BIG NEWS: Alien Life Right Around The Corner? 2/22/17
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  1. alma caldwell on

    How does one search for alien life by seeking out earth-like planets?  Some of us just can’t stop drinking the ‘Kool-Aid.”

  2. alma caldwell on

    Wait a minute, are you listening to what you’re reading? “…makes the search for life in the galaxy imminent.” Does this mean they haven’t been looking?

  3. Nola Girl on

    This comment has nothing to do with today’s particular video. About a month and a half maybe two months ago I was driving home around sundown and I looked up and saw this big source of light, just a ball of light I guess. It looked like a star or something but it was waaaay too big to be a star! I pulled over and just stared at this thing in curiosity. It remained stationary and never moved. I looked at it for about 5 min and then went home. I’m a smoker and I don’t smoke in the house so my back porch is like my living room at times. I went to my chair outside and I sat down and looked up and there was this thing, in perfect view of where I sit EVERYDAY!! And ever since that first day this thing has been there every night! If you look at the surrounding stars this thing has to be ten to twenty times bigger than an average star! Sometimes it seems to flicker light and get real bright and then real dim. That could just be my eyes playing tricks on me though. One hour I’ll go outside and it’s defiantly there and an hour later it’s completely disappeared. It’s gotten to the point where it kinda freaks me out! I’m sure there’s a logical explanation, like a star, but I don’t know that much about the stars and astrology. I would say I’m interested in the subject but defiantly not educated. What could this be? I’ve taken pictures of this thing but it’s kinda pointless to show them to you because all it shows is a big ball of light. And I can’t really get the other surrounding stars to show up in the picture for size reference either. Does anybody know, are there super big stars like that? I don’t ever recall seeing any this big! My boyfriend tells me I’m crazy but he can’t really explain what it is either.

  4. taycarlton10 on

    Nasa discovered shadows moving across the star trappist 1 and thats it! Somehow from this discovery which is still very interesting nevertheless thats all you should report… Not rendered pictures of other possible habitable planets. You guys can come up eith your own conclusions but im not fooled!

  5. Connor Z on

    We’re probably being studied right now the same way, it’s time for Nasas funds to be increased dramatically. We need to physically attempt to explore these planets, if there is no life, extract any resources we can and move on.

  6. mybearfur2u on

    why do so many people view life on another planet as “human” life???  Life can exist in different forms,,,doesn’t have to be human…

  7. Minister X on

    they know all of this because our TR 3 B’s have been there and back already! people wake up to the false truth from our own government!!!

  8. Central Scrutinizer on

    ………………watch the library at ………youtube…BRUCE SEES ALL………Especially one titled Industrial Installations on the Moon. MAGNIFIED TELESCOPE IMAGES leave little doubt about the habitation of the moon. If you are not impressed feel free to let me know. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.

  9. drugbunny dotcom on

    Just a side note, Trappist meaning is relating to a branch of the Cistercian order of monks founded in 1664 and noted for an austere rule that includes remaining silent for much of the time. Just wonder why NASA chose this word?

  10. michael hosterman on

    They been studying these planets for a very long time. Just remember this is to take your vision off what we have already been studying. Continue to keep searching…….

  11. Oneyearmuse on

    40 Light years is NOT just right around the corner, at current max speed using current tech it would take 800,000 years to get to. I thought you guys didn’t like NASA? 3 of the planets may have oceans not that it matters in the slightest since we cannot get there in any of our lifetimes. Its most likely a trap for all you conspiracy chaps…

  12. Tyler M on

    “Earth-like” is a term that they use to identify planets that are “Earth-Sized”, composition and environment is not included. They also believe that these planets are all tidal locked to their star. By theory that can lessen the likelihood of life due to the extremes that can cause. Only 3 are in the “Goldilocks Zone”, which a theoretical zone that is based on only the information we have on our own star. Take this info how you will, but it will be interesting to see more information come out. It is also to be said that Dwarf stars live many many times longer than our star. It is also likely that this star is many millions older than our star and will last many millions after ours becomes a dwarf star and kills Earth. This means life could have much more time to evolve. With our quiet neighborhood in space, life could be possible given the time that system may have had if it has the right environment. Very interesting indeed, keep a watch on it. I would like some more info on Tabby’s star though.

  13. Rachel Jayne on

    I think now that Trump is president, NASA had to let people know there is now someplace to go!! Pretty soon travel will be banned if you got a mustache or if you happen to be grey and have 3 fingers and toes!!

  14. Charles Minor on

    I love when everyone gets excited. This is especially exciting because people are stopping and looking at something bigger than themselves, something that is interesting because it is exciting for all of us across the world. We are all human, we all live on the same planet and yet we all worry about little things in our lives when life has so much more to it than that.

  15. cdy Ajdjdjd on

    you don’t need to put the date in every video it’s right in the description and says how old the video is in the thumbnail

  16. Mia Valentine on

    that intriguing green planet has completely caught my eye, it doesn’t look like there is any water on that one, hmm maybe vast tropical like jungles and alien crittersv(bugs, animals) ? still i find this absolutely amazing! great job secureteam10 🙂

  17. The Baphomet on

    Pretty close it’s 40 light years away
    That 5.88 trillion miles x 40
    Even if we did live long enough for out technology to get good enough to travel that far the all life on earth would have wiped itself out by then and if we didn’t the first humans to set out for these planets wouldn’t even get to see them in the distance there great great great great great great great great great great great great grandson might after spending his entire life on a spaceship

  18. The Baphomet on

    I’m also calling it right now there’s gonna be a “false flag attack” there gonna say that we need to build some sort of space defence

  19. Aldo Christopher Miramontes on

    is funny how every time that I want to see a secure team video something happen on the streaming and sometimes block the video or the sound… I just close the video and open it again and thats it.. but is rare.. don’t you think?

  20. Junaid on

    Imagine if one of those planets inhabits less advanced people like humans 80 thousand years ago or something. We would be seen as Gods if we ever decide to show up.

  21. Orcsbane Killa on

    My guess is that if your statements are true and they have are part of the Habitable Zone and are Orbiting around an Star, Well realisitcally one of them could have Life….. All of those worlds are just made up of Water and Rock, So Historically, That was our Earth in Ancient times, So i made up an Theory and this Theory leads out that if there are new beings out there living on those planets but haven’t discovered us yet, than it means that we are more technologically advanced than those Green-Skin-Aliens

    All of that stuff “WAR OF THE WORLDS” In the movies Aliens having that type of Technology its almost impossible it just fucking Science fiction, Science Fiction’s Technology is not possible to be presented in Realistic timeline and world, So we are not alone in the universe, but those beings arent possible to be move advanced than us technologically, Our Galaxy is the the second largest Galaxy in the whole fucking Universe!

    So at this point we can Determinate the Aliens Species and of what type of Chemical Elements their Planet’s Atmospheres are made up, If they are made up of our Symbols then possible it is known that that planet of the left with ocean-Earth like could have potentially any type of Life form, At this point from 2018-Present we can confirm if Aliens exist in our Galaxy or An another Galaxy that is part of Our Universe..

  22. Atrhur Robey on

    Check your assumptions.
    Why would a civilization want to live at the bottom of a gravity well?
    Unless of cause they had perfected anti gravity.

  23. devil killer on

    .looks like nasa needs to say sorry to the niburu crowed,,anyway i havent started ,,,i think someone was about to whistleblow nasa so all of a sudden theres life i think the truth is someone has them buy the balls i let that sink in!!!

  24. Chase Kirk on

    I believe nibiru (planet X) holds life. that is the planet that will be in our solar system here soon comes around every 3,000 years I think? been documented in ancient tribes, this is the star in the sky that looks like it gets bigger an bigger everytime you see it. Its in the south west side of the sky. checker out lol she’s huge. but what I’m getting to is this don’t surprise me shit they’ve been hiding shit from us for forever man. you just have to be open minded. I love youtube bc it’s real stuff not news an media trying to cover up the big stuff with drama. people really listen to you on here an give their best input. I am going to do this one day.

  25. Megan Starkey on

    The physic twins talked about an alien species that has 7 planets to its solar system and they made the video before we new this. I think it’s crazy

  26. Stuart Houselander on

    quite frankly and I speak on behalf of the millions of us who. couldn’t give a flying fuck , if aliens finally showed their hands and landed in droves tomorrow , big fuckin deal, so what, wake me up when the nukes start flyin .

  27. Greg Harry on

    oh boy, now they are going to come save us from ourselves, just do what they say! b.s. aliens are demons ready to deceive us, get your head out of your ass, dude! or be deceived if you prefer!

  28. Thomas Lally on

    okay if you guys thing honestly there’s no intelligent alien life like us or perhaps way different then you are sadly mistaken.

  29. Rissa Gabrielson on

    Good they need to research each atmosphere of each planet but what they also need to do is try to look into further depth about what is on the planet if it’s possible after finding what the atmosphere is like. Because if it’s habitual it could be habitual by us but f theirs beings on those planets then they need to be careful

  30. Ryan Olson on

    the suns name is Trapist? and you are buying this? NASA lies again! false flag. etc… do I even have to say it?.. no but I’m going to anyway. this is a trap!

  31. Ken Mcnaughton on

    i think that aliens discovered life on our planet probably thousands of years ago by doing the same as our scientists are doing , like checking for oxygen, nitrogen ,carbon dioxide , methane etc in the atmosphere.

  32. Nick Selig on

    When I saw the thumbnail, I thought it was a screenshot from a scene in the video “I, Pet Goat II”. There’s no denying that they are extremely similar, what are the odds? If you haven’t seen “I, Pet Goat II” I highly recommend you watch it, and a breakdown video afterwards. It’s on YouTube

  33. Dennis on

    I think we are living in a fantasy world if we think the government will tell us the truth about anything, little lone alien life.

  34. Stavros Kiri on

    saw this on NASA TV a few days ago. But wait a minute! … hold your horses there folks!! Everyone is jumping to arbitrary conclusions, including NASA!! Especially the video creators !!! (“… may have already found alien life [there] … !!??” – Yeah right!! …)
    Here is how it goes, to make things clear!: 1. The earth-like size of the 7 planets is not a coincidence, neither it is strange or unusual. There may also be smaller planets or rocks that we can’t see from here. And the fact that it doesn’t have bigger planets or ‘giants’ (like Jupiter or Saturn) is expected, because it is a small ‘dwarf’ star. 2. There are a whole bunch of similar ones in the galaxy and other galaxies, we just haven’t found them yet! Probably at least a billion in the galaxy and a billion billions in the whole universe!! So nothing unusual, nothing new! 3. Whether it can sustain life or not is a different story, but nothing new! 4. By the laws of probability there must be life, and inteligent one, in many other star systems … so again nothing new!! 5. Thus they found nothing yet!!! 6. Keep dreaming!! …

  35. Don Gray on

    I don’t think your dreams would be ruined if we don’t find life on any of these seven new planets,after all we didn’t even realize they were there until a few days ago,,, thanks for the recap nice job keep up the good work.

  36. ynot tony on

    aliens are everywhere / 9 to 5 is slavery / tax is theft / war is murder / we live in a designed prison / we are cattle / they don’t want us to grow spiritually and become one also physically thats the big one, us to grow physically scares em

  37. Sal Monella on

    Gtfoh with this BS! Wake the F up people! Star Wars really did a number on you feeble minded creatures lol. We won’t be fighting any aliens ever because they don’t exist! Start thinking for yourselves & break away! The End is near! God is real but religion is made & manipulated by man. Get right with God!

  38. Frankie T. on

    we were played greatly viewing outerspace instead of in lol.
    of course there is life,now question if they are in the right order of habitability…

  39. HeartLess Productions on

    i have a very odd view on this whole field thanks to something that happened to me as a kid funny thing just recently had a conversation with her to see if she remembered but ever since then I’ve had a completely different view on everything

  40. Kate C on

    Tyler, thanks so much for doing a video on this. I had not been aware of this new finding. This is extremely exciting!!!! I depend on you for my up to date information that’s hard or impossible to find otherwise.

  41. Brandon Green on

    This is definitely the Nemesis system containing Nibiru! It is a star system that contains 7 planets around there own star. This isnt coincidental. This is crazy. There beginning to trickle out information slowly of the disclosure of Nibiru and the Nemesis system.

  42. rich lowley on

    you cant tell what a planets atmosphere is from its reflected light and thats all there seeing because they are so many light years away so im afraid its not possible tyler?

  43. Sebastaian Gąsiewski on

    the only way to know truth is to stop checking what did the fucking nasa said fuck this fucking lairs


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