Crazy New Space Discoveries Baffling Scientists Once Again! 3/21/16

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  1. ShowTime Glo on

    Question, wtf are we going to do? Like theres going to come a time when the world will alllllll face one threat, watever that threat is, and it will come a time were the evil elites are exposed. But once we get people into these positions thats going to do right, chances are they will say ” ok first thing first, lets make all these secrets and close files open and lets release all documents and information to the public” how will we act when we know the truth. ? Gonna be crazy man.

  2. soldatheero on

    scientists are the new high priests of our society.. they make it out as if they have revealed so much more than they have.. people like Hawkins and Kaku

  3. Yeon Si on

    About the eccentric path of the planet, we may consider taking a look at how Atom works. Small number of electrons cause some elements to be stable or the other way, and it may be similar to the idea that too many electrons which the inner region of the atom can no longer hold causes irregular formation or projectile in the motion of the electrons around it, just like the noble gases.

  4. MPLA on

    seems to me HD20782 Could have started as an asteroid that collects as it orbits. As it gets close to the sun the particles and other smaller asteroids may become molten or softer allowing the gravity to compress it. As it flies further out it collects ice and more smaller asteroids when traveling through a kuper belt type anomally then returning and compressing what it collected at the same time burning off the ice it picked up causing a tempory atmosphere that shines as it burns.

  5. James Henry on

    If the frozen planet that approaches it’s star flashes off , it must look like a gigantic comet! A Jupiter sized comet.

  6. Rick Norris on

    Actually, this is almost exactly like the elliptical orbit of the mini-solar system that just entered our solar-system but is cluttered with Iron Oxide and asteroids and is commonly known as the home of Planet X which is now properly called Planet 7X which-
    Gill Broussard confirmed and documented.

  7. Camellia-Daliah Pro on

    4;47 what do you mean we don’t know that pluto is cold? cause u said in the last part that the planet is colder when its farthre out

  8. Randy Jones on

    GREAT JOB guys, keep up the work. Definitely the best of the best! Thanks for all of your hard work!!! Can’t wait to see what yall have coming.

  9. P.J. I hate jerkoffs like Dan Marino on

    I honestly loved it when you said Pluto is a geographical hard-on. Basically I understood what you were saying ,but the way you worded that was so funny. I love your channel keep them coming

  10. Xro on

    whipping around a Star a 117 light years away….. JFC We cannot see the surface of Mar for shit with telescopes but we can see a planet whipping around a star at 117 light years away? that is like a bazillion trillion million miles away dog. Stop giving them money to stay up all night and party.

  11. Just Another Name on

    are you just supposed to believe this trash without any proof at all? lol Pathetic video, sad people fall for trash without absolutely any proof

  12. Chaotic Reaper0 on

    chances are that proto planet is just gonna end up another star or something like Jupiter if it has a mass that size it wouldnt be enough to mass to form a star but just enough to make a gas giant

  13. Chaotic Reaper0 on

    exactly how far is a parsec? i use to know but i forgot i cant remember if my professor said fraction of a centimeter or mile… it was either really huge or really small distance

  14. Billthesheepdog on

    You should consider covering the now believed Planet 9 or planet x coming in. It is responsible for the increased heat, weather, and earth quakes we are having. It also is the real reason for the changes in earth not green house gasses. Some are now saying that it will change our planet forever and possibly kill 90% of the population? Not sure I believe that but it is sending more meteors and asteroids our way and we have seen them! Consider looking into this please? It could save lives.

  15. RICH Sanchez on

    I would have to say that I am done with these silly lies about space. I mean really now people! Can’t receive a phone call from china but I’m to believe that we can actually get photos from 117 light years away? Bull

  16. Pauli Korjus on

    planet x or nibiru is 5-10 bigger than earth,The “mass”. It is our 2 second sun. Nasa announcement in 1948-49 just briefly then. Something like 15 second’s in a news at that time. So they already know that, but why they haven’t haven talk about it sense?? who know’s. Like most ufo,s. Where they are coming?? most likely in our own garage. why they digging underground city’s. yes they have even mcdonals in there and bank.?? crazy isn’t ?? no is not. So call “elite of something” got that ticket. We don’t. why?? Because of food, water, etc. It have to last so long. There is theory that it is gonna take something like 7 year’s to come back surface of earth. Because we gonna lost the atmosphere. And that’s why they dig so hard underground city’s and tunnels. bunkers. ps: like your channel.

  17. Pauli Korjus on

    And announcement of planet Nibiru or Planet-X that NASA did. Was only because Russia did it the news. Shortly after NASA did it too. And only because of Russia. With out them we would have never known. NASA IS NASA.

  18. Daniel Hunter on

    maybe the suns pull is so strong, that it pulled a planet in, so the momentum of its pull pulls it, rotates it around, and on its back spin, is thrown, back, then pulled and repeted


    question to anyone who thinks they have the answer why is Pluto nick named planet x when planet x is supposed to eventually destroy us

  20. norwegcat on

    The first planet mentioned goes from cold to hot flashes. I guess we’ll have to name that ….”Planet Menopause”

  21. Kristof Francois on

    Should the planet reached the present orbit because of a collision with another planet that planet should be massive it’s self

  22. Carolyn Schaum on

    when you mature a little and can use your words in a descriptive way without using words such as “hard on”, I might check back with you. Young people use these videos for school work.

  23. AJ West on

    Actually I’ve travelled there…and the dancing unicorns are great to party with, although they get really pissed if you touch their ” horn” without first petting them first

  24. Javier Solis on

    Your assumption is contradicting your fact. How is Pluto only ~10 Million~ years old but has been active for ~4 Billion~ years?

  25. dva nadeset on

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  26. Abdulla Hussain on

    i think freezing then flash boiled means the change of matter rapidly which connects to a theory called thermal theory


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