit.

    when he zooms tight in NO DOUBT into a digital zoom factor NOT OPTICAL ZOOM and there is NOISE ALL OVER THE SCREEN but the object comes in clear…. NOT POSSIBLE.


  23. Skip Delasoul on

    Boys and Girls these are angels that when that are ready they turn into birds or Eagles they keep watch over us. Especially believers of super natural. Everyone please remember God is coming soon ,but sadly wormwood is coming first. OK f you believe in The Great spirit Jesus Christ with all your heart you maybe saved

  24. Paulangelaist !!!! on

    So u check with our government what about other countries? so usa can deny if not theirs but how bout across this flat earth

  25. Michael Goodnough on

    I live in pearce/sunsites arizona pretty close to mt. graham and i have seen strange bright lights at night that get extremely bright then vanish. theyre not flickering stars or uav’s which are common around here. one instance I witnessed the bright light appear and it seemed to have a dark center then of course it vanished. is anybody else seeing these at night?

  26. Rada Rada on

    Great.. now the dark elves are loose in the skies above Boston…
    What next?

    *seriously though the craft reminds me of the fighter based vehicles from Thor 2: The Dark World. *

  27. Atomic Frog on

    What I find interesting about the last UFO is that a portion of it seems to be missing.
    13.0o gives you a good view of what I mean.
    Note how just below where it bends that the lower side seems to have a portion missing.
    And that this portion is cut off in a straight line.
    This would indicate that the object is more like a Tape Worm in shape rather than a twisted tube.

  28. Michelle Alexander-Nolin on

    Never a clear sky in ufo video’s. maybe there’s a testing fight in his area , who knows!! it could be one of our planes and it could be Project Blue beam. I guess we’ve been told we have to step up the UFO sightings

  29. Michelle Alexander-Nolin on

    no matter how real it looks to us we should not be deceived just like it says in the Bible and it’s going to be a huge deception,so just keep that in mind, that’s all and God bless you

  30. Charlie Gannon on

    In watching this video you will notice 5″ above the craft there is a black object floating around, as the large ship begins to rotate and disappear. You will notice about 5″ below the ship another black object floating. Quite interesting and great footage.

  31. Dustin S on

    I was born and raised in Arizona and I’ve seen something like the Arizona footage in this video. but at night light kept getting brighter looked like it was getting closer then almost seemed to look like glowing picsy dust and completely disappeared

  32. GamerOC on

    Militarydouche: obviously that second thing is the sun!
    Me: plz die
    Angryshitlordsthatreply: *insert hate replies here*

  33. Nellie Price on

    It is very strange that UFO’s are MOSTLY seen only in the United States! Is that not strange? Take note I said “mostly” NOT only,just for those who are bored and want to start a word war again!

  34. Ethereal Resonance on

    That person may just be a starseed. I am one myself from the Pleiades! I also channel and receive esoteric messages from aliens that reside there 🙂

  35. silversurfers7 on

    …This looks the same video you uploaded of a strange machine in the sky, same trees etc, same disappearing and reappearing machine.


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