Alien Spotlight On Ceres Seen In The Dark! NASA Can’t Explain It! 7/2/15


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Date: April 17, 2017

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    • Mathieu Couture on

      +Popcorn bubbles waters … Are you kidding me .. Cmon bro im not telling you that its an alien but its weird .. It can be a lot of thing but water bubble lol you male me laugh thx bro

    • Popcorn on

      +Mathieu Couture I’ve heard that this has been debunked as water bubbles, going up. Supposedly there is a water tank surrounding the area, the camera was placed in. This brought up other theorists that said, that no one on planet earth has been to space before and everything is staged and filmed in underwater tanks. We’ve seen those tanks before, when they use it to train astronauts in big swimming pools etc. So what I get here is that everyone is saying something else. Everyone has their own theory. Don’t lose your head about it and say this is definitely proof of alien lifeforms. Because it could be nothing at all. It sure looks like nothing to me. But that’s just my opinion.

    • Chloe Papillon on

      +Mathieu Couture sorry, thought you don’t know him 🙂 Yea would nice to hear what secureteam has to say about that video.

  1. Key Maker on

    .. its another soft release.. i..e the people that can handle the truth here will and the people that can’t won’t..  and they NASA allowed this to happen..

    It is ‘allowed’ and not ‘leaked’ so.. its a soft release.. they ARE saying look look.. but they also know full well that only a small percentage of peps will get it.. the rest will brush it off and solar swamp gas etc…

    Sure they (NASA) could just come out and say.. NO SHIT THIS IS NOT OURS etc.. and supply abundant proof in that regard.. but we are not going to see that happen..

    so.. IMO.. even if every part of NASA knew the truth and wanted to release it… the truth would not get out from them.. and they could not do it.. .. this is what they can do tho.. they can release this sort of thing for a small percentage of folks that can get it. (and also then using the power of mass social media analysis they can gauge the response)

    • Davralon on

      +Key Maker Yeah for sure, they have to do it slowly to get people used to the idea, even those that deny it are still susceptible to the idea as the seed of doubt has been planted. I think the truth is on the way and will be here soon, needs to be spoon fed first to stop the human race choking on what will be the biggest disclosure of history. Just look at what war of the worlds did in the USA when it was aired on the radio, they don’t want that again.

    • ted yang on

      +Key Maker Yep, spot on, personally i like what NASA is doing right now, that is slowly release information to the public, let me people get custom to the fact that there is something out there. I, like many people want the truth but after watching many video and see how terrify some people can be, it sort of make me think twice, can the public handle the truth?, would people remain calm if they knew there is alien living among us?, would they function normally like what we do right now, or are they going to freak out and take matter into their own hand? would they trust their work mate or neighbour?, and would that affect the economy if they don’t?. We all want the truth but when i think about those people cannot handle the truth then it worry me, especially if you live in a country that have the right to own a weapon. So before you bang on the table with your hand “I want the truth” just think of someone who cannot handle the truth and what action they will take then you will know my concern. A good example i always give to my friends is that, imagine 2 UFO station between the Earth and Moon, the first week people will jump for joy, “see! i told you so”, the second week, “Are they going to communicate with us?”, the 3rd week “what the hell they want” and on the fourth week “Shit! they going to nuke us” as each weeks goes by we start to get panic and start to live in disfunction society, and i am sure if you are the head of a nation you will not take this gamble. But i still don’t mind to meet an alien ^^.

  2. Maik's Trance Bar on

    @Abernathly Nasa’s certainty of disinterest automation, and the resulting lax inspection before it comes on the servers.

  3. johnbzombie on

    That’s great Tyler, but the light is WHITE ? Very soon they’ll make it a RAINBOW LITE
      or people will think its not FAIR to their cause,  FEA    Peace       &    BOO (~_~)

  4. seeingatruth on

    NASA has no explanation. That strikes me as funny. Have they ever had an explanation that ever held any credibility? Does it matter what NASA thinks? Why can’t they just go away.

  5. Vincent Vorone on

    Looks like smoke around the light, I think it’s a volcano or some sort of burning gas being released. Regardless, very interesting and I’m very curious to know what it truly is

  6. Mr. Anderson on

    Does anyone else find NASA suddenly speaking about these things to be a little too.. convenient? Just in time for the supposed false flag alien invasion thats going to occur in the near future, perhaps?

  7. TheHaos1 on

    You will NEVER hear NASA say anything even close to the truth regarding the activity on Ceres’s surface.Your guess is as good as mine at this point.I’m really trying to think of something that could explain this,as in….geological activity but really,i don’t think that covers it.So..Could it be an explosion ?Could it be some sort of hidden base? sounds so strange when you say it out loud…
    MAYBE just MAYBE nasa keeps releasing some of these photos to screw with us “Hey,let’s give those ufo freaks something to chew on,should distract their attention from time to time” but….idk.It seems more and more of our solar sistem’s bodies are somehow “occupied” by someone else…feels like we’re surrounded at this point,it’s kinda scary tbh

  8. LadyDanielle Zana on

    Thats no reflection, more like it it is emitting its own light. You would have to have a closer view to find out what it is… because at a distance it could be anything, such as glass city to light producing crystals.

    • Mxtilldeath on

      well that would be typical secureteam bullshit lies and misdirecting Info. channel is well known for having jumped the shark a long long time ago

    • barry smith on

      +Clark Kalel dear conehead….i believe ive saw aliens and craft on the moon …ive this GIGANTIC telescope…a HUGE 12inch refractor mirror….to see them with ….strangely enuf no coneheads

    • mirc on

      +Clark Kalel You are right in that you do not need a light source aimed directly at an object for it to reflect light, but light does have to hit said object, and where are you suggesting this light comes from? Look, I too am suspicious of the videos I watch on the internet, and I hardly believe all of them are definite evidence of alien life in our solar system, to be fair I don’t believe most of them, mainly because I haven’t seen it with my own eyes, or that it could just be some random rockformation on a planet etc. But I do believe that alien lifeforms exist, and that this picture is very suspicious.

    • Moe Lester on

      +_____ _ He didn’t say anything about the government in his post, so your post is not relevant to this thread. In his above post, he’s not wrong; there is no proof of the lights being seen on the dark side of Ceres.

    • _____ _ on

      +Clark Kalel you are one of the reasons why the world is a shit hole. Anyone who questions the government is a freak and a lunatic.

  9. bayougrande on

    Actually NASA has said this wasn’t taken at night, the pic was underexposed in order to see more detail in the bright areas.

  10. Jonathan Noel on

    Liquid hot mAGma. This crater has penetrated the crust. Must have been a dense impact. Don’t let your imagination get too crazy. We live in a world of very boring reality. A world where more often then not we all become……mistaken.

    • Dañe Highfield on

      +jamsie No, my bad, and It happens too often. I get attract a lot so I guess I’m always assuming the worst. HA! Anyway , here we go!

    • Dañe Highfield on

      +jamsie If you’re talking to me, well then…hmmm? Why don’t ya mind your own fucking business! HUH? Cuz dam, if you have NOTHING to fucking say that amounts to shit, then STAY OUT OF THE COMMENT SECTION! I’m so fucking tired of mother-fuckes who have NOTHING to say, but say it anyway, just to be saying something! Sound familiar?

  11. RockStarPreacher on

    This came to me one day, and I actually hate anagrams. 

    “Planet Ceres” is an anagram for ‘Secret ET Plan’ if you use the ‘T’ twice.
    If you don’t want to cheat, ‘Planet Ceres’ is an anagram for ‘Secret Plane’. 

    Elite Spaceship? 



    So weird, if its lava then why right in the middle of the crater, could be light emiting lifeforms like in oceans.

  13. OMGIDestroyedMatter on

    I know the dwarf planet Ceres is icy but could it be a light source coming from active volcanism? Its possible that there could be some metallic elements in there. Therefore over time, heat could build up from friction. 

    What if NASA does come up with a viable explanation for this light source and it does turn out to be natural? Are you going to throw that back in there faces and start making conspiracy theories? 

    I appreciate your informative video but please don’t start drawing conclusions. Are you an astro-geologist? No (correct me if you are) so please don’t start fantasizing over anomalies such as these. (I know you have aliens in mind, I do too but please use some common sense first.)

    • OMGIDestroyedMatter on

      +anno636 Your probably right actually. The only reason why Io (closest moon of Jupiter) is extremely volcanic is due to “orbital resonance” which is where the gravity of the planet Jupiter itself and the influence of the other moons creates seismic activity over a long time. Of course this creates friction and liquefies rock. 

      Like you just said Ceres is all on its own… poor little bugger 🙁

    • arryharry on

      +bryson3101 you just blew apart your own argument – ‘i actually think it’s NOT a natural phenomena’.

      How does calling me blind, to overstate your view on magma on the surface of an atmosphere-less ice cold body of rock, help your counter opinion when you don’t even believe it yourself? There is unequivocally no way a heat source would shine THAT brightly for THAT long in an almost solid, stable position on such a planetary body. If I humour ‘magma’ as a source then I ask again, why the same glow, shape, intensity in ANY light – evidenced by the photos in the Sun and darkness? The Sun is not activating anything on the surface from what is pictured on all images.

      – Try not to get personal, let’s have a healthy debate on this.

    • OMGIDestroyedMatter on

      +bryson3101 Most volcanoes around the Solar System aren’t exactly mountain shaped. It could be several ruptures throughout the crust inside that crater. But we wont really know for sure  until NASA gains more data. The craft is scheduled for a closer flyby in early August.

    • bryson3101 on

      +arryharry are you blind? ” let alone light that would corroborate consistently with magma flows or ground penetration. ”
      Uh, look at the entire crater again freeze the vid at :55 sec. do you not see the lights to the right of the light source? Looking down on that, dont you think that the main light source could be the caldera of a volcano, with magma off to the right that flowed out down the side or possibly underground flowing towards the volcano spout, feeding the main spout of the volcano- in which the caldera of the volcano would look exactly like a single source of light in the middle of the main light source as well.
      I actually think it’s NOT a natural phenomena, but you have to admit it could pass for a volcano with magma flows down the right side of the volcano. right??? i mean cmon! dont be that damn hard headed.

  14. Elitepoosniff on

    It`s all starting to show now, so many things are happening at an even faster rate! really exciting, I honestly think it wont be long until the world will have to just give in a realise we are not alone and never have been.


    Gotta get those minerals man…
    they wont mine themselves you know 🙂

    • secureteam10 on

      +anno636 You are correct. I was thinking about the newly discovered light on Ceres, and got myself mixed up. 🙂

    • anno636 on

      Secureteam10 Ceres is not newly discovered but it was recently upgraded to a dwarf planet from an asteroid status ,it was discovered in January 1801 ,over 100 yrs ago and its found in the asteroid belt between mars and Jupiter.

    • arryharry on

      +secureteam10 between Mars and Jupiter, more pointedly – not quite as far out as the outer gas planets. Interestingly, it’s within the asteroid belt system that separates the rock from gas planets, not sure if that’s significant but it’s incredibly suspicious why they chose to inspect it so closely and it has a huge anomaly present, right off the bat.

  16. norman no on

    Even tho I do believe in other beings in our universe. That light could be some sort of chemical reaction. There are elements u can combine on earth that emit light. Not trying to disprove anything, just think closer shots are required.

  17. erik nyjdam on

    Just a reflection off of ice huh NASA? Reflections require light do they not? One day our entire planet will no longer be living a giant lie and this “phenomenon” will be seen for what it is.

  18. Coil Smoke on

    You are right… NASA Can’t explain “The Lights On Ceres” …Because someone tells NASA …”YOU Can’t Explain Those Lights On Ceres” … to anybody

  19. Sparmi1 on

    There is another explanation. “They” know that our space probe is coming closer and closer, so they made a light show as a form of communication. This images are often no longer kept secret, because of a creeping disclosure process. As long as the mass media does not report it, these phenomena are not taken seriously…


    Was this late night? As in July 1 ? Because yesterday I was looking up at the clouds at night and I noticed an area where it looked like it was glowing I pointed it out to my cousin and her husband who is in the marines and believes in more than Just life on this rock. It looked like the moon was behind the clouds but I never seen it like that before

  21. Edward de la Rey on

    Very strange indeed. But can we really dismiss all possible other natural explanations. I open to the alien idea, but there are also many natural things still to be discovered in this solar system. Does phosphorus not glow?
    Just saying … And I have seen this craft video – also needs explaining.

  22. Chuck Mcguire on

    You are so right bro. N.A.S.A.   PUTS OUT LIE AFTER LIE after lie. Its so FUCKEDUP. we slaves are allowed to live bacause they need money, oure in particular

  23. bryson3101 on

    Here is your final card scenario people.remember it’s asteroid then aliens. Asteroid is coming to your neighborhood this summer, now you have a “dwarf planet” with an alien city. I have always thought they would say it was aliens detected 10 light years away, so cant get to us just yet, but this would be even better scenario for the govt to enact more laws and put weapons in space- that we know about. I mean, it’s close, it’s unknown, but it’s also small and puny, so we picture us as superior automatically in any scenario against them. it’ll turn out to be a remnant civilization of an alien race that inhabited Mars centuries ago, they built a city on ceres to survive the cataclysm that fell upon their planet- possibly the last passage of the Nibiru system took out mars? Anyways, this will become our enemy we have to protect ourselves against next- they will be the next terrorists we have to worry about. just saying…

  24. Naticris Tellavi on

    If anyone question about these lights on Ceres, please see the new photos and video at
    The lights and the 3 miles tall pyramids resemble the lights from the pyramids (more specific the Great Pyramid) of Giza. When I read the description of how and why the pyramids of Giza were built, in The Lost Book of Enki, you will understand what the lights on Ceres are and what they are for. The same buildings most likely by the same people and probably for the same reason.

  25. Naticris Tellavi on

    Secureteam10, Where are the pictures of Ceres you talk about, estructures on Ceres and other pictures of Ceres? You need to show them, give the links and not just mention them. I check out your channel and can’t find any other video on Ceres.

  26. Mike Becker on

    I love watching the videos you play’ none of your videos look faked… At least the ones I’ve seen…

  27. Thomas Buzzi on

    sure looks like artificial illumination. Perhaps this represents a newly discovered light source in nature, radioactive? there has been a real drop off in the firefly population around here. I suggest NASA say that that is where they have gone. Looks like fireflies, must BE fireflies.

  28. Mr Sanjose420 on

    Thank you for posting. NASA might claim they do not understand why the lights shine at night  on this planet….I can tell you it is clearly a base of operations for someone…
    I think it is an alien base that we are looking at. NASA tried to say it was the sun reflecting but when the planet moves to the dark side the light shines just as bright.

  29. zlwaffleslz on

    Why can’t aliens just contact us!!! Just think about hangin out with aliens our age and talking about space and what they know and their planet! It would so cool dude

  30. saxecoburggothas UK on

    Notice how the light seems to be atop a square structure,  i already made a video on what this could be……. a pyramid ,

  31. Frank Anderson on

    they shut up about this, about ceres all together. and it was not nasa, this is a nine and a half year old mission being operated out of john hopkins.

  32. Diana Fronsdahl on

    I’ve always wondered why NASA uses the excuse for almost every “bright light” sighting on other planets, moons, etc… by saying that it is probably “ice”…
    Since when can you see “shiny ice” from space? I’m not blinded by ice cubes in my drink when I’m out in the sun… 😉 Can we see arctic ice shining like a lighthouse guiding you to earth while in space? It seems like such a lame explanation…they aren’t even trying anymore!
    Why can’t NASA at least entertain the possibility, PUBLICLY, that these anomalies could be something more than “nothing”, a “camera malfunction”, or “swamp gas”, lol?? 
    I’m not saying that some things don’t just have normal scientific explanations… but it seems like for NASA, it’s 100% off the list of possibilities for something to be explained as alien, or even just as something new that we’ve never seen before. I have no doubt that they know the real truth about most of these things & are playing dumb. A little too dumb, lol! 😉
    It reminds me of the “tether experiment” footage where there are CLEARLY hundreds of UFO’s literally SWARMING the tether & the surrounding area, & they don’t even mention them! It’s hilarious to listen to! Calling it “space debris”!! Nobody who watches that footage would call it “space debris”… 
    That’s why I don’t bother with ANYTHING NASA says anymore. I do not even consider them a reliable, scientific source! They lie about so much, & alter so many photos. They have too much history of manipulating evidence to be taken seriously…!!

  33. Rich Roach on

    I have been waiting for NASA to release pictures from the June 30 flyby, which was the closest yet.  They told us all about it, but I haven’t seen a thing.

  34. Kevin Hillman on

    These Pricks are pumping out this Crap, and there is no way that they can be held accountable.  “Only in the Good Old USA”?

  35. TheJewelOfJool on

    The exposure on these images are increased greatly before NASA posts them. these spots are probably much darker on the dark side of Ceres.

  36. Moon Doggey on

    Gotta love the alien propaganda campaign.  I used to crack up watching the ‘scientists’ on the tv show ‘Ancient Aliens’.

  37. Raymond warren on

    I believe what we have here is a vent, well perhaps several vents created by meteor strikes that have allowed material to vent out from within the dwarf planet. The material appears to be almost like a thick volcanic lava in consistency and if you have noticed, half of the lights in the crater appear to fade to very dim, this I believe is caused by the smoke venting out. The brighter light is an opening that is too large to be hidden by whatever the smoke contains and the slag that is thrown out is very much like molten material.

    Why the material is not yellow of reddish in color, I cannot explain except to say that this dwarf planet may be tossing out a magnesium like substance that is able to burn without oxygen. It is noticeable that the Equator seems to be the haven for most of the bright spots but the Pyramid structure and other craters also show signs of this material. It is very likely that the pyramid is part of a meteor that has become stuck in the surface without smashing to pieces and that a later meteor has crashed right in front of it throwing material up onto the pyramid.

    The bright spots are clearly venting from time to time and this can only mean that some kind of reaction is happening within the planet. Of course, this is only my opinion but it is based on what I can see and if you look closely at each photograph, you will notice exactly what I have described.


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