Alien Snake Found On Mars? CIA Fakes Moon Landing & More! 9/16/16

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  1. Conor Price on

    I think NASA sent a rover to mars and found much more then what they expected and didnt want to show us, so they send rovers to places on earth and pretend there on mars. Thats just what I think.

  2. Echo Vixen on

    the snake dosent look like a snake to me it has the main “finger/toe” and a smaller second one on either side there’s also another one next to it if u look close enough

  3. Kyle Dern on

    if you follow the “snake” back to under the rock, it looks like the snake, or tenticle could be attached to something larger and even has light reflection from its eye. like it is hiding from getting its picture taken.

  4. Ben Dover on

    That snake creature and crab may be one in the same creature. If you look at the snake, there appears to be glowing eyes under the rock (meaning it has a larger body like the crab creature — maybe the snake is actually tentacles from the crab creature but most of it is hidden under the rock?

  5. Richie Pearce on

    Look at it this way. If aliens sent a rover to earth and it landed in the desert or antarctica. They would naturally assume a desolate planet. Plenty more to explore but I believe that everything left behind on mars is buried beneath the dust. Or maybe it’s opposed to earth. They live on the inside as we live on the surface. Just a thought

  6. Redman X666 on

    when Yankee look at the so called snake,does the ROCK surface (left of snake)not look like a LION head, teeth,eyes, mouth.look at it like a cloud,make up your own mind.

  7. Maruna Junttila on

    It might be a snake, a tube, a plant root, a wine, an ornament  or anything we don’t know nothing about the Mars thanks for your NASA  what has having their fun in Mars.

  8. pranav arneja on

    The only possible explanation is the NASA using the rengineered space ships , sending the earthly animals on the Martian Surface , and seeing how the blend in the environment. These are not Alien Creatures but earthly beings whose bodies have modified due to the lack of water and food, a pure mutation

  9. michael sullivan on

    Tyler, sorry mate but that looks nothing like a snake unless you really want it to and you convince yourself. If I was shown that picture without being prompted, I definitely wouldn’t think snake. It is a part of the terrain, The natural world is not designed in straight lines and neat curves like a car.

  10. Sol Jah on

    whats on nasa emblem a snake tongue, what was in the garden of eden a snake, elites are snakes, never a straight answer are fucking with folk ?

  11. Jonathan Reyes on

    Has anyone tried to contact Tyler by email and get a message that says the email you have messaged is a non-existent email address?

  12. James Davis jr on

    Yet another great post Tyler keep’um coming!!! And lest we forget about the radiation leaking from fuckUSshima!!!!

  13. Yokatswan Yup on

    Hey Tyler. Love your videos. Just a question. If Mars is a desert, how does the drones get such clear pictures? Just wondering. Thanks

  14. retina storm on

    looks like a piece of rope held in place by a bracket to me it, i doubt a snake that small would be hanging on by its tail poking its head up

  15. hell man on

    I think what you see in the “snakepicture” is not the body and head of a snake like creature, but more the tail of a lizard like organism, becaus if you look more on the left side under the stone, you can also see something that looks more like a lizards head, wich an dark eye in the middle, reflecting the sunlight a little bit.

    But this could also mean that this picture wasn’t taken on mars but earth, and the people creating this scene were not careful enough.

  16. Paradise City on

    there are insectoid beings that are indigenous to Mars, whom are intelligent like us, they just look different.

  17. samasia skipperable on

    I wish I knew someone that would go to this movie with me. It’s on Pacs birthday too. I’m referring to the advertisement on this vid which is All Eyez On Me.

  18. samasia skipperable on

    Maybe that rabbitoid is a mars version of a Fennec Fox❓❓The cranium could be some type is sculpture too and the snake looks like something I’ve seen that was part of some alien from an old film or show that had tentacles not like octopus it may come to me after wracking my brain. Could be war of the worlds or something along that line.

  19. Mark Warner on

    If that so called rabbit vanished, then how come you did not show an image of it not being there anymore? I’m sorry dude, but if u want people to take u seriously when u make certain claims, then u need to produce the damn evidence.

  20. Uwe B on

    Insects, worms, and other small creatures who need few water and have some protection on their skin from the sun have some survival chances, and so they live. That’s nothing to keep secret, but to publish. Just research.

  21. Melissa Evans on

    It really looks like there is more to the snake on Mars, It looks like a big black eye if you look more in between the rocks. And the trucks are either movie props and or for fun. There are not zombies or mutants running around. If the government was up to something they would hide it, it wouldn’t be so blatant

  22. 30Chompi on

    Lmao some of these are so bad. The moon pic, the airplane window reflections and the zombie vehicles are just silly. My goodness!

  23. Honda Shadow on

    look I really love your channel but the airplane deal come on the first is the flash from the camera and the second looks like a reflection of the seats dome light on the other side just saying lol

  24. alkdkfjjaflk akllkjfk on

    To the left of the tentacle is a reddish body with a large black eye. Secureteam10 should take another look and mention it for about 10 seconds on a recap. I think it changes the perspective.

  25. Spìrít gïrl on

    I see another tenticle coming out to the left of the “snake”. I think it could actually be a huge martian octopus/huge monster thing. Maybe it just slithers its arms out looking for food or whatever. Who knows, its just another possibility. ✌👽

  26. Stephen Skipp on

    I Googled the Zombie Response Team…. well lets just say that it is citizens who make up the team. They say that they are to respond to any pandemic, or viral outbreak or just some nut job as the site says…… You can also buy the decal stickers on Amazon!.You should Google it for your self and see!!!

  27. Cameron Sparkman on

    I have a zombie response team logo on my Chevy Impala in Southeast Ohio. Bought it offline stuck it on. All ready for zombie outbreak! lol

  28. Aurinkohirvi on

    And it’s not one “snake”. It’s two snakes, or two tentacles. The other one is slightly above the one which was pointed out.

  29. possessied after doing ouijaboard on

    Brilliance Tyler puts his heart and sole into his work ,one of the best investigaters the world has ever seen .Respect tyler

  30. Wayne Rainey on

    Tyler, looks to me like it’s segmented and has legs like a giant centipede. It even looks to have pincers. Take another look, it even seems to have the tell tale triple leg sets if you look closely. And the ‘rabbit’ is the back or tail end of one of those centipedes going under the sand. check out google pics and you will see that the bigger centipedes have 2 bigger thicker feeler type things at their tail ends (the bunny ears). I have seen these things in other pictures but with the red ‘rusty’ obfuscation overlay and deliberate creative blurring NASA adds make these things hard to spot .

  31. Dennis Gorman on

    are you that gullible, regarding the zombie response team? just do a Google search, come on dude it is zombie mania people playing with their cars , I mean vw bugs with machine guns

  32. Jose Gallardo on

    to the left of the snake in the shadow it looks like the head of an alien with the glossy eye and to the right the rock looks like a head of the creature in the Aztec calender, anyways probably going to delete these videos until capture a video of an alien myself and I’ve seen a few strange lights in the sky before to know they exist


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