Aliens Exist! World Leader Slips Up On “People From Other Planets” & More! 7/9/16


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Date: April 19, 2017

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  1. frankbyte on

    It’s clearly an error, since french is not his mother language. He didn’t meant other planets but other contries. In french: pays / planète (both beginning with p). He mixed both words up. It’s clear. I’m french by the way;-)

    • Taz on

      frankbyte good point, like you wrote “he didn’t meant other planets” should be “he didn’t mean other planets” or “he never meant other planets” but then english is my mother language, lol

  2. comactortony on

    Europeans​ can’t see the forest for the trees. The ‘Alien invasion’ has already begun & these idiots gave them all housing, health Care & food stamps.

  3. Lightwish Light on

    It’s too bad that it’s going to take something like WikiLeaks to make disclosure happen in America. All of those technologies we have been given are all locked away in black projects never to see the light of day. Our civilization could be thousands of years more advanced in technology if only these technologies were made public. It’s such a shame.

  4. Theabyss78Meditation on

    He did not slip up. The French have a much more open stance on the subjects of ufo’s than the US has for a few years now. For him sharing this news was just a logical next steps.

  5. Antæus on

    Let’s first analyze the ridiculousness of Junker’s statement if it actually referred to other “planets” – why in the world would “aliens” be worried if UK stepped out of EU? Other than some financial consequences ( which are more dire for UK than EU) this is absolutely nothing to worry about (in fact it is a new opportunity for other countries). Second I think he meant “continents” not planets it was just a mistake (you can also see the gentleman behind him on his right looking at a colleague and suppressing a laugh. Anybody can sometimes make mistakes and call a mushroom a strawberry 🙂

  6. IbigHead 2sameShoes on

    Ballocs, just jiberish jumblish rubbish, Why has Junker not resigned over Brexit and the poor handling of the EU as a whole?

  7. IbigHead 2sameShoes on

    Ballocs, just jiberish jumblish rubbish, Why has Junker not resigned over Brexit a
    nd the poor handling of the EU as a whole?

  8. IbigHead 2sameShoes on

    Of course Aliens are pissed off with Brexit, it’s going to cost them millions to change the high tech systems to upgrade Passports to beam down to Earth. It’s like “Fuck these Humans that keep changing their minds”.

  9. Baroth666 on

    Any more details come out regarding this speech? It’s definitely not a misinterpretation. But what boggles the mind is he just said this like it was nothing? Most comments are right though, why would ‘people from other planets’ give two monkeys about Brexit? Pollution, wars etc maybe, Brexit (0_o);. Are hybrids already attending these meetings?? Wish they would stop beating around the bush with this supposed drip-feeding attempt of a disclosure. I mean aside from religious fanatics that will have to rethink and ‘adapt’ their beliefs, pretty sure the rest of the population would not be loosing their minds. Would really like to be still alive when that day comes. Hurry up already.

  10. daniellabob on

    I am french from france and canadian for some years, I can tell you that it is right, he does say from other planets and far away places 100%

  11. Matt Uebelacker on

    awesome video Tyler! I like hearing all the quotes from high powered and important people. if u can’t believe an astronaut about what’s going on out there and here who can u believe. nvm the panic and people getting scared the people will adjust and come to accept the fact that we are not alone. I for one think it might help our pettyness and help us unite like Reagan said. I’m ready for disclosure I know u r too. keep up the good work my man!

  12. Tim Harris on

    1. (TYLER) = Of course the VIDEO is of him speaking in a NON- ENGLISH language? So anyone who does NOT speak FRENCH cannot tell what he is really SAYING!

    2. I was REALLY hoping to HEAR him ACTUALLY say THIS!! Try AGAIN Tyler!

  13. Don Smajlovic on

    You forgot the most important one from Russias prime minister Medvedev after journalists kept pushing him about the govt knowledge on aliens , he came out with something that left the reporter speechless and Medvedev said I said it now and dont ask me ever again , basically all major world govts and intel agencies are deeply involved in this subject are cooperating with some beings who walk among us in large numbers , check it out its on the net

  14. Arnold Robert Lee on

    You came over as sounding surprised that he believed in UFOs, this makes me think YOU don’t believe.
    So I will ask you-Have you ever seen a craft from another planet, and do you believe they have been here for centuries.
    For Me the answer to this will let me know whether you are genuine and whether I will look at your videos.

  15. Mr, Boo Boo 1972 on

    Ya.. I know they exist. He still knew what he was saying. Well if he ends up dead.? Do to an “accident ” then make your own conclusion.

  16. Mr, Boo Boo 1972 on

    Alien life from other planets exist, We where not truthful or forthcoming do to we did not want to worry the public, as We take any contact with humanity very serious and we make it our 1st priority to Protect the well being of every human life . And by doing so we needed to dismiss such truth to help deal with and help explore future direction in the name of humanity. Or something along those lines.

  17. PeterH2006 on

    The French word for planet is “planéte” and country is “pays”. I think he slipped up and said planéte instead of pays.

  18. Zachary Whittemore on

    They would care if it goes against their global agenda they employ for a 1 world government, working and collaborating with our governments.

  19. sleepspace on

    If i was drunk, i could mix up words like planets and countries. but then I’m not a politician so i have no motivation to be careful with my words

  20. XIIIRog on

    do you have links to the quotes, it would be more valid and believable if you can put those links to the things that you talk about, i would appreciate it

  21. death mmos on

    what i think is funny is that poeple sitting behind him dont even look up! im sure if it was wrong wording they would have at least reacted.

  22. Jim B on

    Why the hell would aliens care?   Who can really have critical thinking enough to understand the logic of another species.   It is no different from man trying to understand what an animal thinks.  We have no mind set in which to understand the logic of species born here on earth.  How the hell would we understand another intelligent species.

  23. Albert Kolb on

    I live on Long Island New York, my wife and I have been hearing loud hums from the sky , not engine sounds, it’s different and hard to explain, deep bass atmosphere ic type sounds ? I don’t know what it is but when we hear them we sit out on the deck and make a fire pit. It’s relaxing. Anyone else hear that shit

  24. Martin Carrillo on

    I’m thinking that the reason aliens don’t come out it might be that they gave us technology n we used it for other purposes in which wiped us 0ut back in pyramid era

  25. mimoocho dom on

    Why is it that it’s always government officials that meet with aliens? Why isn’t it ever ordinary Joe Blow?

  26. CKN1125 on

    My first language is french I can confirm the subtitles are correct. Here is a re translated version of the speech in french you can plug into google translate yourself if your skeptical: Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observe de loin sont inquiet, j’ai vue et entendue et écouter plusieurs des dirigeants d’autre planètes, ils sont très inquiets parce qu’ils interroges sur la voie que l’union européenne vas poursuive et donc, il faut rassurer et les européens et ceux qui nous observe de plus loin.

  27. Mark Prewutt on

    ur brain creates everything even idea of you your not real nothing is or ever was there for nothing can ever go away just be as you are now and as you always will be

  28. Czech Norris on

    Make no mistake, those who are watching us from afar are concerned. I have met and listened to several leaders. They are very worried because they are wondering about the course the European Union will take. So we must reassure Europeans and those who are watching us from further away.

  29. Nogreenmachine freethinker on

    Tyler please look in the Leo constellation on Google sky. there is an UNSPEAKABLY HUGE ship or SOMETHING there. it is genuinely frightening and I’d REALLY appreciate your take in this….

  30. Nogreenmachine freethinker on

    also the “BBC earth” channel has a snippet from a Brian cox programme where Brian shows us 2 suns in our sky, high radiation levels and IMO speaks in a way so to warn us about the upcoming danger. the name of the clip is something along the lines of “the dangers of our sun”.please look into it…. again I’d be interested to see what your take on it is.

  31. Leonardo Jenner on

    It’s already a fucking shame the this called “leaders” hiding so much!
    They are choosen by their citizens but never being straight to us
    Where the fuck we need them for?
    We choosed them for solving Troubles but they only fucking us up and making more Troubles!

  32. Ari Bargolani on

    as open minded as anyone about aliens but if you can’t properly translate a human what will you do when the aliens arrive!? he said tutte la planete as in the the planet not others planets.. talked about selective hearing…

  33. VASTSIN on

    SO many trolls so many brain dead zombies’.,””””:LLL

    Please start thinking for yourselves

    its just sad ..

    please please please
    Look things up if you don’t know them, do your own research “”””””””
    I ASSURE YOU that if you do you’ll find the truth and become much more open minded
    I’m sorry if I sound extraordinarily cheesy but

    The TRUTH Is Out There

    And just may set you free

    If you put maybe 12-15 hours of solid research into this subject you will come out on top
    you will know the answer to the 2nd most asked question…
    A ton of the answers are actually on this channel
    so get started

    vASTsIN ”””..::L”È

  34. ge45ge Called on

    We all live in God’s kingdom man calls different areas planets actually it’s more like districts there are many many many districts in God’s kingdom we all have their own son their own moon their own stars we live apart from them but that’s how he created his kingdom you might see if we lived on a gigantic table that hypothetically is God’s kingdom he doesn’t keep everybody together he gives them each their own world as you may know it with separation between and it’s usually a pretty good separation he is our father are creator I’m glad I love him because I trust him which I wish everyone could feel the same way this world to us is a mystery these are actually the end  days and things that are going to happen that are not going to be pleasing but it must be to fulfill the word because there are so many in this world that do not believe in his son or even in him you must understand that he is in each and every one of us that was born of a woman there’s nothing he doesn’t know about each and every one of us, I’m not trying to frighten anybody I’m trying to tell you that there’s a purpose to what were going through and the end times are very close, what ever happens to you , you brought it upon yourself and your family.

  35. juicycouturegurl1 on

    It’s weird that he would just drop that bomb in there so casually…idk. No one else seemed surprised, well one person was, but everyone else looked bored/sleepy.. What do French people think when they see this? Does he actually mean planets or using it as a synonym for for away lands(countries)?

  36. grobari konjarnik on

    I’m not sure if that gentleman @ 8:24 talks truth, but i can tell you one thing with a certainty – ALIENS FROM SERBIA SHOT DOWN THAT FLYING PIECE OF JUNK BEHIND HIS BACK, IN 1999..!

  37. Creativity Civ on

    Hey, I’m french. And yes, the transcription is exact. << To those who said the translation is wrong, I'm native french and I assure you it's what he said. Altough he certainly didn't mean it, he's not enough important to be told about such things like aliens.

  38. MoonGlow on

    He’s just a Globalist!!! Now lets scare everyone. We must Globalize or Aliens will destroy us. Globalism will make us all slaves to the Elite world order.

  39. Devon Doorways on

    Why would people from another world care about Brexit? People that advanced would care more about the EU being destroyed because the EU isn’t democratic.

  40. Joan Jones on

    either the government knows what these things are …..or they don’t. In either case they are not telling us. There is no need to travel to other planets or them to travel from their planet to earth……there are artificial structures in space as big as the Planet Pluto like “space stations”….very advanced species can come and go from these stations. Our planet is 4.5 bill yrs our sun about 6.0 billion…there are stars as old as 10.0 billion with planets that are 6-7 billion ….those are the folks traveling the highways of deep space. I think the earth governments don’t have a clue about who the aliens are or where they come from. They see them but they don’t know who or what they really are.

  41. Out Beyond on

    Wow. That’s their big concern in our world? Of all the things to give a shit about that goes on here, it’s that?

  42. Bill2uok on

    I have never seen an alien or UFO but anyone to think that life from other planets, galaxies or whatever are extremely ignorant. Every God faring man believes that God exists,(I Included) but have never seen with my own eyes. So think before you condemn Tyler. He is just sharing a video. Besides how much proof do you need?, Hasn’t Tyler shown enough videos about UFO’s that are proof enough? Relax people,relax!

  43. Gwendoline Pouchoulin on

    I am French. The subtitles in English match what this guy says with absolute accuracy.
    And I can’t believe he actually said what he said. This is pretty amazing.

  44. Gregory Trane on

    It’s becoming more common knowledge every day in regards to alien presences and government’s cooperation and agreements made. It is and has been for a long time coming, time for the alien disclosure. Our government and other governments as well, need to catch up to the fact that many through out the world know about aliens and UFO craft. Slow but persistent dissemination to complete eventual disclosure is a better place to be, then government cover-ups, which make them look bad and untrustworthy. The time is now better than later.

  45. Paul Brute on

    That’s the same guy who said he will try to get Texas to leave the USA, because Trump was in support of Britain leaving European Union.
    Now we are supposed to believe aliens are worried about his organisation losing power?
    Just another politician who will say anything to get his way.

  46. Muhammad Uddin on

    Why did the Aliens trust these dishonest Europeans?The Aliens did trust the Ancient Egyptians and the Persians and the Aztec.

    • Richard S on

      Muhammad Uddin Dishonest Europeans? Thank you for those kind words. But no more Dishonest than any other shithole country on this earth.

  47. Antoine Duchardonneret on

    Indeed, in ENGLISH, the word “country” is not very close to the word “planet”.
    However, in the language he was speaking, French, the word for country is “pays”, which is closer to the French word “planète”.

  48. kismet valk on

    I’ve looked at the comments below and have to wonder about peoples level of consciousness… Lack of IQ… If aliens (so called, JINN more like)..are advising Governments on policy etc then we must assume they are HOSTILE! Government is Hostile, look at our world and what Government is doing to us! Connect the dots people! THINK and FEEL critically! Wake up!


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