DAMN! Florida Man Records Glowing Anti-Gravity UFO Gone In Seconds!


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Music: Spellbound by Keven Macleod
Download link: http://www.incompetech.com

Date: April 19, 2017

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  1. Arthur ok on

    Very Cool !! I see those kinds of things in my house, but a lot smaller, but they look like that, and move very slow in front of my camera, or they move at incredible speeds, just a blurr, and some clearly have wings ?? I still don’t know what they are ?? They are very Cool !!

  2. The Lonely Wanderer on

    As the saying goes 2016 will be the year the truth about the existence of aliens and UFOs will be revealed by global powers, it has been claimed.

  3. SoundWavePLUS on

    nothing out the un ordinary been seeing ufos since i was a kid mainly cause i sky watch at day n night daily atleast a hour a day i see all type of stuff appear then vanish ive seen things do a 360 turn within 1 second and then vanish i dont own a camera and im pretty pooor could also be the fact that im a highly spiritual person and a shaman and i see entity but idk i think its normal they always been here nothing to be concern with just observe then when you see them and be thankful you seen it

    • ToE-by-FM on

      +ToE-by-FM if there was a way to verify such a video, then i would agree that there isn’t a man made object that behaves this way, but the problem always is the authenticity of the videos and not if the videos were true then what might they be.

  4. Mr Edude on

    How is it that no one ever mentions anything about “Project Bluebeam”. I do hope it is extra terrestrial but who really knows for sure?

  5. zack4426 on

    i saw the same exact UFO this morning at 6:30 am in Florida, it jetted then was motionless and glowing white/yellow for around 30 minutes.

  6. sizzloh on

    What and no one’s called drone or RC yet? They can be covered with LEDs, move pretty damn quick and are fairly quiet! I’ve seen a UFO and this, for me, does not fit that category.

  7. MovieManiac33 on

    Nah, I can’t  see anything except a guy who’s zoomed in on a spec of light, moving the camera nonstop claiming it’s fast. If he had zoomed out and held it steady to give us some perspective then that would be a different story. Not an impressive video at all though.

  8. Ooter Duder on

    Also live in FL, once at night i was outside, having a smoke. An i saw this blinking dim light in the sky, an it just stayed there, then after like 10 15 mins it just slowly moved to the north, i am assuming it was some kinda drone or the ISS. But weird to see something like that all the same. Also see lots of satellites.
    Once an only once have i ever seen something that was strange, actually happened in december of last year 2015. I was outside again letting the dogs out this time, an saw a plane coming from the south, which is a totally normal thing to see where i live (i look up a lot an notice the planes an where they are coming from) anyway i saw a plane moving from south to north, an behind it was a smaller object following it, matched the speed of the other plane, was just weird it could have been an escort from a military jet, since i think trump was in palm beach area at the time. But again weird none the less.

  9. KoG GoK on

    6:00 how do you know if they just dont have the resources for a head on attack but instead they are doing something to our atmosphere to kill us all!!

  10. JackDaniels350 on

    That there looks to me to be a mere firefly and the camera mans perception if it throws off the visual Explains the lack of sound, sharp movements left to right and explains why it disappeared behind a tree. In actuality it probably went into the tree or brush.

  11. Tristian Ourso on

    i think i saw that but i couldtint get it on tape it move real slowly than when my frind come back it move left real y fast then turn right then go faster

  12. Blake Ellis on

    today I seen a silver bullet being followed or chased by a jet. Didn’t have any wings. Just shiny looking, but looked like a bullet. It left no smoke trails. I could clearly see the jets wings and it was leaving smoke trails. As fast as the jet seemed to be moving it couldn’t even get close. Only seen them for about 10 seconds. Tried recording with my phone but couldn’t see anything in my camera. It was something cool to see, thought I’d share.

  13. Antonio Manuel Bobadilla De Ovín on

    Thanks for uploading the video, but your opinion doesn’t really have to be related to reality, you have not demostrated anything, it agravates me to hear you say it is not human & that we humans dont have enough money to build one of those.

    ….dude… have you even seen Steve Greer’s documentary, movie or the May 2001 at the NPC disclosure he made?

    bro, you need to invest your time in more real things.

    We abduct people & put implants on them. All that aside, how do you think so many people & IMPORTANT people is supporting Steven Greer?

    Cheers from the Caribbean. (:

  14. GazzilAussie on

    hahahaah “THE G FORCES” ” JETS TO THE LEFT” hahaha…. dude, stop jumping to conclusions. This is not proof and being “Afraid” has nothing to do with it. If this technology is so ADVANCED, why the fuck is it glowing and flying low….. FFS, I so unsubed from this site ages ago, for some reason Utube likes linking me this because I like to watch how shit your videos are hahaha…. “Remember that Video of the car being lifted by a cable and you said THERE IS NO WAY HUMANS WAS INVOLVED IN THIS, IT HAS TO BE ALIENS”… how did that go for you??

  15. Max Million on

    UFO’s are not even real. Chill out guys. There’s no such thing as aliens. They’re angels bro trying to reach out for us with their super cool crafts they call “wings.” Everyone fucking chill.

  16. 123dantheman78 on

    Same thing happened to me as well, but this was a few months back in boca raton FL, twice actually, once around 2-4 in the afternoon, blue/green ball streaking , leaving a vapor trail of some kind behind, and BOOM its gone, just had to be looking in the right direction at the right time cause in seconds it was behind clouds. i live by our airport so i hear all kinds of planes coming and going from inside the house. this was no plane.. then few days later at night around 1am it came back,this time it just bobbed up and down till it shot off into the night sky, much much further way, off to the west. only thing their after the roads stop is, EVERGLADES and SWAMP!?!?!. That was the most recent sighting i’ve seen in a while. not the first i’ve scene in boca, and probably not the last either.

  17. whemadre on

    Why would a craft jump around in the sky !?! It looks like someone jerking his camera around while videoing the planet Jupiter. Get real. Really real.

  18. William J Lefont on

    if u want to see the best ufo video..look up ufo over india..its rec from a man airplane and u see real ufo mother ship..get back to me when u do want to know what u think..👽👽

  19. Lantaric on

    Seems like we are getting more ufo activity lately hmm hope ill get to see more before i die in this pointless life i just want to unreavel the mysterious about space could give 2 less fucks about anything else

  20. Eric Woody on

    Absolutely True my friend you have it right. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Alien beings have been present among us for thousands of years and man needs to face the facts that we are far from being advanced as our planetary neighbors are. Wake up Human Race we are not alone.

  21. Yvonne Jones on

    I’ve seen something like that lastnight. It was red though. It was over the woods near my job. Wished I was able to record it at that time

  22. curious observer on

    The same night I caught a few screen shots off of the ISS live feed of orbs, one literally shot off of Earth and left a trail. I wanted to post the pic but I don’t see a way from my tablet.

  23. tyamada21 on

    I don’t believe this sorry. If we’d seen it moving about with the trees still in the picture, then it would have had some credibility. One doesn’t need to be a scholar to figure out that it’s the camera moving – any of us can do this. I have even seen this effect of the moon during an earthquake. The camera has the power to change speed he means. Having said all that I have personally seen a legit UFO genuinely move this fast and stop dead, but this ain’t one.

  24. Ken Behrendt on

    The video strongly reminds me of the famous Kaikoura Lights filmed over New Zealand in December of 1978. The UFO in your video is doing what is referred to as a “sky dance” which consists of sudden, violent aerobatic maneuvers which, obviously, would be impossible for any terrestrial aircraft to perform. It’s been hypothesized that these motions are a method used by smaller scout craft to communicate with their larger mother ship carriers higher up in the atmosphere.

    The smaller craft use what is known as plasmadynamic propulsion. This form of propulsion surrounds a massless craft with a rich layer of atmospheric plasma which can be forced to flow around the craft’s hull at tens of thousands of miles per hour if need be and the flow velocity will then cause the craft and its crew to immediately assume the same velocity in the opposite direction. Being massless, the crew feels no inertial forces acting on there bodies no matter how violent the acceleration is.

    Unfortunately, plasma tends of absorb radio waves like a sponge and this mode of propulsion effectively prevents any sort of two way radio communication. That means other forms of communication must be used. One method, used by sky dancers is to actually move the entire craft in particular patterns in order to send messages to the mother ship about the status of the smaller craft’s mission in a planet’s atmosphere. It’s similar to the method of sending messages from ship to ship using two handheld flags, semaphore flags, whose positions stand for whole words, letters, or numbers.

  25. Zac Barrington on

    I also live in Pasco county, never seen something like this but have see something weird, before, it was flying really low and no blinking lights. I ran inside to get my brother and by the time we got back it was still flying in the same direction. I thought it to look like a weather Balloon, but at night and flying very low to the grown. I live in a community with a airplane runway in it, I see planes all the time. but you can tell when something isn’t normal.

  26. Justin Ancelet on

    I dont think you take into account the technology that we have unburied or recovered and reverse engineered from wreckage. If you are a realist then you will realize that there are more ways for tech like this to land in the hands of man (well the rich man of course) then just through advancement of craft invented and built by anyone involve in the world of science and technology.

  27. Shannon Clements on

    looks like the International Space Station crossing the sky. I saw it a few times. Once on the 4rth of July a few years back when ny uncle visited & another time in Georgia. It looks just like a star traveling across the sky.

  28. Toad on

    I agree that we’ve would’ve been gone a long time ago if a race of beings unknown to us meant must harm. I feel that it’s mostly the media, cancerous religious people and others who like to live their life in fear are the ones that make anything UFO related a bad thing.

  29. Sune Larsen on

    When you hear about witnesses of UFOs you hear them often say “The object moved like there was some intelligence behind it” but often like in this clip the object seems to move randomly without any purpose. Why a sudden high speed turn to the left? Maybe its not an object more some burning plasma like the Hess-dalen lights in Norway

  30. Goku on

    ok i gotta Comment again. No offence man but America is fucking with the World so bad.. they no so much fucking shit but they won’t tell us shit.. Also they have so much new high tech shit… we can’t tell if it’s them or if it’s really a UFO. now curious if this Was a UFO or what eve the hell it is.. why the hell won’t they show there selfs? like they are more superior then us obviously if they can build shit that can travel thru portals galaxy’s an what not why are they still hideing? i do not understand….. like Imagine if we have good contact with them we could go to there planet an shit would be cool.. but they seem like cowards…

  31. OK Fame on

    how do I send you footage??! I’M IN FLORIDA and last night I caught something myself. it was a craft with a flashing green light. was flying really fast then came to a complete stop at a speed no plane can stop. then it shot out to the right fast as he’ll out of my camera angle. afterwards we did see 4 copters after it

  32. OK Fame on

    if you can just check the video out on my channel. I’m not one to be all into UFO and stuff but last night I seen something very weird. would really like to see what you think about it

  33. Farid Kosaryan on

    hard to say. looks like he he moved the camera fast. If he had held the camera still and the trees in the background in the frame while the object moved, that’d be a different story, but the object could have just disappeared or dematerialized right there and then.

  34. Amirah Kukan on

    It didn’t seem to JET anywhere, it looks more like shoddy camera skills here. I honesty would expect more from you guys, there’s nothing amazing about this clip. That’s only my opinion

  35. TheJollyRancher on

    flying a trainer rc aircraft with lights on it, don’t know what orientation the aircraft is because you can’t see it because it’s night. plummets and crashes really fast due to being an idiot. an idiot records it and thinks it’s a ufo.

  36. Hope For the Planet on

    Could this be a laser? The movement is so erratic that anyone in a ship moving like that would be extremely sick in short order; g-forces would be terribly uncomfortable as well.

  37. Dennis Lock on

    It probably has something to do with it could explain regular cyclic catastrophes in our solar system by it gravitational pull throwing comets and asteroids at Earth and one might be coming. PS You all remember News Speak in the Book 1984 they don’t even try to hide it

  38. betternedthandead on

    Saw three just like that at the same time in around 1973. Thought they were stars, until we noticed the high clouds covered the stars. The three objects were moving towards us – then jetted overhead to the horizon in seconds. This is the first video I’ve seen that’s similar.

  39. Der alte Fritz on

    Me and my sister saw the same thing at night few months ago! It was just above us and I filmed it, it was pretty close.

    At some point it simply disappeared, in a second.

    Btw I didn’t have my glass that night but my sister said that she could distinguish a triangular form

  40. Tommey Tommey on

    I live in Port Charlotte and see this or similar fairly often. My video never turns out this good. People say this is crap video but its actually really good.

  41. PalomaGenios on

    The only way in our physical confines that can occur is by light. When I was younger and had a cat I had a red led pointer pen that I used to toy around with …on the floor at night….and the cat would virtually do somersaults with my sudden start snd stop and physics defying stunts of changing direction and height in milleseconds.

    So make no mistake. ..this is all part of the testing and the ruse for the up coming ‘ alien’ invasion program that has been in development for years. It will be a light show coupled with strange signs and wonders complete with demonic embodied entities….and you won’t have time to be scared.

    They start with terrorists …move on to asteroids and will clinch it with an ET biocorpse. They want to rule the world.

  42. Ciara on

    Just wanted to say.. I appreciate the choice of ufo videos and other informative videos you post. There’s countless ufo channels that are simply illogical and insulting to our intelligence. These ufo sightings may not ALL be credible, but you definitely try your best to give us honest reporting. Love the channel.. Thanks!

  43. King Drew Foster on

    Mmmmm it is definitely something. I’m not so quick to say it’s Aliens tho. Damn sure not a plane or helicopter due to its constant glow. And I see planes and helicopters all the time,night and day..

  44. Stephen Preston on

    the speed of this may be fast to move across the sky but if its other worldly they must have travelled alot faster than that at some point

  45. Rob and the Van on

    I have ten min of footage from 3 days ago, same thing. Super bright object flickering orange, red, and green sitting completely still for ten minutes. Then the object moved behind trees and could not see anymore. Weird.


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