Damn! Iraq War Vet Records Back Engineered Alien Craft? 3/27/16

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  1. Darlene Sizemore on

    I’ve seen this vid. b4 tyler… u posted it a few yrs. ago….. come on bro, no RERUNS. u think ppl don’t notice?

  2. Mason Mann on

    @secureteam10 the proper terminology is “reverse-engineered”. people sound smarter when they use proper terminology, and it attracts more viewers when you sound smarter.

  3. SedaW LoL on

    At first when i saw it i was like ”It’s just a regular helicopter or something simmilar” but then out of no where just disapears in a hearth beat. That really made me wonder what this actually was. Very cool footage.

  4. THE FOXX on

    I have this video logged and recorded on a tesa file …another way of keeping it safe for further analysis for my purpose ” even if it gets taken down da government can kiss my ass “

  5. Altered mindset Innovation is our playground on

    its a bit far fetch if you asked me or any video editing experts out there, im sorry but this is by far less interesting than most content out there, and the fact that the craft made no noise? we are talking sound breakind speeds here tyler, we need to have this footage analysed.

  6. Peter Petanowitsch on

    There are 100 billion star systems in the milky way, which is one of 100 bilion galaxies in universe. And we are alone? There were tons of high-tech alien races even before the earth was created. Wake up or are you seriously that kind of infinite dumb, little nay-sayers? I´m just laughing about the disturbing ignorance of humanity.

  7. I'M THAT MOFO on

    if that was some secret craft the government was testing how could someone withstand that much force when it shot away real fast ?

  8. Sam Chavan on

    after the craft disappeared,??? all I could see is that…..what ever it was crashed back from the pl;ace it had taken off. STOP being so PARANOID!!

    I’m a firm believer , but don’t throw JUST anything at us. I can do this in my 3d lab. alone.

  9. Jake Schindler on

    I hope the guy is ok because there is a massive possibility that he could be killed oh and secure team I sent u an email about something with a video link. The video isn’t mine but you will understand when u see it. The name of the video is in the email.

  10. Mx Tilldeath on

    all you people who think that you’d catch a ufo on tape or even see one , you wouldn’t. never gonna happen …just look up adaptive camo , nevermind a govt craft but especially an alien craft , you’d have no clue it was there till you walked into it …this shit is ridiculous. by the way all of you should know that the govt Is cross training with the military all over America right now. there is no alien craft flying around. it’s all

  11. Mx Tilldeath on

    they’re not alien. they’re made in Canada they’re made in Natick mass , they make em at MIT they make em in Brittain

  12. J Garcia on

    I don’t think he is too worried about his safety, otherwise he wouldn’t have given you his full name. But it is an amazing video. The thing seems to take off at such a high speed that it almost instantly vanishes in thin air. Does not look doctored to me. I wonder if he dropped the camera at the end cuz it sure looks like he freaked out and ran away or something when the object took off. The fact that he provided his name gives the video more credibility. I just hope the dude’s okay.

  13. Planetar on

    Every picture you see on screen is automatically saved somewhere on disc. So when Gary seen that space photo on screen – it probably took some time to open it – he should be able to access it later from his disc directly. Dont have to download it. Unlsess he did clearing and deleted things from his temp folder.

    All this is with the exception if Gary was doing hacking like in mr Robot where theres just wall of codes, commands and text – that i dont understand. So yeah from there I think he had to download it.

  14. Sound Surgen on

    the most top secret aircraft is the Hummingbird, it was designed by a man who knew his streamlines, now I knew afew gentlemen growing up in my neighborhood who worked with my grandfather for a company who was into aircraft engineering and design, so one day these guys and my grandpa are getting drunk an remembering the good o’l time’s, so they were talking about a project called Hummingbird, at first I thought they were talking about actual birds, but they were talking about how they were going to be kicked out of the project because of some one star general said so, but when they were talking Hummingbird, that said it broke all air nautical science on the idea of flight, they said it was faster than Blackbird, or Camelot, but it had the maneuverability of what can only described as a Hummingbird, because like a Hummingbird this craft was beyond fast, so I asked if they’d seen it, and they all said no like a bunch of wise guys, but my grandfather said yes we we’re all sworn to secrecy, but I asked them is there any artist renderings of drawings, they said yes; but all of it including all art work and model kits were classified so high that my grandfather and everyone else said it was going over the Potous, not through, again because of some one star general!!!
    the government will kill to keep this project quite.

    so becareful Tyler please, but I was told that it was faster than a Hummingbird and in a blink of an eye; and it’s gone as soon as it takes off.

  15. Aubrey Rex on

    There is no question there are black projects that we all pay for with our tax dollars and our cowardly worthless government, i.e. congress is afraid to do anything about. We haven’t had a democracy for 50 years! #sekretmachines

  16. Micke on

    Nice upload T.
    I have a question for you! =)
    I have been subscribing your chanenel now for over a year, going to sleep while looking at your newest vids! Before i discovered this channel it was, Stanton, Kaku, ancient aliens… well you get the picture! been doing this ruitine past 8 years!
    I appreciate your work a lot!! with that said im coming to my question now.
    Where do you get these details that this is an earth tech vehicle? Or in some other vids that it is an alien vehicle?

    I mean… How could you possibly know this? in all these cases they are UFOs and we dont have a clue who built them, what tech the are using or who is piloting them.

    Take this as constructive critisism! Btw… Have you seen Michael Schratts symposiums? DOPE!

    But the only one who sticks to facts in Ufology is Stanton! He is the god within this field!

  17. Marc Letourneau on

    I would like to know how did he know that the craft he was in the past was military craft being tested. I would assume that seeing these crafts only is not a proof.

  18. CutTheKnot on

    It looks as though it’s supposed to be confused with a helicopter. Perhaps they forgot to turn on the “helicopter sounds”, lol.

  19. Wesley Andries on

    it’s alien….man’s brain cant even think as fast as that thing just dissapeard let alone for a man to even function at that speed…….defo not man made

  20. Tone on

    Why do you say that it goes up when when it shoots off..when it quite obviously goes down? Why would a “secret” government craft have lights on it?!

  21. Sonny Burnett on

    Tylor, when I do a frame by frame on my iPad. There is a different frame or picture the instant it disappears? Anybody else see that.

  22. Barry Murray on

    Frame by frame how to.
    Go to 4:53, double image.
    4:54 black dot does same
    Use arrow keys to go frame by frame in Youtube.
    Frame by frame keys can be the comma and period keys.
    At times the comma , and period . keys I hit first to get it to work,
    Appears to work best on a just paused video

  23. Craig Willis on

    i look up @ the skie’s all the time never seen any kinda ufo or other strange happenings wish i could wont believe to then 🙁 but still love watchn all this 🙂

  24. Vikki Ledgard on

    If this is ‘warping’ tech, I suppose it doesn’t matter, but are there any military zones nearby? Is the guess towards back engineering because of the witnesses’ military background? Very interesting nonetheless!

  25. klojo pendejo on

    You were talking about some marine that fought in 2007. I have been diving with a former marine who fought in the first gulf war. It was in the weeks just before 9-11. He told me he left the army and refused to work for the governement anymore because he didn’t like the path they where on. He said, mark my words, the united states is going to force another gulf war to show the world all the technology they have been developing. To show us how defenseless we are against that force. Technology to suppress the masses, he didn’t specify how or what type of technology. Within 3 weeks after that talk, 9-11 happened. And we have been seeing some new technology since.

  26. Gothic Delirium on

    damn thing looks alive,like some giant dragonfly.very interesting.
    can’t say i agree with back engineering though…broad daylight?

  27. Mikael Jacob on

    first of all: Tyler i am a big fan.
    2nd mmmm why is he lowering his camera when the ‘craft’ is disappearing away as if he was scared or highly disturbed by something.
    if i were shooting something like that i wouldn’t move my camera that much. that point makes me think something is wrong with that shooting

  28. Gary Songer on

    There are no aliens! If you believe creatures from millions of light years away are popping in and out…you’ve been deceived! These are spirit beings that can be anything they want to be at any time, their mission is to deceive the masses…and it’s working! This is nothing new, it’s all happened before…we’re going to see things in the coming months that will defy logical thinking…we’ve been warned but people refuse the truth. This is a very poor time in history to be spiritually ignorant, it will cost you more than just your life.

  29. BANKSY Urban vandal on

    How can u so easily say it’s not a drone, yet can quite happily say it’s a time warp space object ???? Come on guys use basic logic here


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