COVERUP Of Alien Activity In Our Oceans Exposed 2/26/16

Ocean Lights Video:
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  1. Edward Romo III on

    The admiral ACTUALLY explained that he was not trying to scare anyone, but the
    cruel reality is that in case of a new war, the United States could be
    attacked by planes flying over one or both poles. – Again he said from over one or both poles. Not planes that can fly at incredible speed from pole to pole.

  2. Edward Romo III on

    What is happening in our own world. It’s called Lucifer doing his will to fool the masses. Fallen angels.

  3. seeingatruth on

    I can think of another reason that Great White Shark went to the ocean bottom at an elevated temperature, as did many ships…there is a thermal release of bubbles from the ocean floor that basically turns the water into a column of bubbles, anything in that column of gas “FALLS” immediately to the ocean floor. This is a phenomena associated with the Bermuda triangle also. The whale and ships basically fall through “air” and hit rock bottom. Imagine the impact of a huge shark falling through air and hitting bottom, there wouldn’t be anything left of it. SPLAT.

  4. Grant Molyneux on

    That Hum coming from the ocean is the Russians Americans and Chinese drilling and under sea tunnel and city to meet up in the middle of the Pacific.

  5. Jarno Saarinen on

    I have personally witnessed a uso in the ocean 10 years ago before i had even heard the term uso! I wont go into the fine details but i will never forget being with in 20 feet of it!

  6. michael white on

    If they killed the admiral then it shows you why they are observing us.. We kill our own kind.. I wonder if they have murders and killers in charge of their people..

  7. DJSbros on

    It’s much MUCH more reasonable and realistic to accept that UFO and USO’s are human made secret vehicles/weapons….Makes perfect sense and is more reasonable that “aliens travel VAST distances to get here (which we can’t mathematically figure out how is possible.)

  8. Nikolai Shriver on

    I think that a lot of people don’t really need any more convincing, but an important question: what now? You ended the video with a good statement about disclosure. I doubt we are ever going to get that alien ship flying in front of the public that announces “we are real”.. But until then, What difference does it make? And honestly, I don’t think we have the slightest say in what happens. For a race of interstellar beings who technologically out advance us by probably billions of years and could kill our entire population with any virus.. We can’t really do more than let their rejects or adolescents play with our genetics, and keep living, working, paying fees and dying. We are no more than a terrarium? Most people don’t like that idea and it is important that we don’t know. Because if everyone knew, they’d say fk this system. I’m not paying the man anymore. And what’s in it for the leaders? Is this society just the newest version of a slave race? And we think we are free lol.

  9. Chris Newport on

    Always hoped that Sanderson’s ideas would be examined more. Another alternative is that “humanity” – if we really did start in the oceans, split in two directions, one to the land , the other staying behind thus gaining an advantage technically and showing itself above and below as required.

  10. B Manzo on

    The UFOs Admiral Byrd’s fleet was attacked by was not piloted by Aliens. It was however alien technology Adolf Hitler got a hold of. There is documented proof, operation paperclip is one example.
    Adolf was in an elite occult known as the Vril society. The VS believed they could contact aliens. Adolf Hitler sent out for a meeting and yeah, what happened there is a topic for another time. Vril is too.
    Anyways, these people told Adolf well more or less gave him blue prints to producing more alien craft. Now for the more relevant topic.
    When Admiral Byrd did an expedition over one of the poles, I believe the north pole. Adm. Byrd Flew over the north pole and a huge opening was in the distance.
    He flew into it (now picture the Jurrasic world theme song.) and saw vast lakes and Mammoths. But he was also greeted by Nazis in the UFOs. He left and if you want more information, just look up Admiral Byrd’s diary. Its crazy I know. Anyway, Admiral Byrd thought it was a cool idea to militarize Antarctica. The Nazis attacked them. Admiral Byrd wounded had to retreat.
    The Nazis are here with space craft. The aliens are far away, very very far away. Thats why the government doesn’t talk about alien life. They work with the Nazis.

  11. Scott Patterson on

    Tyler, I must correct you on one thing. High jump was not an invasion mission. Not “officially” anyhow. This was classified as a research mission. Research with military crews with warships and armaments? Yes, Byrd and co. got their asses whipped like a stepchild.

  12. Alan Falk on

    Have anyone of the 1000 of solidiers who were attacked together with admiral Bird, confirmed what he said, othervise I will reguard him as delusional.

  13. Bob Taylor on

    Wow, dangerous 9 foot great white, please save us… Nothing New Here, “These are Not the Headlines you are looking for”

  14. David Hampel on

    As technology improves at a rate faster than exploration is it any wonder that these sounds cannot be identified.

  15. Michael Garcia on

    and, of course. there’s the killing happened of the coast of Santa Barbara, CA. two friends all through grade school. professional ocean divers. was. attack by a dinosaur in the attack the creator that eat his friend. a tip of a finger with a 12inch nail. when pictures were taken. one of the diver held it with 2 hands. in 1980s

  16. Mike* on

    maybe there is a dominant species in our oceans that has evolved far ahead of us and they can,t live out of water just as we can,t live without oxygen what if they evolved over a billion yrs, ago and their not aliens just advanced life forms who evolved on earth 100,s of millions of yrs, ago, maybe they are the real dominant life forms on this planet’ it could be that they are so far ahead of we human beings they cannot communicate with us just as we cannot communicate with the bee,s or wild animals on land.” …it seems more plausible than aliens from another planet who came here to steal our oceans just to hide from us” …just maybe they live deep in the oceans and they don,t  wish to bother with us because they know how destructive we are,”  …in any case it makes more sense to me than aliens from a distant planet coming to live in our oceans’ … but who knows maybe I,m wrong …just a thought,  thank you for this fantastic video also I am subscribed to your channel and I hope to see more of your video,s soon,  : )

  17. Michael Deth on

    If I would have to bet the universe’s combined Humanity (aka: the entire Consciousness of the Universe), I would say…. YES, without a doubt, and you do not need any fancy technology because it is irrelevant; only you can figure it out for yourself because it was given to you when you were conceived…

  18. Johnny Aingel on

    thank you this was my first time finding you by accident early in the morning on march 29 2016 i was truly amazed by your informative information on topics i knew about and others i did not but really got my attention was admiral byrd i have a book just one somewhere i bought many many years ago but i never read it now you have me fully curious on researching this subject and more thank you so much and keep it coming for 2016 and beyond

  19. Joseph Zarbock on

    Wow, Tyler’s getting a lot of grief in these comments. Why is everyone getting so uptight about Tyler’s comments in the video. I agree, its a lil confusing if were performing a grammatical audit and expecting his dialogue to be used in next years encyclopedia “proof” of u.f.o’s”.
    He’s whipping out hypothesis, and ideas..
    You know? Throwing it on the table, as a vehicle for us enthusiasts to continue the great debate, and explore possibility.

    Keep that mind open, were all on the same team here.
    Thanks for all the work you put in Tyler, I value your entertaining and thought provoking videos.

  20. Candace Scrivner on

    Taylor, There is a video that studied the “boop” traveling north from the S. Pacific to Alaska where just inland is a active pyramid, not far from the Canadian border. The noised, low frequency book sound stopped. Being that many of the world’s pyramids have been sending light streams skyward, could this all have something to do with this world entering into the “Photon Belt” and some auto alert system? Just a thought. Us humans know so little about this world, incubator where we reside ? Light & Love.

  21. Joseph sideman on

    For your shark, do your home work and you will find out that the killer wale, the orca were filmed attacking great white around Australia.

  22. VideoManFran on

    Tyler,  The USS Thresher and USS Scorpion (pictured in your video) was found by the Robert Ballard Titanic expedition team which used the search of the Titanic to cover the team’s secret US Navy mission to find the Thresher and Scorpion.  Howard Hughes Shipbuilding company made the Glomar Explorer for the CIA to retrieve the Soviet Diesel Ballistic Missile Sub the K-129.  The Israeli sub Dakar wreckage was located between the islands of Crete and Cyprus in the Mediterranean Ocean.  The French sub Minerve have yet to be found

  23. Ben Breeg on

    These people who fear the threat that UFOs employing force, should not be surprised that it is already known is that the big threat is that all the institutions of man will overthrown, like unions academia, banking, food inc, black markets, military, religion until we are in better shape.

  24. Janice Tobergte on

    I noticed Feb. 26. Well since then there have been millions fish washing up dead ALL Over the world. followed by seals, whales and other larger sea life because they are starving to death with no fish or krill to eat. What about people all over the world who live on their

  25. Janice Tobergte on

    Perhaps HAARP has been secretly trying to fight them and the oceans habitat is being killed as accidental collateral. My own theory is that the whole earth is being poisoned so that eventually one way or the other all of us “useless users of earths bounty” GUESS WHO SAID THAT” will no longer keep the Illuminati from enjoying earths bounty with slaves (people) to take care of them. (THE ILLUMINATI). SATAN’S ILLUMINATI.
    Cattle and Llamas in the thousands have been killed so no food there. The soil is so contaminated that any foods that might be grown are poison. Water is poisoned. Of course there is all of the old or demented or retarded, crippled or otherwise not at full capacity will have their heads chopped off and end up as soylentgreen. Remember that movie? Too many people.was the backdrop for that one. WE AWAIT LORD JESUS CHRIST. MAY HE COME SOON. OUR LORD AND SAVIOR.

  26. WeveNever BeenAlone on

    Agreed. What we will create, OURSELVES is CONFIRMATION. Do not ever expect DISCLOSURE from the governmental bodies of the First World. They have everything with respect to the appearance of power, to lose.

  27. Sandra Gordon on

    You’ve probably mentioned this at one time or another on one of your videos, but it is widely believed that the Governments know of the existence of aliens and are supposed to have prepared us by now for their ‘arrival’ on Earth. However, the governments refuse to tell us as that way they can use what they are being taught by these alien groups for themselves to make more money and have better followings. I can believe that to a certain extent.

  28. Frankz011 on

    Thank you for that video ! I really believe in ufo and uso, but I don’t think they are hostile, or at least less hostile than us to ourself,
    ”A kung fu master will not beat one who cannot defend himself”
    Ufo attack a war fleet, and they even let them run away!

  29. Charles Weeman on

    the humming could be caused by resonating sounds of mantel abrasion. It Is my belief that resent sounds heard world wide are created from a the crust starting to slip. It has stooped do to Nibiru being on the other side of the sun. When it comes around the sun it will start again.
    The correlation is in when the sounds are heard. Down and at dusk. At this time something is pulling on the earths crust. Pulling it in a way that causes the crust to drag on its core.

  30. sian gunn on

    no sharks have that body temp and swim at that depth regularly if i recall the story it stayed at that depth for 5 days linking it together with another story see the bloop

  31. Insane Mang on

    what if that admiral was attacked because they were getting too close to whatever those flying objects were attacking them for

  32. MICHAEL Del Valle on


  33. jbatermann on

    Hi,Has anyone more info on the continental shelf caves (50 x 10 miles) and unknown length. NAVY has all details.

  34. Fer Lucy on

    You used the “we’re gonna dive into it no pun intended” twice in different video’s and I only watched 2 of your video’t.
    That is scientific evidence that the puns are intended ..

  35. Trudy Schwartz-Burrill on

    This is awesome Tyler as usual. Thank you.
    Screw all of y’all haters. Stop watching if you only have negitive things to say.

  36. CJCryer Buzz on

    Actually orcas kill great whites. And the shark can be a lot larger than the orca. There are documentaries you can watch and see it happen. Cool stuff. Lots of stuff on this earth we don’t understand.

  37. Vikram Singh on

    Very interesting info thanks for putting it together and helping expose the truth!  The people however unready need to know what is going on….

  38. Dom Morrison on

    Tbf they didn’t invade the Arctic. If it was a real battlefleet they would have had several destroyers, minesweepers, a couple of cruisers, maybe a battleship? It just doesn’t fit for me, maybe they went for a look and got attacked but I don’t think they were expecting trouble…

  39. save our Future AmericaAND Humanity on

    China has a version of harp on steroids. we operated harp with a low frequency. China however doesn’t care about ppl it animals marine life ect and has theirs running at such high rates its causing death to mass amounts of animals fish and giving ppl different issues with their bodies. it’s simply unbelievable the rest if the world allows them to do whatever they like even tho humanity is at risk. messing with nature has proven to be deadly every time.

  40. hardfugoo1 on

    I love how you get all sarcastic and snarky when you say “Oh it coulda been a two ton colossal cannibal” shark… like thats the most unlikely thing you’ve ever heard. ???

  41. rahman2040 on

    Iblis[Jinn/satan/devil] places his throne upon water – Sahih Muslim

    Sahih Muslim Book 039, Number 6755:

    Jabir reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: Iblis places his throne upon water; he then sends detachments (for creating dissension) ; the nearer to him in tank are those who are most notorious in creating dissension. One of them comes and says: I did so and so. And he says: You have done nothing. Then one amongst them comes and says: I did not spare so and so until I sowed the seed of discord between a husband and a wife. The Satan goes near him and says: ‘You have done well. A’mash said: He then embraces him.

  42. hailthegods on

    The ocean is creepiest damn thing just as creepy as space maybe more this was  a good video  weird man


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