Aliens Exist! World Leader Slips Up On “People From Other Planets” & More! 7/9/16

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  1. Sotiris Krol on

    It’s just common sense to believe there are aliens.if life arose here there is no reason why it shouldn’t exist elsewhere.

  2. Kevin Chew Lin Choo on

    I could see why they’d be concern with Britain tho…Since our Queen is like Scaly n shit…. #Reptilians lol

  3. MrNolimitech on

    He meant Country, he just tried to find a synonym. It’s hard to make a sentence without repeating words. Specially when you don’t talk the language!
    It’s easy for english people, to laugh about it.
    But most of you can’t speak two languages or don’t want to learn one!
    Most of you live in 10km square from your house, and think you can do better than everyone.

  4. sharon anderson on

    oh he did not slip up. lol. it is soft disclosure. but wht i want to know is wht the fuck kind of aliens is he dealing with tht they are more concerned with britain leaving the eu more than the ongoing wars?

  5. Sherry Hall on

    This world is perishing from BIBLE igornance. We Christians realize Bible prophecy is being fulfilled. You can to. Read the Bible, ask GOD to open your eyes to the truth of these events. Jer. 33:3… Not ET’s from other planets. It is demonic decption. This is not a religious view. God is the source of TRUTH. THESE EVENTS WERE TOLD BEFORE HAND IN HOLY SCRIPTURE. Face these truths, they stand firm.

  6. ninja on

    ok ive just started watching ur videos and i believe 100% based on those quotes. so where does that leave my belief in Jesus? has He created these beings???

  7. Jamie Smith on

    Tyler! Powerful. “The Truth isn’t out there”, it’s right here! Thx
    I remember Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars.

  8. R RUSH on

    like I said whitey invaded this planet and killed the natives who have dark skin, there were no such thing as Caucasian people…

  9. John Toland on

    Jesus this is stupidity and a stretch – your translation is not correct. he is clearly talking about leaders of other countries.

  10. Inga Hicks on

    I’m wondering if his reference to people from other planets would be the friendly hidden aliens the world govts are hiding down in Antarctica

  11. Stephen Charles Nott on

    This is deliberate he is part of the Illuminati Zionist Banker Brotherhood, He is feeding the Narrative as part of the false flag Alien Invasion. You were Just told Tyler this is going to Happen, the last card they have is the Alien card because the Globalists are under severe Pressure, So I am Expecting a false flag Invasion 100% now.

  12. Lanwarder on

    Yeah, he does say that in french, but I don’t think he was necessarily drunk or anything. I think he said planet instead of country/nation. It’s pretty weird, but if you analyze the context, it makes a lot more sens than Aliens from far away planets caring about brexit.

  13. 100YrsOldFetus on

    Maybe theyre truly here already, and theyve been at middle east, there’s some weird sht going up there lately.

  14. Nash Doyle on

    Ah well it’s was because he drank why he revealed what he knew not just made up. He didn’t seem to be way out of it and that messed up to say things like that in a meeting without having intention behind it.

  15. Haylee Love on

    why would he believe them when told “It’s none of his business”?
    It is equally everyone’s business to know what is really going on. Anyone who thinks otherwise is self entitled and part of the problem.

  16. INameless Network on

    look at the ppl in the back after he says ” ppl from another planet” they all look nervous and are like ” ooh shit he’s gonna be in trouble for that one ” like wow this is a funny one

  17. Antonio Higgins on

    This is just silly, can you imagine if we found a planet like earth and we had the technology to fucking land on it!? We would immediately. Why do aliens need to be so secretive? Lol like I don’t get it. If they have the technology to travel thousands to billions of light years in person then they shouldn’t have to metal gear solid our asses

  18. MsEnlightened1 on

    The Galactic Beings Only Care About Our Safety. They Will Not Allow Nuclear Weapons To Be Used. They don’t care about our other affairs

  19. JIMMY james on

    another shitty video by Secure team – Pimply little dude whos balls haven’t dropped from mummas basement

  20. Charles Smith on

    the EU is part of the new world order they are shit dictators ie run by the Jerry’s Hitler coud not do it now the EU are doing it rule everyone

  21. Antoine Duchardonneret on

    Tyler. Concerning Juncker’s European Parliament ‘lapsus’: you are right that the word “country” does not sound close to the word “planet”. However, he was speaking in French, and the corresponding words in French — “pays” and “planète’ are much closer-sounding.

  22. the legends let's plays on

    what if I said aliens from OTHER UNIVERSES are here… non of you would belive me anyway so let’s end it right there, but I have scientific logic behind it.

  23. Agnieszka Nowak on

    I wouldn”t take care about Juncker”s words.
    He”s an acloholic.
    And the EU has serious problem with migrants and terrorism.

  24. c lars on

    “Here’s your proof! It’s a video that you can’t understand! Don’t worry, we’ve added subtitles, so you’ll just have to take our word for it.”

  25. Brandi Foster on

    Wow. I’ve been pretty damn drunk, but I have never made that kind of mistake.. If I did, someone would have laughed, and I would quickly correct myself!

  26. Sol Jah on

    we need a private company, that build craft for people to travel freely to space and back to see for ourselves or atleast a company that as nothing to do with governments, a public secret business sending manmade craft unmanned up thier

  27. Jeff Harwood on

    This is when you know there has been a fuck up in the translation. Its gotta be a mistake. WHY WOULD ALIENS GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT THE EU, WE DON’T GIVE TWO SHITS ABOUT THE EU, so why would aliens????? So did he say nations, worlds , states? what are the slang variants that may apply. Is French from Belgium the exact same as French from France? Like in Spanish,Vosotros vs. Nosotros or whattever. Come on now.

  28. J Love on

    he meant country’s.. now the usa pres saying the explosives that took the towers down, other top guy the missile that hit the pentagon, the missile that took the plane down ect ect that all is too much

  29. Nelio Anderson on

    f#ck the unelected European union. if thos is true then that proves that they are the hidden hand behind this globalist push for a one world government. EU is the centralization of government to phase in the new world order. they want tje same for Asia south America and north America and Africa. they are desperate because people are awakening. this is where i guarantee ufo s will soon come down to offer “help”. if they cared so.much they would not habe helped prop up the military industrial complex with their technology instead we would see cancers cured and clean energy. but instead they meet with state heads of the likes of the dictatorial EU who doesn’t care about its member states and forces mass migration despite their wishes because they can because this unelected gov makes the laws for its member states. what is the point of elections in EU countries if the leaders of those nations habe no say in their own nations laws? look at Poland amd Hungary they said no to the EU and to massive migrant invasion and the European union is now going to use economic terrorism to punish them.

  30. Ed Perry on

    He meant other planetary leaders, not leaders of other planets.
    I believe in E.T.s but this politician is not giving anything away here…
    but a reasonable excuse to make another vid, Tyler – the other examples you give are intriguing.

  31. Chris Kelly on

    Regan was saying a fairly standard line: neoliberals seek some outside evil force to unite people against. They did it with communism, they tried in Vietnam and they did with both the war in Iraq and Isis after. It’s always an exaggerated and largely made up force that keeps people scared as well as uniting against it. It’s a world view that’s cheap, nasty and works

  32. short sighteddog on

    ET have no weapons, they have evolved to a very high level so do not need them. This is why we can shoot some of them down.

  33. Corbro101 DGAF on

    Adding to those who said they watched expressions of the audience… I believe that he did say “planet” but I personally think he meant “world” which as an expression used in the past for continents far away.


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