Canada Coverup! Gov Can’t Hide “UFO Takeover” Of Skies 11/27/16


Most disturbing alien abduction case:
Winnipeg news clip:
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Date: April 18, 2017

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  1. Randy Nelson on

    just a theory, sure I’m not the only one but, whenever a ufo hovers over or near a city, we should check for and see if there are any missing people reported at that time. many humans have just disappeared mysteriously and remain unsolved. the elite already think the earth is over populated even though they are just greedy, but they signed the treaty with the grays in 54 that they can take so many people for experimentation.

  2. Thomas Howards on

    MY GOAL IN LIFE IS TO EAT WHIP RAPE KILL AND EAT AN ALIEN FROM OUTER SPACE, then jack his ship and drive it into the new twin towers lol

  3. Kirt Garnett on

    Tyler–Not sure if you were aware of this. From the way you spoke, I got the feeling you did not know that Dr. Leir is no longer with us. He passed away a few years ago. Also, as a side note, he was a podiatric surgeon, not just a podiatrist.

  4. Alec Ray on

    They are flares from either mortars or artillery. That’s why the bottom ones burn out before the ones higher in elevation. Typically mortar flares last anywhere between 30-90 seconds and artillery flares can have a burn time of 60-120 seconds. There are two different types of flares that we typically use, normal and IR flares. When I first saw IR flares, I was disappointed that they still produced light and you could see them without night vision. It was very anticlimactic. Anyway, look up FM 670-2, specifically the chapter on Illumination rounds. That gives you all the info you need to know about military flares. Or just ask a combat veteran or an artilleryman. This explanation is in response to the first video. The other video in this episode looks like a legitimate UFO sighting, however.

  5. Smigga Needtoknow on

    Secureteam10, Alright Tyler ` Well said concerning Roger Lear good thing about him is he looks at every single case very carefully he is a very good part of this subject in the work he does.God Bless You All.


    scary? another prove of you knowing what is coming ..they are angels but they won’t be friendly to you all messed up humans and this planet… 1+1=armegeddon.


    don’t reveal to much ..i need to do something i am bored.. i was starting to get addicted to explaining.. if to much comes i have nothing to explain annymore..


    don’t be scared… 70 % of all humans are tired they even ask there gods if there gods can come and kill us all..i am not joking about this… as much as you all want to stay alive ..the most people in our world already gave up.. be for annything happens… if we would vote we have to obay the 70% we are only whit 30%

  9. Dujiansia on

    I’ve seen lights like this last month 2 days before thankgiving. very low to the ground. at least 2 or 3 top of eachother stories tall. as seen in the video but more lights. 6 flying orb lights 2 ufo flying north. where I live I’ve been seening weird aircraft flying though my area low. gonna be doing a video about this sometime soon when done doing my plans for this month.

  10. MARTY GREEN on

    I HAVE A GREST IDEA….WHY DONT WE ALL PURCHASE A HIGH ILLUMINATION (very high lumens….200 plus)FOR identification, NITE UFO’s will be fully illuminated because a high majority of lights will I.D. our UFO’S at nite..thnx T.

  11. Peter Schmidt on

    cps cunt here. cohorts of your child steal your child from you. this is how the state becomes, well,… the nanny welfare latchkey kid state

  12. albin holstein on

    that green light that lit up like it was day time i saw it to and i live in sweden, I was out smoking with a homie and we were looking down at the ground when all the darknes disepeard and turned into day light and i turned around and saw the green light fly over the entire heaven and disepeard behind a hill

  13. Christopher Franchino on

    You do one heckuva job man don’t worry about what people think of your titles your titles are very to the point and I appreciate that.

  14. Athul Krishnan on

    Fuck all the aliens are in the USA and here i am in the southern most tip of India wanting to see one of these things at lest once in my life 😑😔

  15. Rick Dangerous on

    this is just humans dropping flares guys… a plane… traveling in a straight line….super advanced technology does NOT come in THIS form… are you guys like…. brain dead believing this? Really? super advanced tech shows itself as lights coming on in a row!?

    Give your head a shake.

  16. Stu Callis on

    when the powers that be come out with a comment like “we we’re teaching soldiers to shoot in the dark” well I don’t know about you but in the dark means in the dark, not flares being launched… so laughable

  17. Cesar Murillo on

    I’m a truck driver, I usually run from Mojave, CA to Bishop, CA, the things I see in the sky and wanting to know more is what got me to this channel. I have seen lights across the sky, next thing you know there is 2 to 4 sonic booms coming from military jets across the sky, chasing after them. it’s not easy to stop and record this things. But I’m a buy a dash cam soon, hopefully I can catch some of the stuff that goes on in the desert sky from 1am to 3am.

  18. jean 'rafale mozzy' gatte on

    if i hadnt seen these flares used myself in exercises..i may buy into your claims..however i have and so it is funny how you instantly claim extraterrestrial origin…on something as simple as they may not be your average flares..however in the end..that is all they are..

  19. Kevin Bolor on

    Reason why all these sighting usually at night is because thats when these UFOs can’t camoflauge with the blue sky or the sun light is interacting with the sightings. But I am telling you. there is a universe out there that we call universe but to someone its their home. If you know what I mean. At 3 – 4 am when the night is at its darkest and light at its brightest if you look up into night sky you will see star alike lights move slowly place to place like a airplane. I’ve tried it couple nights. and you should try too. try in summer because nights are longer.

    • tessilee on

      I have seen similar things, almost nightly, and I totally believe you. I appreciate hearing other people’s experiences. Was this in Canada?

    • Kevin Bolor on

      I wasn’t that high enough for me to start tripping like that. I can already imagine the comment section saying it might be the joint I smoke. but its my story, I am not expecting you to believe it. I am saying what I saw. Thank you. If you read this far and still dont want to insult me. You are a good person. 👏👏👏👍👍

    • Kevin Bolor on

      The first time I saw it was accidentally. I wasnt expecting it. I was out on my porch, couldn’t sleep came out to smoke a joint. I was just sitting looking up to a sky. It was so beautiful, but thats when I saw the light move slowly and disappear. 2 min later next star moving slowly, well I don’t think its a star. But thats what it looked alike. anyways this little light traved to across the sky and disappered but this is trippiest part. as soon as that star disapperad, the star close to the spot where this light disappeared moving in the exactly same road as the other one did AND IT STOPPED AT THE EXACT SOME SPOT WHERE THE OTHER LIGHT STARTED MOVING. AND IT STAYED TO CAMOFLAUGE. I WAS LIKE U AINT FOOLING ME.

  20. Stormboy on

    Mate! people panicked just over a radio show that ran a play about such a thing! so I would say to see the real thing would be reasonable statement 2 make!

  21. Chris Fitzsimmons on

    idk about flares, seriously… but wouldn’t u see the flares go up from the ground where there shot up from? Plus, they don’t just hover, right?? or am i totally off? fucking love secureteam ty, thanks for a great channel

  22. brumartube on

    I am an extreme skeptic. I am already not sure there is any identifiable objects to begin with. We are just more used to the known than to the unknown.

  23. scott S.W.S on

    need to get in contact with u I got a picture of ufo I took 3days ago I have the original and 1 that u enhanced with exposure and contrast to see it better because it was at night!!!!!

  24. scott S.W.S on

    I believe in Jesus Christ but I do think this is the great deception if they say they genetically made us because we has humans can genetically modify we are doing to our food right now check the labels on all ur foods!!!!!! so there for there technology is no more advanced then our own!!!!!

  25. William B. on

    Holy crap people! you can see they are desending slowly, just like flares are supposed to do. I am a retired marine and have seen these personally. they are very light weight canisters on huge nylon/silk parachutes so they hang in the air for a long time. All these people need to do is drive over there and they will find the parachutes. Get a grip humans. If there were lights zipping about then maybe they would be craft.

    • William B. on

      You can even see how they shimmer, just like military flares do. I’ve seen them deployed at 29 Palms in the desert, on Camp Pendleton, Calif. and in the Nevada Sierra Mountains near Bridgeport. Close up and at a distance. it’s so obvious. you non-military people, just keep your comments to yourself please.

  26. Allan Revoy ARK Research&Productions on

    FLARES!!! REALLY!! WOW can’t believe they still using those lame old reasons. Swamp gas, hallucinations. Parachute flares still look like flares, with slow decent. I’m so sick of AHs who simple dismiss things without any investigation or research to what it could be. If it is really flares lets see them make a video of them in action and post it.

  27. ben lavey on

    The green thing came all the way from Maine, I saw it flash over in Massachusetts, but hearing it made it to Florida, I doubt it was a meteor now.

  28. COLLINS PR2 on

    Me and my friend keep noticing a single light over our area which baffles us as it comes back every 15 mins backtracking itself or taking a new flight path

  29. 55 tbird on

    We must look to the evidence we have. You said it Tyler, about 16 seconds after saying, you’d like to believe “all these extraterrestrials” are benevolent. But what real evidence do you have that any of the beings are extraterrestrial? The ones that abduct might be transdimensional, but not extraterrestrial.

  30. Black Sabbath on

    The reason there’s no disclosure is because of people like his girlfriend. She leaves a once in a lifetime event over fear while he stayed like we would.

    But I personally have no need for something that isn’t disclosed to be disclosed in reality. I want to know how many, where they from, what are they etc…not “do they exist?” Lets go right to step 2.

  31. Javelin Death on

    “They’re flares sir. Nothing to see here. Move on, please, sir. Thank you.” Really? I was born at night, but not last night. Canadian, shit, any government have these little lies to tell us. Hilarious.

  32. Wendy Alison Presley on

    people shouldn’t panic when they see ufos, the ufos should be afraid of humans. We r thr ones shooting at them. I’ve never heard of any ufos shooting!

  33. paul cole on

    Tyler that is why the government can’t tell the American people about the UFO SIGHTINGS because us poor dumb Americans will panic and go nuts. There is already fuel on that fire.

  34. Sanu on

    Even if those lights ended up on the ground they would simply become “weather balloons” and will be recovered by some “officials”

  35. J Fow on

    lovely interdimentionals, welcome to this time. They are just time travelers Incase you don’t know in the future it’s our technology.

  36. Maria Elena Abasta on

    I believe they communicate by mind and # s…..There R good Aliens n BAD ONES……SOME WARN US ABOUT AN EVENT TAT WILL HAPPEN….I HAD THOSE ALARMS…….WHEN I SEE 11:11 I PREPARE SOMETHING BAD IS GOING TO HAPPEN…LIKE BEFORE 911 I KEPT WITHOUT NO REASON TURNING TO SEE DIGITAL AT 11:11.NOW I KNOW ITS a warning.I warned my daughter to come back from NEW YORK CITY.AFTER SHE CAME 911 attack.

  37. cole white on

    If these are indeed “flares” that the military uses for training then there has to be some marine that has trained to confirm this? I haven’t seen one yet #ufo

  38. Christine Walsh on

    i think the problem is the word invasion, not so much panic. one light does not mean invasion but it is normal for many people to be fearful when they see something inexplicable , especially when it seems close.

  39. Benjamin Smith on

    I live in Winnipeg and every single family member in my mom and dad’s side have seen triangle shaped ufos no joke since they were teens like my mom and dad and my big brother and cousin saw a triangle when they were drinking on his deck

  40. XxShockichigoXx on

    Saw triangular shaped lights over lapland Finland last August. They came down very fast and suddenly stopped and hovered across the sky for an minute and dissapeared. I reported it to the authorities which immediately said that it was a military exercise. Still doubt it.

  41. curtis whiteley on

    I’m going to hang around base Borden in canada to see if there’s anything happening in the skies…anybody interested in making it a trip

  42. Pokemon master gaminghd on

    hey Tyler heres a story for ya. I was with my dad down at the beach and we saw some lights in the sky and I’m a person who doesn’t​ get scared easily and I was freaking out and who ever says this isn’t scary they haven’t experienced that before. but hope you/Tyler reads this and like it pls

  43. Jade Repaye-Finnerty on

    Canadian here also in SE Manitoba close to US Borders but not bases. Have a channel too I’d likeyou to see Tyler, especially 2 of the moon one’sand the OMG! You Gotta See This! All titles start with WhisperStars.

  44. vincent digiacomo on

    im 54 years old ,i live in youngstown ohio most of my life, and i have seen alot of crazy things,mostly when i was younger,i dont speak of this much because as b4 and as is now you will be labeled crazy lol.i witnessed along with over 1000 other people in grafton ohio in day light with a lot of police officials saw 4 delta shaped ufos in the sky this was in 2004 it was reported instantly to various military and civilian control towers it was also seen on radar by both civilian and military sources who scrambled more military aircraft after these things than i ever saw b4 even while in the infantry,as the multitude of military aircraft closed in fast the ufos disappeared as if a light switch was shut off they were gone in the blink of an eye,it was reported on all the news stations in that area and cleveland,ohio but now when i try to look it up i cant find anything about it at all ,ive looked everywhere…thanks for reading this….

  45. Jaijai Halari on

    Is it true that most ufo witnesses or inductees are silenced by the so called Govt officials or “Men in black”??

  46. Vikki Ledgard on

    LMAO!!!!!!! It’s those dang flares again. Seriously, when are they going to QUIT USING THAT LAME-O excuse. I mean, it’s almost not funny anymore.

  47. Lynn Morello on

    I know for a fact that there are hundreds of thousands of people who would shoot first and ask questions later, Most are terrified of these events and that is just the reported events without even seeing something themselves.


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