Buzz Aldrin: “We Are All In Danger” From “Evil” At South Pole? 12/12/16

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  1. Mikal De Valia on

    owdy, man, come on in! What brings you by?

    Have you seen that new search engine, DeVaca’s People Watcher?

    No, I…

    Good. I wanted to see your face when you check it out. Although, come to think of it, I could have stayed home to do that…

    Well, wait just a second, I’m uploading my CDA cyberfine to the FCC.

    Again? What’d you do? I thought you took that nipple off your website.

    I did. But I forgot the WORD, “nipple.”

    Bummer. Well anyway, check this out… http://www.peoplewatch.con.

    Okay, okay… here it is… DeVaca’s People Watcher… sponsored by Philip Morris… now what?

    Type in your name and city.

    Okay… wow, there are ten of me.

    Pick the one on your street.

    Wha…! It shows my phone number! That’s supposed to be unlisted.

    Now click on your address.

    Huh… cool looking map. Hey, my house is marked with a red X! What’s this… ‘OverHead View’… my god! How’d they get this picture? A satellite?

    You got it. Now zoom in.

    It’s just a close-up of my roof.

    Now hit ‘X-Ray View.’ Now look up and wave to yourself.

    GOOD LORD! That’s US down there… right now! Oh, there’s a slight delay. But it’s way clearer than CUSeeMe! This is getting creepy as hell. I’m gonna line my roof with lead. You can even see what’s on my SCREEN!

    You can’t buy lead without a permit, remember? Don’t zoom into that screen too much, you’ll get video feedback. And maybe you better get those illegal cigarets out of sight, never know when They might be doing a spot-check. Now try ‘Hear Audio.’

    This can’t be. Listen — that’s us talking, about 30 seconds ago! ANYBODY could be listening and watching us…?

  2. Beren Mason on

    I’m from new Zealand. he was put in hospital. . and at first they said he was dillutional. . And ranting n raving . then next news fuck all following morning oh he doing fine . I seen it .. remember it.. so blah blah blah check your shit properly kunt . I’m disappointed in you actually

  3. Beren Mason on

    so when he landed in new Zealand it was on lunch news . evening news oh story just said he here very brief. next morning fine … our news owned by the slave owners to … I seen it …

  4. Beren Mason on

    and yeah there was massive convention in Queenstown not so long ago who was there .????, it was all about Antarctica and they all went

  5. TeatherFilmLtd Productions on

    Theory: Buzz Aldrin is having a laugh with all you lunatics by ominously posting stuff to cheer himself up while ill.

  6. james ferrante on

    Buzz Aldrin as well as the rest of the astronauts will go down in history as the biggest piles of crap in the world

  7. Steve. Gallaway on

    man i question everything and im not gullible. it sounds crazy but i know ghost r real. what they r i dont know. what this man always says i dont know if hes honest. but he worries me

  8. steve steve on

    Buzz was in the hospital just down the road from me. He told us he walked on the moon remember. More lies, fucking retarded. Thanks for sending me this shit youtube

  9. Mark Sanders on

    If anyone at the South Pole comes across a Leprechaun, smack him on top of his head and turn him into 40 gold pieces. And you that narrate could stare into a bag of mm’s and be completely mesmerised. you need to be worried about what the UN is about to do with the people in the US concerning the hundreds of fema camps and thousands of guiottines.

  10. lunymoony on

    The Pyramids were not built by the Egyptians, they are telling us the only tools they had were Copper chisels and hammers, no way José

  11. Tony Harris on

    It’s all disinformation to take away from real the story, yes it true it was a mild heart attack but what they won’t tell you is that Antarctica is a resort getaway for the elites that’s why everybody’s going there, under ground alien strip clubs it’s all the rage right now. His heart couldn’t take the alien ass and tits twerking all up in his facials, he’s just not as young as he used to be, supposably landing on the moon is one thing but to have celestial tits bouncing in your face it’s to much for one man to handle. That’s how the aliens gain control, don’t be seduce people, this could be humanities downfall!

  12. illflyawayhome2 on

    The only thing i’ve heard about Antarctica this is actually true is that there is a very long crack along an ice shelf and it is expected to break off soon. Maybe that will let the aliens out?

  13. tinkmarshino on

    not even the same mountain the “buzz” picture and the google earth shot… look at it.. one looks like a 3 sided mountain connected to a chain of mountains the other is a stand alone 4 sided mountain.. not convinced…

  14. Cyberman on

    Hi Tyler. I know that this was posted 6 months ago, but has there been any further information about the pyramid at the south pole? I’m guessing that this was all done by a troll?

  15. joel trevino on

    If all those that believe these are the “end times” would just jump and get out of the way of the rest of us, this planet would be paradise.

  16. Ginny Neal on

    Biblically anything associated with Egypt, pyramids, the one eye of Satan etc. is associated with Satan and is evil.

  17. keyboard warrior on

    why would anyone beleive a lying cunt like aldrin he’s lied to us he’s whole life he didn’t even walk on the moon

  18. MattsGotIssues on

    That is an unverified account, moron. Anyone claiming to be a public figure has to verify their identity. Youll see a blue check next to the name. Also, a delirious old man cant be counted on for any legitimate info

  19. bicbot on

    Hi, love your channel, I have a light scabby outbreak on my foreskin and I think aliens are involved. What should I do? I’ve tried fire but that just made it worse 🙁 I’m thinking to just cut it off. Please let me know, thanks.

  20. Billder Inbaja on

    Buzz Aldrin would punch the original poster in the face for posting this bit of hyperventilating conspiracy nonsense. Thanks for debunking.

  21. shannon bellflower on

    Let me fix this for all of you, Buzz is just his nickname, Buzzed Aldrin is his real name, any more questions?

  22. Josh Keiller on

    If anyone has ever been on Twitter you could look at the tweet once and then walk away in the other direction. No verified tick next to his name, weird spacing, weird profile layout. Do your damn research for fuck sake, I thought that was the point in this channel…

  23. Cindy Lee on

    ✔️▪️🚨DANGER. WARNING….WE R ALL in danger by our governments & scientific communities NOT telling us the TRUTH on what the find & know that will give us information on WHO we Are …….🙁

  24. Cindy Lee on

    ✔️▪️Demand answers WHY are ALL the big deal leaders of government & church going to the South Fucking Pole…. time to tell folks9 seconds ago•1

  25. jan monsen on

    You don’t get it, there are no aliens “out there”, there never was. The watchers have been known for millennials, and we also know of the Nephilim’s, their bastard offspring and about the spiritual forces at work above our heads but nothing about any other “people” from other worlds like our own. We are unique and there never will be anyone like us again, from the moment we actually do move on from this level of existence it will be a lot better. But that has nothing to do with aliens or the sciences for that matter. Live and learn, and you will see. On some level I believe at least most people get this, we are truly very special, nothing “coincidental” about us being here at all. And every single one of us is known by the same…if you like …”intelligence”, that has created this paradigm we are sharing together. And it is a good question, why are all famous and important people going to the south pole? Look at Polaris, how it is stationed right at the centre of our world, see how all the universe spins around it with a good cam and some time-lapse showing the star trails. You see there is no south pole (Matrix – there is no spoon), and if you could ask the crew on Berserk I’m sure they would tell you a great deal about it. My condolence’s to their families, but what they did was the right thing to do. You guys and we all deserves to know who we are, and where we are. And that is not where they are telling you. I’m not gonna tell anyone what to do, but I would spend some minutes checking out my claims, especially about Polaris and what else we actually know about where we are by now. And yes, it has taken us this long, because someone thought to hide the truth was a good idea at the time i guess… Good luck from the truth-seeking Norwegian.

  26. Angela Owens on

    He is a piss taker not a moon hopper. Antartica hot springs resort is the new Dubai. That’s where the rich and famous will hangout when WW111 takes off.

  27. Claude Legaye on

    the REAL question is …why the fuck every dumbass on earth is hanging on secureteam10 youtube channel ??????!!!!! What kind of fairy tales is told here by this Tyler “Ass air on the tongue” Burned Bulb and why everyone believe everything he talk about like it was some kind of truth ….? (because it is far from that , i can understand he find his life boring ….but please , wake up guys)

  28. Pride To be on

    This is not a pyramid it’s just a big piece of ice. Get real man, quit living in science fiction comic books! Good picture shown shows Aldrin with a nasal CPAP unit. This is not a critical piece of equipment. It is just a simple nasal CPAP unit probably running it anywhere from 5 to 10 cm of water pressure, which is no big thing. It just helps oxygenate and helps keep his airways open so that he can sleep comfortably!

  29. Vonda Hartsock-Oneil on

    was there a point to this post, other than waste my time? NOPE. ugh C’mon Tyler…think before you post. I know I’m late getting to this, but I’m having to “catch up” on your vids.

    I used to just watch and never subbed. Then finally you grew on me and I subbed awhile back.

    I’m not trying to disparage or criticize you at all, just saying that every once in awhile I come across b.s. vids. Buzz Aldrin wouldn’t say something like that anyway. Not publicly. I mean I don’t think lol

  30. Crabby Appleton on

    Did Buzz tweet this out before he was carted away to New Zealand or after hospital treatment? Im’ wondering if what ever info he was privy to, or stumbled upon was such a jolt/scare that he physically reacted in a state of shock, and was wisked away from the research facility?


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