Confirmed! UFO Caught SPEEDING Toward Australia From Sea! 5/17/16

News Story:
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod (The best damn music producer in the land)
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SPECIAL Thanks to LunaCognita for his amazing work in enhancing this footage.

ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under Fair Use for commentary/research/news reporting purposes under current copyright rules.


  1. aussieaeromodeler on

    heading to Canberra ? …’s probably one of our politicians abusing their travell allowance again

  2. David gold on

    Canberra!!! it’s the bleeping Australian capital city – sheesh, are you badly educated – or is that standard for Americans?

  3. Sha Sha on

    It’s “Canberra” not “Canberry”……Canberra is the Capital of Australia and is in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory).
    Thanks for your interesting channel.

  4. Tina Tomaszewski on

    Looks like someone pulled one over on you Tyler. Sorry for that. I wouldn’t trust the person that did that one to me ever again.

  5. Thumbs Up on

    Military jet or a glitch on the system is a more logical explanation. Always think UFO’s last after trying to debunk it yourself. If you can’t logically explain it then it’s considered a UFO. And UFO doesn’t instantly mean little green men either. That app tracks the plane based on a flight number and GPS. A UFO wouldn’t be in the system would and it wouldn’t be tracked would it? Derp.

  6. Jonathan Wilson on

    guys seriously thats a plane coming out from behind a cloud lol
    Also the aircraft that was cut off by the UFO hasn’t filed a report on it so sorry guys but I’m unconvinced

  7. Typhoontimmy on

    What? You’re talking about Sydney, Australia and you use a video of Auckland, New Zealand. You Americans really do suck at geography.

  8. Armel De Marsac on

    I know what it is, when Planes are flying by clouds with their lights on, it made this sort of unidentified glowing thing!

  9. bandgap on

    the transponder technology on an aircraft is not some super advanced technology that an alien civilization with the ability to travel to earth couldn’t figure it out themselves…

  10. metalguitarZomg2 on

    haha canburry area :P, canberra said like can-berr-a is the proper way to say it :P, I’m an Aussie so just a minor thing i noticed haha

  11. Nicky Pearson on

    That’s weird cause May 19th I was walking along the shore in Sydney and there were black helicopters flying around with their lights out. I filmed some but all you can see in the video is black (I’m sure if I knew how to use my Adobe CS better I could bring them up) but I videoed (is that a word? :D) them quite a lot you can hear them quite well in the audio. The first helicopter came in from the sea so fast that I was scared that it was an attack and I was stunned and wondering if I should call emergency or something but I had my smartphone and looked up that it was an anti-terrorism military excersize. The helicopters were huge and very fast, and with their lights out it was very spooky. It was weird though how so many people didn’t really notice them at all….

  12. K1ll3rN3rd on

    It is so retarted listening to listening to Americans talk about Australia, are you legit, you though that was England at first, and your pronounce Canberra “Canberry” omg you American have no knowledge what so ever.

  13. Ronald Martens on

    I just have a question. Does flight tracker pick up only planes. If it was an unidentified craft would the flight tracker pick it up?

  14. Elton McAleer on

    You do know that the city in the video is Auckland, New Zealand, right? There is nothing to link it to the fast moving object on radar. In fact the object in the video is travelling (approx) North East – so it would be flying over the pacific towards Hawaii / west coast.

  15. VideoAudioDisco09 on

    Anyone considered its a glitch or even someone “fuckin” with you because your gullible.  Lets see he said it was going 10 times as fast as any other plane a 747 cruises at 570 mph or 920 km/h add two zeros to that speed and then explain the aerodynamics involved. ????  Concord flew at 2,000kph, The quickest recorded speed of an aircraft was The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird at 2,193 mph

  16. Paul Scotch's My Channel Your Channel on

    Not sure of that City citing. Definitely not Sydney or Melbourne. Could be Wellington. The path of the object passed very close to Canberra ACT, where our Government is located.  Interesting indeed.

  17. Brad Derks on

    I’m an Victorian Aussie 😅 we kind of Pronounce..the place Canberra…😕?hmm…like Camera 📷😊👍but with the oblivious ‘Burr’ sound in the middle of the word. .Can..Burr. .rah😁? ..😯hope this helps 😕?

  18. Patricia S. on

    O M G !!!!! 2:01 Try Canberra Our Nation’s Capital…..please try to get the correct Names for Australia as we really do take offence, because no one in the U.S.A. seems to know where places are outside of America.

  19. apachelives on

    That object is not from Australia, we dont have high speed anything here – we even cancelled our high speed internet roll out plans.

  20. Deathlash111 on

    After burners of a Jet. A jet will fly much faster than a commercial Airliner and what it looked like is the after burners lighting up to gain altitude or to speed up.

  21. Matthew Elvins on

    you yanks really know nothing of australia do you? let me make it simple australia has states and territories Sydney is IN NSW its the capital city of the state of NSW.

  22. A lawn mower on

    Why would they always fly in a saucer and why would they have two arms and two legs aliens would probably look very different its from another planet and have different evolution if their where alien life forms they would have wired INHUMAN features

  23. Sal Altschul on

    Huh, it’s racing toward Canberra which is where our Parliament Houses sit. Interesting that that’s where it’s headed.


  24. Yibin Mu on

    Omg!!!! I managed to snap a picture of this EXACT type of craft on October 2nd! I posted it to my Instagram @arcadian.geminosis

    Ho ho ho! HOW WILD IS THIS LOL!

  25. Leighana Bartlett on

    Just seen 27 objects flying in space over north Canterbury New Zealand  3 of which were pulsing light one I was almost sure was an airplane flying low with no noise until it gradually disapeard amongst the stars, among all these 3 big flashes of light out in space all within one hour, I spend a bit of time every night watching the stars and have seen some strange things but this has actually freaked me out I’m pretty certain somthing big is happening.

  26. Humaniac on

    This is the video proof they JOKE with transponder.

    Transponder = Air traffic

    Nothing appear from radar with speed that fast. UFO’s ain’t got time to put transponder on their stuff.
    Radar = All object in the area

  27. Anon Anon on

    Planes do have headlights you know…. (Sigh) the fast moving radar plane was more than likely a fighter jet, cause the air force and airliner ground control do cooperate together, that’s why it showed up as a plane on radar instead of a blip cause all commercial aircraft have transponders.

  28. muzz brudr on

    Amazing as always secureteam10, props from NZ, have seen alot of crazy shit happening here over a long period of time, like even some of the stars are not really stars!?? friends and I were staring up into space while camping and we were staring at this beautiful star it was so shiney – then it just shot to the left then did a complete turn like the letter L, that was one incident.

  29. Gregster on

    Interesting indeed. And kudos for a fast intro and getting quickly to the substance. One thing I can’t stand is two minutes of opening logos and graphics.

  30. Wayne Capper on

    OMG!!! I live in canberra and I wish I had of been looking in the sky that morning as I often am in the early hours. 😴😫

  31. D DAWGG on

    It’s no plans lately U,F,O,s that has been seeing has like long wrapped around the sides.Kinda like head lights on the back..There us some that are shaped like a outta space crafts ufo but they have the same kind of lights but they have blinking lights like a passenger plan but different colors and can fly faster and do some crazy moves but no sound..I believe the ones with the blinking lights are U.S military…So fighter jets can tell the difference between them and there own.

  32. D DAWGG on

    It’s no plans lately U,F,O,s that has been seeing has like long wrapped around the sides.Kinda like head lights on the back..There are some that are shaped like a outta space crafts ufo but they have the same kind of lights but they have blinking lights like a passenger plan but different colors and can fly faster and do some crazy moves but no sound..I believe the ones with the blinking lights are U.S military…So fighter jets can tell the difference between them and there own.

  33. Nicholas Zounis on

    I saw a UFO tonight in Ballarat, the time was about 9:30pm, 28 Feb 2017. There was too objects, one looked like a plane moving, but it had a cloud like mist around it as it moved, it was a clear night. It was moving towards what I thought was a bright star, then suddenly the bright star like object started to move away from the first object then disappeared. This was the first time I saw a UFO. Did anyone else see a UFO in Ballarat around that time?

  34. Bender Rodriguez on

    Big unexplainable thing floating in the sky that could change all of mankind forever: check
    Great view where you’re standing: check. The most shittiest camera you could ever get your hands on, coupled by a shaky Parkinson’s- like hand: check. Bastards.

  35. SummerNights & Neon lights on

    Man these weather cams are starting to get interesting !!! Just like the trailcams are sometimes .


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