BIZARRE! Alien “Message” Discovered In Mars Sand Dunes & More! 7/11/16

Gizmodo article:
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  1. kharnak crux on

    Every evening you can see Mars, bright as hell after sundown right now. I think of this kind of stuff happening there.
    i’m a big a skeptic as they come… but, i believe in this.

  2. ProjectsBlack on

    Ancient river or sea beds covered with sand. Depressions in rocks usually get filled with dust, soil and sand deposits.

  3. Anonymous Seven on

    If there’s ground penetrating sensors, why aren’t they being used for Mars? To see what’s underneath the soil, without disturbing it? Don’t know if I’m calling it the right name but it’s like an X-ray that sees below the surface? THANK YOU!

  4. Avanteification on

    yeah it seems real logical to pump ‘dirty water’ up to the surface. that must be the best way to depose of it….right.

  5. makusmati on

    Mars could just have a high water table in places. That so-called writing possibly mud pools.. I see lots of wet landscapes. I don’t believe for a minute that Mars is completely barren. The photo of some buried object being partially excavated is quite an enigma. I have a NASA photo of one of the rover landing sites from orbit and one can clearly see wispy clouds over the landscape.

  6. Robert Haney on

    Brining is a method of soaking salt into something, such as food. “Briny” means they suspect a lot of electrolytes or salts. This does not mean “dirty” and most certainly doesn’t mean “used” water. It is far more likely to be ice build up heating up and leaking, carrying with it rock dust as a standard form of erosion. This is visible in almost every corner of Earth to prove that.

  7. xaussie nanny on

    If ( and this is a big if) there is a civilization dwelling under the mars surface. I dont believe they would be wasting any water by disposing of it. Being that water is not easy to get, surely they would recycle it over disposing of it.
    Thats my 10 cents worth anyhow.

  8. MebiAnime on

    Brine is saturated salt water, so “briny water” is just salty water, not dirty water. Lol if it’s underground civilisation, it’s a more of a desalination plant.

  9. TheOlivoFamily on

    Dear Earthlings — STOP — We see you watching us — STOP– Ya’ll need a life–STOP–No, really–STOP…

  10. Melt M on

    You always say “NASA took this picture” and shit, but you never put the actual source anywhere. Stop trolling

  11. Thomas Zinn on

    i love your videos but i cant always watch them because they make me angry that we dont know shit and nothing that the gvt knows is being disclosed. isnt it national security to withhold information about alien species from us? considering if they are like us, they gonna kill us. its a right to know.

  12. Billy Bob on

    Any chance of Katabatic winds moving sand or light surface material through areas that are similar to our slide chutes through mountains on earth?

  13. StillDoinWhatImDoin on

    How would other planets be able to decipher morse code? Its an (earth) man made way of communicating? this video is dumb and a waste of time.

  14. BACON BITS on

    We have more than just orbiters up there! There are 6 groups of people that have special OP protection around the clock due to the bizarre creatures that they need to be protected from. They have been there for years. 8 spaceships for transporting supplies/material with a full military command that are full time deployment for Mars only.

  15. BACON BITS on

    The surroundings on Mars is described as comparable with Pheonix Arizona. If you were blindfolded and set down on Mars, opened the doors of your shuttle, you would feel the same desert like atmosphere, and when you gazed around, you could not tell the difference between Arizona and Mars. Building/housing, etc. included

  16. Elijah Jim on

    looks like cracks in the ground road me.
    like its been the for years which the ground over the years became canyons
    who knows, seems like natural planet formation, because the planet is different than ours.

  17. carlos casillas on

    that’s all lie doesn’t exist aliens only exist fallen angels angels and demons in other planets .
    besides everything that nasa release to the public its been already manipulated.
    don’t believe all that thrash from government mind controllers.

  18. Anal Serenity on

    Yes ofcourse, a hidden civilization with whom we’ve never had any kind of interaction or even evidence of, decides to use a man-made method of communication and put it in the sand for us to find.

    Get a life, you fucking nut.

  19. Mike Lcml5c on

    Why would an underground civilization waste a precious resource as water by pumping it up to the surface? That would be illogical because it shows a lack of concern such a commodity. Especially in light of the fact that the presumed aliens are supposedly highly intelligent. I’m going with a seasonal spring or even a seep.

  20. bIueprint on

    it is our orginal civilazation that is from mars trying to contact us on earth that couldnt make it over and live underground because mars was our first place of total destruction and we moved to earth after making it habitable now we tryna go back to mars the flip flop theory

  21. End My Suffering on

    who would believe that NASA went to space? I mean we haven’t even invented something where we could travel the world or something, open your eyes!

  22. Private Citizen Private on

    As I watched this I noticed the entire planet of mars looks like an ocean floor. It was a water world.

  23. StartGame on

    There’s only so much you can tell from photos, they really need to get their act together and send people to Mars to explore all these anomalies.

  24. Alice Rabbit on

    @secureteam10 Where did you get this picture at 9:28 from? Is it real and can you give a source? Greetings from Germany. Keep on the good work 🙂

  25. FixedStory on

    im thinking the only reason why we dont see other so called alien is that they all live underground and we are the only planet of life that live above ground and i think that other life forms live underground for some reason maybe so they cant be found

  26. robert byers on

    Who of you fancy spending eternity in paradise?To get there is easy all you have to do is pray to THE LORD JESUS asking him to forgive your sins and to become your personal saviour and he will,heaven is a very wonderfull place no one can afford to miss,pray to the lord today and thou shalt be saved praise god amen.

  27. drank8 on

    Is it possible that you could bring more videos of aliens sounds or messages from other planets or other things in the universe.

  28. Steven Gainey on

    Did you know?, the tread on the rover wheels actually spell out JPL in Morse Code. If memory serves correct. Fun little interesting fact.

  29. Rugnineteen on

    Why would a civilisation that has destroyed is surface water then waste what it has left underground by pumping it away because it’s salty? Surely it’d make better sense to desalinate the water rather than run out and then die.

  30. remi adams on

    Tyler! My grandfather told me back in the late 80s that our government has had pictures of mars with flowing water and believe it or not plant life. so they’ve known for a long time. at the time I didn’t know what a 33rd degree mason was. several years later I discovered that my grandfather was in fact one. I’m sure it’s hard to sift throughall these comments and people bullshitting you for attention.

  31. darth revan on

    maybe its a landing code for their ships to scan form orbit, or maybe the way they set up their buildings back in the day 1 billion years ago


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