Crazy Proof Of HEAVY UFO Activity During Moon Missions! 3/17/16

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  1. Ciara on

    Wow! I totally agree with everything you said about the moon landing/cover up. I think we were warned to never go back! I think we went to the moon, but things were edited here and there.

  2. Diann Cambre on

    We don’t know enough about space to act like we know what we’re looking at.Objects in a straight trajectory mean nothing.Get one that makes a right turn and a little later a left turn and that is proof.I love you guys though you’re original thinkers and that’s a rare thing.

  3. 510suckerfree on

    I wouldn’t say that the lights flying by are UFO’s or are any real proof! I mean they are in space right? And they are traveling at a high speed right? So maybe thos lights are stationary stars and the only thing moving would be the their ship? No? I’m just saying. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out:/

  4. Wicked Pure on

    lol lol lee , coshit dundee..i swear i could smell that nasty cold hot dog…and then watching the boomarang..debri.. not a good combo

  5. antoine ford jr on

    man, i enjoy all types of vids life this but I’m like, how the hell reg ass ppl get footage like this, you really think govts of any kind would let shit leak online, let alone damn YouTube. again i dig conspiracies ufos blah blah but damn where yall get yalls info and footage. there’s no way all yall got a retired CIA uncle.

  6. Sam Hay on

    “the way you roll” is apparently to exploit this whole YouTube conspiracy industry half heartedly. did you ever think to consider that the space capsule was in a rotational spin while you thought you might try to get a million hits from people who keep watching the latest jfk assassination or building 7 of wtc fall mydteriously ? oh. not all ready have conspiracy videos on those subjects too. Those lights in the cockpit window couldn’t possibly be ambient rotating stars around a spinning spaecraft could they? You exploiting assholes. do you have a video on the Knights Templar too?

  7. Phil Barre on

    All spacecraft have a halo of small particles of debris, ice etc that move around them by electrostatics. Appolos, Shuttles, ISS, all the same. The cameras pick this up as moving specks against the dark background. Sorry. No UFOs at least in this footage. Triangle buildings on the lunar surface with more obscured by holographics? These conclusions from a laughably obscure pattern interpretation of low res orbital footage? I know its fun to play with these ideas folks but draw the line before you become just another fool.

  8. BustYourBallsMetalXD on

    I believe we have the technology to go to the moon and that we have been there but all this alien shit is nonsense. I wouldn’t believe shit unless I seen it with my own eyes. and not from a video.

  9. Toad on

    After that 2nd video with UFO’s flying in all different directions behind the Astronaut it makes me wonder if the universe is a massive highway filled with other beings traveling and carrying on their business. Which would kind of explain why the Astronaut gives zero fucks about what’s going on in space.

  10. David Turner on

    These particles you see flashing past the window of the spacecraft were confirmed to be ice particles falling off the spacecraft. If you watch any closeups of the launch you can see ice forming all over the fuel tanks from condensation. Scott Carpenter during the Mercury mission in 1962 proved it by banging on the side of his capsule and watching the flurry of ice particles increase after doing so. The so called boomerang ufo is a large piece that obviously mirrors the curvature of the craft it separated from and went spinning off into space. I really don’t understand our insatiable need to believe in conspiracies when simpler explanations are usually available. It’s a very primitive and unscientific approach to explaining things we don’t immediately understand and doesn’t add anything of value to our understanding of the universe.

  11. Michael Steele on

    The “UFOs” I see in this video could too easily be trash from the Earth boat, to be considered “evidence” of any kind. Your “triangular building” is dirt, buddy. You should play in the mud more often, learn what craters do to shapes, and you should study photo effects. The same applies to the rest of the “evidence” I’ve seen on your channel; I’m really disappointed by your titles and empty promises. But keep it up: Someday you might actually find something real. Please try not to have a heart attack when you do, hm? 🙂

  12. 7come11two on

    The astronaut eating the hotdogs is Alan Sheppard, the first American in space.  He also walked on the moon and hit a few golf balls up there.  UFOs in the sky are one thing.  UFOs in space another.  UFOs in space are easily identified as space craft.  Out Sheppard’s window, most of the craft are moving from left to right, however, one moves from right to left.  Clearly, this means the objects do not simply ‘appear’ to be moving due to the movement of the Apollo vehicle.

  13. Daily Things on

    Problem with the moon landings? Van Allen Radiation Belts. NASA finally is sending a human through those belts. And that will take place in 2020. Meaning? No human has ever went through the Van Allen radiation belts. Conclusion? We did NOT go to the moon!

  14. Ellie James on

    Could it be they’ve already installed a moon colony and started the rumor about never having been to the moon in order to distract people from that?
    Additionally, I saw a UFO, which looked similar to the one shown on the video, cross the television screen during a live transmission of a satellite launch in April of 2015

  15. muckerwood on

    3:33 “…and you’re all really smart,… most of you” (small chuckle)… Biggest lie in the entire video LOL!!! None of these conspiratards have any brains. We went to the moon… several times. There are NO aliens. Bush had nothing to do with 911. Oswald acted alone. Elvis is dead. Hitler is dead…on that note, yes, the holocaust was very real. McCartney is alive. Flouride has nothing to do with mind control. Contrails are not “chemtrails”. GET OVER IT AND GO DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE WITH YOUR LIVES FOR A CHANGE…

  16. seeingatruth on

    We went to the moon with machines, not human kind. No human has been to the moon unless aliens or black budget boys took them.

  17. 123jerro on

    take a look at this video at 3:37 there about. look on the far right. What am i seeing? looks like mounds with overhangs that look like in shape to surf waves. strange

  18. Jehanne Hale on

    There is a very tall rectangular shaped building in the center foreground of the still picture. It looks al black, can you see it?

  19. rence well on

    While i do believe in the phenomenon i don’t believe any space explorer would sit eating a weiner flipping through a manual while ufo’s are buzzing his ship. Everything in this video is down right goofy and far-fetched. Im still a subscriber to this chanel though.

  20. Michael C. on

    the clip with the hotdog guy, maybe they were traveling fast enough to activate or somehow used the solor plate that burns aways keeping the ship safe from the heat.

  21. coolsskin on

    what do you think the MooN is? Or is it just a piece of Rock!? And Where did it came from?
    Could it be a spaceship like some other people like to think!?

    Greetings and thanks for the Great ViD!

  22. MsMihalj on

    Tyler buddy. Your imagination is becoming extraordinary over the top.
    STill love the vids i am a baleiver but not everything is a building on the moon or an invading mother ship. Keep up the good woork

  23. Mark Schofield on

    Are we talking UFO in the literal sense or are we talking “spacecraft UFO? ” I believe that aliens exist but, I don’t think the lights in the clips are actually space ships.

  24. Emlyn Williams on

    Newbie here. What I don’t get is how do they get past the Burning, scorching, Poison, past about 400 miles up from earth? There and back again. I have heard this is scientifically impossible. With our so called “technology”


  25. Zyzz Sc on

    What if that boomerang UFO is somekind space craft with artificial gravity( that provides gravity with spining) that aliens use to travel and move easly in space? 😀

  26. Toby Master on

    I don’t think we really went to the moon at the first time, and I don’t think there are any towers and structures on the moon.

  27. Tay Kirkbright on

    Whilst cutting my fingernail it pinged up into the air and never came down, I guess that camera found it with a close up in space.

  28. Munky Truffle on

    I’m not convinced they have the technology today to land a man on the moon, we have more computing power in our cell phones than they had in their rockets. I’m really not at all convinced the moon landing were genuine.

  29. Ridic on

    What’s that thing in the crater on the left side at 3:33 ?
    Also looks like if there is a bridge or path going down?

  30. Axel Coker on

    yes we went and actually have been back many times since just covered up like everything else when the iss Sat goes blank it’s astronauts and or aliens being transferred back and forth

  31. Sergeant Schlumpf on

    a year ago when I looked up at the moon through my telescope I saw
    these lights and objects in a pentagonal formation( it’s really not a powerful one either really not a powerful one)

  32. Saturn Five on

    To this day I have still not seen a interview where an astronaut says they saw alien bases on the moon or even alien activity on the moon. Astronauts see UFO’s all the time, doesn’t mean there alien.

  33. MrNolimitech on

    I know this is not the ISS, but if our stations and satellites travel at 27.600 km / h or 17.100 mph around the Earth. This is probably the stars that can be seen passing through the window. except the video with the object that crosses below the station, in the same orbit. NASA would never risk putting anything as close to her toys, she already looks for asteroids over 30x that distance and freak out.

  34. Clint Martin on

    most of you are smart? how you gonna talk shit to your fans like that? I do mixed martial arts so one hit and I could break your jaw in multiple ways in a instant bro I think you owe us a apology??? you fuckhead

  35. Brodie Zilla on

    so there has now been sightings of buildings on the moon too. first mars now this. question for commenters: what would you do if the M.I.B was following you. personally i would walk faster.

  36. David TERRAZAS on

    i honestly think they have to hide from us cause they knew that humans would kill them seriously if we dont know they are there and they can make graphic stuff happen with their technology it would freak us out lime the witch trials they were killed because people think they are dangerous so we killed them
    we feared that which we dont understand i honestly think we need that see that shit but humans are not ready for that kind of power
    that technology is being protected from us because we destroy what we builf
    especially that capacity people would abuse and when we have peace on earth thats when we are ready to see the world differently
    not only to destroy but to evolve

  37. __Lillyvb __ on

    i want to see aliens!!! THEYRE REAL! but we can be happy cuz if they would be trying to kill us we would alreasy be dead sooo yah!

  38. Oscar Fernandez on

    I would like to see a fly over of tranquility base, I want to see the lander and the flag, footsteps etc….


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