China’s Crazy Alien Hunting Mega-Telescope Stirs Controversy!


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Music: Spellbound by Keven Macleod
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Date: April 20, 2017

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  1. Ryan Yovanno on

    Why does everyone bash every video that tells us stuff like this. It’s information you sought out and they gave it to you. Yet you bash em. Hahah you got what you looked for. The government is paid to hide it from you by the banks which rule the world with paper. Be happy anyone Gave you info you sought out. Or be mad at yourself for lookin

  2. BlankUberEverybody on

    Is the discovery of Alien life worth the eviction of villagers? Well, yeah. What so special about rural villagers in China? Is there a shortage of them? Cant they exost in another village? t Do you think you know more about what it takes to successfully operate such sophisticated high tech gear than the scientists, engineers and astronomers who are building it? you apparently think that havnig radio, tv and cellphone use up close to the site is no problem–obviously the experts dont se it that way

  3. MadMax on

    Since China already speaks and writes in an alien language, then i think they stand a good chance at communicating with the aliens.

  4. MadMax on

    Although to find the aliens its not to do with the size of the telescope, its more a game of luck and identifying artificial signals among all the noise.

  5. Chad Rushing on

    That isn’t a telescope China is making the largest Wok ever. It’s really hard to cook for 10 billion people.

  6. DeepByteDigger on

    Well atleast china doing something bigger to end this question for all of us. The existance of alien life is a strong proof against humanity false beliefs. Maybe this proof would even push humans to aim higher in space exploration.

  7. Mustachio Love on

    is evicting people worth possibly discovering life out there?? um rofl yea.. how did u even ask that without laughing, anyone who thinks it isn’t worth maybe making the biggest discovery in all of human history is a science Hitler

  8. zinnerman11 on

    would not matter if they were building noers ark mark 2, or a shopping mall, governments the world over will always fuck over its citizens if they want to build something, if the countrys  people are in the way then just roll over them.

  9. nykel007 on

    So what’s your point, the eviction of people or the search for extraterrestrials?
    Don’t see why this garners as news.

  10. Anthony Smith on

    LOL ‘They’ already know we are here, for quite a long, long time! Pre-historic in fact. A waste of time and money…and a right royal pain in the rear end for their citizens!

  11. Abderrahmane fehim on

    For News in English about the biggest radio telescope in the world, watch this link 🙂
    The Science The Largest Telescope in the world * Fast * .. latest News Chinese looking for Aliens
    The Last stages of Building The Largest Telescope in the world * Fast *

  12. Mr jimjimjimmyjim on

    the other thing is china is not subject to american instituted method of keeping secrets, if aliens are out there, do you think china will keep it to themselves and allow america to tell them how to reveal such information to the world?

  13. Dart Gar on

    If what you are saying is true then why is there an international force, including China, that gets together to combat hostile Aliens in the Pacific? When you find who controls the world you will find that that there is no such thing as an independent Country on this Planet.

  14. charles villebrun on

    so who cares what they are doing .. your country is going into other countries and killing it’s citizens .. so .. fuck you ..

  15. KeizerPaPa on

    I am surprised that they didn`t build something like this 50 years ago.  I would have started as soon as the aliens and discs were found in their mountain caves dead.  Its a guarantee that there is someone out there.    Like it or not.  The Chinese had to first solid undeniable evidence that we definitely are not alone.  Are there only this one other type…  Of course not.  My friend Donny Serpico thinks otherwise but Sorry D you are wrong, there are others and they do come here.  Ask yourself again about the depopulation agenda.   Aim…   Less people more robots, because they are more efficient ?  Cheaper?  or more controllable and are easily programmable.   As seen in the past our technology is easily deactivated by simply coming within a close proximity to the alien technology.  There are a billion Chinese and a billion Indians.  They appear to be doing just fine.  Why are there only a fraction of Americans?  Our land can’t sustain us?   Bull shit.   Genetic manipulating mass inoculations (vaccines), Destruction of  -O genes through assimilating rohgam shots during pregnancy?  (you  can’t make real vaccines without an -O blood supply.)   worldwide.      There is someone who wants to weaken the entire human race’s gene pool.  Probabley the same group that wields the anal probes….    I dunno….     But certainly attacks at the gene pool of humanity can only be from an outside threat.  Nobody who is human would do such a thing .

  16. Edward Santiago on

    Good for the Chinese. the Americans should be doing the same thing too we should all find other life-forms out there

  17. exist in the now on

    ‘aliens’ are probably the ones having it built! Not kidding. For what reason? I couldn’t say.
    I am sure the ones behind this 100 million dollar funding are already well aware of the nearby existence and presence here on earth. I don’t think the rich and powerful are oblivious. So why have this made? China (or whoever i should really be addressing) we all already know there is an existence and that there is a direct involvement between us and other said intelligent (likely far more so than us) species.

    I fully assume the given reason to build this telescope is pure B.S.

  18. Guy Lemay on

    Well I sure hope Earth gets a “Two-Way” communication to some Alien Civilizations after all this troubles, huh!

  19. Collin Boehm on

    I think this is a kind of a bitter sweet moment in history because, yes it is sad and messed up what they are doing to those people, but I’m glad they are building this because, obviously our government will not, would not tell us that they have or had found extra terrestrial life.

  20. Dianaranda123 on

    Hmmm, i believe it is worth it to evict 10K people, but i definately DISAGREE with the way the Chinese Governement went about this ofcourse.
    Far to low compensation and so forth, The people should all be compensated human worthy compensations.

  21. Bing Dai on

    Unreal video!!!!!

  22. The UnshodRope Channel /: on

    I think America already found out aliens but cover it up so China is making kinda making a mistake

  23. Ray zest Xu on

    Fuck bull shit , where u got resources from for 10000 people have to leave and 1800 dollar compensation, ?

  24. Awdz123 A on

    you stupid propaganda for usa, and stupid lier, those resident are eagle to move out, before the government project, they have a very hard living condition in the mountain, no electricity, no fresh water, nothing.  thanks to the project , they  move into the city, the government give  them brand new house, and  offer them good job, even I wanna be one of those residents ,why you did`t mention all of those thing.   You western people just can`t see china do better than you , when you build a telescope, it`s for whole human , for exploring, when china buid one , and surpass you, then you make thousand of lies to defame china, what a shame on you , you just like your usa government , bunch of bitches~`

  25. ҉K҉N҉ I҉G҉HT҉F҉ I҉ ҉R҉Ế҉6҉6҉ on

    really ridiculous. scientists proved that we need a giant telescope in space to get progress because the earth and the sky are disturbing the experiments. its only one of the wastes of china.

  26. Billy Bob John on

    A radio telescope is developed in order to detect quasars and other objects that can’t be seen with an optical telescope. Hence there’re two different types of radio telescopes, the ones that convert radio signals to images and the ones that convert radio sources into sounds (SETI). Radio observatories are preferentially located far from major centers of population to avoid electromagnetic interference (EMI) from radio, TV, radar, and other EMI emitting devices that everybody has at home, even the Chinese farmers. This is similar to the locating of optical telescopes to avoid light pollution, with the difference being that radio observatories are often placed in valleys to further shield them from EMI as opposed to clear air mountain tops for optical observatories. The Chinese aren’t looking for aliens, they’re looking for Nobel Prize.

  27. Kyle Mickuykendal on

    these are the fallen angels ,,the one who will not inherit heaven ,of coarse they are different ,,these are the actual aliens ,,nothing more than that,,hopefully china having the so called fastest computer maybe they can prove it by building this telescope and discovering this fallen angels-aliens …

  28. Kyle Mickuykendal on

    still a great project to work on
    lets thank gallielo , hirsher ,kepler ,newton einstein , and now from our tme Capulin from 21st century.

  29. T Hoang on

    China is crazy for building a mega telescope, follow by it’s bigger then the ones in these other Western countries. Why aren’t the West crazy for building their telescope I wonder? I wonder if hypocrisy makes people stupid or that stupid people are hypocrites?

  30. Jeremiah Steele on

    you say china evicting all those people like its something countries don’t normally do but it is common even among the most civilized nations, china just has a super massive population so when they move people in an area, they have to move a lot more.

  31. Brezylia M'mari on

    In this mountainous jungle? People living there? Die with your propaganda western man. The Asians are the future. Sorry westerners thought they were the future. You just can’t beat it. You can’t even nuke them out of it. Make way>

  32. y randy on

    come on,guy,i am chinese,and i live near the telescope,only 3 hours driving,how do 10k people live there, trust me,its just nowhere in the mountains.anti china propaganda is popular on youtube,but plz,make sense,or visit china,i could be your are really welcome.

  33. jag tan on

    could they turn this into a huge Pulsar disc to generate pulsar energy, put a few space reflector and use it like a spacewar pulsar machine….

  34. Steven Chen on

    Why is this guy complaining about another nation’s push for R&D? At least China is telling its citizens what its doing. The US government contaminated the New York Metro with Bacillus globigii to simulate the spread of anthrax for developing biological weapons. Every nation has their own way of doing things so why is this guy so concerned about the people in other nations?

  35. Sonel Coet on

    I am sorry to tell you that the Chinese people have their own government which is in charge of handling both internal and international affairs.

  36. jimbo2964 on

    The telescope is put together with tesla 3,6,9 . Data using the math of the universe ! Look at the final pics u can see a seas cell effect in the ayout !

  37. Wayne Charlton on

    tyler the Ska telescope array will be the most powerful radio telescope on earth not this telescope what China are building the ska will be Sten finished about 3000 Miles the actual serata from south Africa the karou desert to western Australia and 1 square kilimeter of collecting area headquarters jodrell bank chesire uk if anythink moves within 200 lightyears of Earth Ska will detect any foreign body

  38. Adam Warlock on

    In the early 2000s over 150 property owners were kicked off their own land in Wyandotte County, Kansas. Officials cited eminent domain under the 5th amendment to build the Kansas Speedway (owned and operated by International Speedway Corporation). Many locals Lawyered up, but they’re gone and the eye soar of a NASCAR track stands a grim monument. In America more than 10,000 properties were threatened or condemned between 1998-2002


    Not true min: 0:40 , there are a 500 km radius with no people living by . Go see the documentary about this …

  40. Ryan R on

    I would be excited to get evicted for an alien searching telescope. That would be the best reason to get evicted. Totally worth it.

  41. JoesGLI on

    Really sophisticated radio technology that would interfere with a radio telescope. Yeah sophisticated stuff like a cell phone, microwave oven, wifi router. A radio telescope of that size will be extremely sensitive. Just look at the Green Bank Telescope. It sits inside The United States National Radio Quiet Zone that’s 13,000 Sq. miles of extremely low or zero radio wave allowance. So no cell phones, wifi, etc. So I don’t think it does you any good to misinform the people watching this your video just to try and make the Chinese government look bad for whatever reason.

  42. Wayne Charlton on

    tyler you dont no what your talking about Ska will be the biggest array combined chinas telescope is the biggest single radio telescope on planet Earth

  43. raymond bonilla on

    I’m from the States, just like most of the people posting salty comments on this video. The sad thing is our retarded asses pay more for an NFL stadium, than the Chinese did for this groundbreaking project. Our government is too shady to share any type of alien information, or better yet wouldn’t tell us shit if they have had alien contact ( I’m confident we have made contact). Let’s see how this plays out for China, I wish you good luck with this experiment. The whole world will be watching.

  44. Ben Ghaith on

    They aren’t hunting for aliens! Maybe but not that sense you’re aiming at! It is biologically assumed that life may exist in another planetary systems, NASA is doing it, ESA is doing it, so as the Chinese, the sole purpose of this scientific instrument is pure science. Period.

  45. taiwan tungus on

    hahaha…10k people live in no men’s land of China???????????…..lololol….what a load of bull craps…..Amercan propaganda machines are desperate these days…..

  46. Virus Sirus on

    everything is ok until Tyler said the chinese government evicted 10k people over this project . We thought this channel only comment on Ufo subject without any political view. guess we were wrong. If u want this channel continue to grow , than u should keep all political comment out. I’m confused in which directions u try to point ? The radio telescope or the eviction ? Be the channel supposed to be 😠


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