China’s Rover NOT ALONE On The Moon 2/6/17

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  1. Randy Lahey on

    8:42 & 9:04 are just small meteorites or pieces of space junk, probably about the size of a Volvo or so, breaking apart as they burn up entering the atmosphere. They “disappear” as the debris is cooled down rapidly by the night air before falling to the ground somewhere in uninhabited wilderness. This happens 100 times a day on Earth. Nothing strange or out of the ordinary.

  2. Matthew Gartell on

    I have started to eat my greens..take exercise and cut out the class a/schedule drugs in order to be around when the truth is disclosed. 😉

  3. Kevin McDonald on

    Its phoney disclosure again !!!! proof being the black sky of space from the moon with little atmosphere, would be showing a hell of a lot of stars. So fed up of all these hoaxes.

  4. Deb Mckee on

    reflections off the rover from the photo being taken. The 3 lights over the rover looks like something.. 👾like ship?

  5. M Ten on

    People, people, we have gone to the moon and no pictures of the other side? We have gone to the moon and no pictures of the stars? Have we really gone to the moon?

  6. Billy Boylan on

    In the landing photo, how come there is no crater under it?!? If it landed it would move dirt around, and yet there is none…

  7. Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it. on

    why aren’t these aliens crashing into all the space junk that obits earth, unless these aren’t aliens but are anti-gravity space planes of local makers….

  8. linda caldwell on

    Well, when you can see the “Hills” I can see a guy with a beard wearing a hat and holding a long knife. and up above him, it looks like an outline of Hitler… the whole thing is weird!

  9. Hans Bauer on

    If this is true – Chinese Lander – then why the main engine does not show a radial blast of disperse lunar dust away from the craft during it’s landing sequence?.

  10. Richard Roland on

    after watching this video of the Arizona lights, it could be  drones .D.A.R.P.A. has been working on what is called swarm technology you can have multiple drones flying in a formation and executing maneuvers such as stack flying and break aways .The speeds of some of the drones that are being used can reach 114. mph.

  11. Kko Dalton on

    the phone video consolation Orion belt. the single craft = the the crown sparks are the jewels meaning governments or start using you minds eye.

  12. Patrick Smith on

    tyler, i can see a tr3b behind and above the orbiting craft watching the lander. I believe it is our technology, a probe type, scout craft from one of our many USAF tr3b astra.

  13. Cameron James on

    I live in Chandler AZ which is right next to Gilbert. About 15 years ago I was playing basketball with my dad in Mesa, AZ. We noticed a big bright circular object looked to be glowing and had a dark circle in the middle of it. The whole time we were playing it just stayed in the exact same spot it was maybe around 3pm no clouds in the sky just this strange light. We kept looking up and asking each other what it could be but neither of us had any idea. To this day I always wonder. I wish I had a cell phone with a decent camera back then.

  14. Rahul M on

    china only manipulates their currency and their public democratic will. they dont give a fuck about aliens 😂😂

  15. Lee Snyder on

    I know this is old however, too many oddities to be real. No wheels to travel around the surface. Self-photo? Wrong surface on the moon. Many more.

  16. Capt. Smoke on

    why is there no blast crater under lander ,10,000 pounds of thrust will make a crater but just like nasa no crater

  17. Jase Cee on

    No blast crater from the “apparent” touch down landing, not is there any dust, debris scattered. The objects you describe are studio lights that shouldn’t be there.

  18. Fal Sea on

    Why does the ground, next to the landing pad on bottom left, look as if it is concrete, and looks as though it should not be there? I’m talking about the area at the bottom left of the picture, next to secureteams logo. And what better way in making this look like a genuine moon shot, than to sling a UFO in the air. I know, i’m good, no applause needed i just thought i’d help you out with this, looked like you were all struggling, but hey ho, anytime yeah, no big deal. Peace!

  19. David Burleson III on

    how can they get to the moon and we can’t? oh wait no one has ever been on the moon, its not possible. its not a solid object

  20. Dean Munro on

    As soon as you enhanced the photo you blew your credibility. You can do that to any photo with the right program.

  21. Dan Wills on

    gold tin foil that’s novel I’ve got silver cooking foil can I go to the moon if I cover myself with it and jump

  22. Evan Walls on

    anyone else hate YouTube ads that have scary movies in them 😂😂😂 lol off topic but secure team great vids brah !

  23. zEro.of.1 Gunjatrön on

    ignorance is bliss’ and. bliss is much desired by the colective. for it’s more confortable, easier to. disregard the truth, than to accept error… arrogance. runs. the collective mind. disguised as pride for the asured to subdue the ‘blissful’ mass of the ‘human’ collective… i hav3 wrote before. but trust me. Truth is not liked.

  24. Josaphine Marie on

    Yet more evidence of nasa’s scumbagary, these photos look like there’s dirt on the ground not white dust.

  25. P.Gallo AllAmericanAngel on

    Those shapes in the background look a lot like light bounce back which would be all but impossible if the sun is the only source of light. If you take a picture at night and then brighten the background you might get similar bounce back.

  26. KrakenKrap on

    One quick question people…..if this is an unmanned mission……WHO got out and set up the camera to take the picture…..C’MON………if it had a small rover aboard that would explain it. Otherwise……SCREWY!!

  27. Kueedos on

    When you littaraly have no knowledge of photography and how light interacts with lenses… it almots gets sad

  28. The blues Chelsea fc on

    believe in Indian when they send a Rover to moon by 2020… we will uncover some photos..hail isro and fuck bush for banning India not launch their rocket in 2002

  29. Jachel1000 on

    LOL remember this is a home expert on cameras and pixels. He is only young but the best in the land without showing his proof on all of his vids, just speculation! Tight!

  30. taamoko1 on

    Can someone explain why so many photos with their crafts show a short background and then the horizon, you would think that the moon even though smaller then the earth cant be that small, i imagine that there would be more land in the background or hills or large craters, these photos make the moon look smaller then it is.

  31. Kai Webster on

    Moments before the “split” of the final larger orb, there is a second orb, on the opposite side of the screen, that is approaching the splitting orb. This second orb disappears moments before it would collide with the splitting orb, and apparently would hit the first orb at approximately the same moment that the first orb splits. Look very closely at the right side of the screen, when the car pulls over to the side of the road. While everyone is intently focused on the orbs on the left, there is clearly another, sneaky orb, moving towards the orbs from the right/opposite side of the camera. Again, it disappears moments before the split. (edited, @ 9:42 the second/opposing orb comes into view and is traveling much faster towards the splitting orb. @ 9:42 you can see both orbs: the original orb just above the lamppost and the second orb at approximately the same height, but on the opposite side of the screen, and moving towards the first orb at a much greater velocity. by 9:44 the opposing orb has already vanished.)

  32. Mark Edwards on

    I often wonder why alien space crafts use running lights? Far as I know, we only have exterior lights for docking or identifying. do the aliens traverse a million light years and then turn on their headlights to see where they are going?

    if these are crafts, they obviously have no concern about being seen and so why only watch in the “dark night”?

  33. cutest bunny on

    bruh, lemme save you the hustle of searching through countless videos for evidence. If there are indeed “beings” out there watching, they clearly are advanced enough not to give a shit about droids we send to the moon and beyond to collect samples or take pictures lol

    the mysteries you try to solve are either the government with their top secret spy tech or space debris

  34. Trooper Bias on

    Secureteam=We check your work ever once in a while and we now believe so much is a cover up of what is really going on. We have been dispatched quite a few times to ufo or lights in the sky calls but have never found credible evidence but this doesn’t mean ufo’s do not exist. As on Mars there are just too many sightings,video’s and photos not to be credible in some form or another. Sadly most will not believe until NASA says there real.

  35. Tony James on

    It looks like the ship was heavily damaged. It ejected smaller craft to save the surviving crew. the other lights that disapppeared were the attackers. They won and left the scene.

  36. kevinearp2008 on

    Chinese lanterns again. Why would you post this? Can you prove its anything else? Hell no, so why post it? Same burn out time as Chinese lanterns. Again!

  37. privatecarpenter on

    Tyler,  please inspect the UFO footage.  The 3 lights (once they narrow down to one) seem to pass in front of objects like the trees and light posts.  I can’t slow down the you tube footage well enough to tell.  Makes me think it is some kind of reflection?  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

  38. vishal sharma on

    it can be Chandrayan satellite which was launched by India worked almost a year and stopped ……………and orbiting the moon

  39. Ken Murphy on

    The object in the sky is something for sure. But when you turned up the settings those hills you are seeing are just high gamma rays and other sources of radiation bouncing of the lander. If you look at the shape of it on the right side you can see that it lines up with it.

  40. Lucas Harper on

    The white lights in the last video(at least when they split) reminded me of a meteor burning up in the atmosphere,but then wouldn’t there be a streak instead of what we see there?I honestly don’t know how to explain it.

  41. Jon Powderface on

    did u see the one come from the bottom right hand side shoot to the left and disappear at 11:00 mins of the video?

  42. Bodescu Andrei on

    maybe is in a crater and that darkness is the wall of the crater, not the space background, and the lights may be a hole in the crater

  43. Kamrul Islam on

    If there were Aliens or Alien bases on the moon then the Aliens would have attacked or captured the Chinese Rover on the moon. In this modern age we still assume the moon pictures that the pictures may be structures​ made by the Aliens but inconclusive evidences.

  44. Matt Man on

    The lights you are seeing is the reflection in camera lens from light reflecting off the upper right section of the lander. The background having the strange hills is due to the overall reflection of the surface of the moon and lander causing a slight glare over the entire camera lens. Sorry guys. I have worked with photos of objects against dark/black background and similar results. Not a UFO. Would be cool if it was, but we got to start calling glare & reflections what they are.

  45. Dan McMullan on

    Be nice to have some of that gold tin-foil…
    For me new hat!
    I do notice a coupla things..
    Great palm tree on that hilly there on the right.
    The picture of this lander is supposed to be taken from a rover brought by the lander??
    Not many rover tracks to line up the shot..Just sayin’, could be perfect placement…
    { It could happen…specially on the moon!}
    And that beam of light shining from the bottom right to the left.
    Whose working that angle?
    I thought Jolly Moon Beam was home in a jar!

  46. Fitness Junkie on

    The big question is : “When humans on earth gonna start an Inter Galactic War with Aliens out there ???”


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