Alien Portal Appears Over Australia During Lightning Storm? 1/6/2016


Credit to Johnson Thompson
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Music: Spellbound by Keven Macleod
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Date: April 17, 2017

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  1. zack thunder on

    aliens are demons,no aliens from another world,thats only lies,there is going to be a great alien deception,,no aliens only demons from another dimension GOD BLESS,AND TJOSE SOPOSLEY ALIENS WHEN THEY APPEAR THEY LEAVE A STRANGE SMELL LIKE BURN METAL SOME THING LIKE THAT

  2. all good on

    question! usually when we see a lightening in the sky we also hear a funder sound right? but why here we don’t hear anything? if it was a finder ball it should still make a sound I think.

  3. Joseph Stout on

    In my humble opinion guys, there are at least a couple solid reasons as to why you’ve made it to 212, 961 subscribers and should have so many more. For one, you don’t put just any old video up on your channel. You are very discerning and have enough respect for your viewers not to throw up just some crap-ass content like so many others do, just to add new videos. And secondly, you don’t make outrageous claims or make definitive conclusions about individual clips. You state the facts as you see them, but you seem much more interested in your audience’s opinion than your own; making us part of your channel and content. Great formula guys and great channel! I trust I won’t be wasting my time when I open up Secureteam10. Thanks for the respect. That’s hard to find in this arena on the best of days! PS: BALL LIGHTNING, MY LILY WHITE ASS!!!

  4. Dean Minnis on

    GT Jets make that exact circular glow and after effect and as for the ball lightning, such electrical phenomena has been known to occur in the atmosphere for centuries but only understood the past several decades. It is known by most as “Ball Lightning”.

  5. Roka on

    Canbra has been home to many forms of aliens over many years the most notable aliens being in the form woman called Julia Gillard.

  6. Crazy Schitt on

    hi, im from germany, i looked out of my window and see a gigantic/big lightball for one/two seconds, i was not sure and look again, but nothing. now i see that video and i think its either a nature phenomenon or a any ufo phenomenon. no time in my life my eyes joke me, but this was gigantic monster gigantic. and the weather was rainy,
    sry for my bad english ^^ im open for more
    1 question, when the video was filmed? 🙂

  7. Xombie on

    I live in Melbourne in the State of Victoria, and this is the first I have seen or heard of this. Was not on main stream media here.

  8. Bjørn Ove Johansen on

    This is excactly the same “sphere” that was over norway in around 2011. Thay said it was the russians that was testing a missile, but what the hell. Pretty sure they are hiding something now when i saw this.. search alta, norway strange light in sky.

  9. Alburps Einstein on

    Look, this is all very nice, and I’m sure I don’t have to speak on their behalf, but I am also sure that Australia thanks you for remembering we are on the map at all and that we aren’t Antarctica, but I was only looking for REAL FOOTAGE OF ST. ELMOS FIRE!!! WHERE IS IT ALL?!!

  10. Alburps Einstein on

    You’ve probably been told the correct pronunciation a few times now, but probably also by people who have never read the phonetics list in the beginning of a dictionary and who have never used The Encyclopaedia Britannica. To pronounce “Canberra” correctly, imagine a “burr” that is from a cactus or prickle, then imagine someone whose occupation it is to “burr” a “can” (as if that could happen) this then would be obviously a “can-burrer”, with the stress on the first syllable, as if you were arguing about whether the person was a jamjar-burrer or a bottle-burrer, or a CAN-burrer. There’s of course another way, which is to imagine it’s Scottish, like some royalty do who talk like *omitted*, and then it might be easier, if you try to imagine that perhaps when they landed here in the 1700’s that they named it Kenborough, but couldn’t spell. This of course is not the case, as our spelling is without pear. oops. where’s my liquid paper.

  11. Alburps Einstein on

    you wanted to know what I think? thoughts. why? anyway, I’m probably your 2000th subscriber so can I please have a prize? I’ll give you a tip, since you’re American (they always believe in tips) … When lecturers give an essay assignment in college or university and they say it has to be 1000 words long, they are trying to help you keep to the point, and also are trying to avoid having to live a hundred years to finish the marking. When you ring the police because there has been a burglar, they don’t ask you to recall your wedding, so, it follows that when you do a shitload of youtubes, we need a process to help us feel more like lecturing policemen. Just axe the crappy ones. Serious, not taking the piss, a “good photographer” takes 50 photos of his subject, then scraps 49 of them, or maybe shows you 3 to choose from. This is how they always seem to have good photos. You can do it like this, that’s how good photographers get to be TV producers. (I produced a TV once, but only out of a cardboard box… still quite a feat… but, no-one cared. )

  12. life paz on

    light boll is no you see the extrene aurora, second dimension, diferent sky man, big portallllllllll eso era otra dimension sevio otro tipo de atmofera la aurora mira cuando se daparese es como si hubiese mirado otro tipo holograma que seve y despue desaparece el flash o la luz es el que sero la vision eso no es natural algo o alguien quieren avisarno de algo man

  13. Mind Set on

    aliens exist we need aliens for evolution watch the first people documentary you’ll have a better understanding were i’m coming from when i say that peace.

  14. kaz3d on

    i’m Australian and from Sydney, i agree with OP. There’s not much that goes on in Canberra… just a small city town where nothing happens. Just the parliament house where you can see paintings of politicians. Unless these politicians are alien reptile in disguise. makes sense why our federal government continually goes through power struggles.

  15. PeteGeorgopoulos on

    I’m pretty sure this is the magnetic portal. when the magnetic rings close, there is a weird energy tunnel that forms end to end of the ring. that explains the green which occurs as a result of the energy of these points.

  16. Ninmah on

    Hello secureteam10, I have to say that many imbeciles are on this planet who try to discredit the UFOs for their own purpose; you do a great job and thanks to many of these fine people we are better informed about what is going on around us. But about the once who do photos jokes and post it they are also imbeciles especially if they do not get any penny for it. Shame on them to induce in error people who are thirsty for truth, because we have swallowed so many lies until now from many crooks. I applaud you secureteam 10. Well done. I will always believe in you.

  17. gabriel martinez on

    this is exactly what I saw a few months ago over my hometown in San Diego…. I swear people were calling it a flair because it had a bright orange light at the tip and a tail of smoke trailing it before it blew up in the sky just like this video shows but my guess is that it was an alien spacecraft that was hit and smoking, in need of fleeing battle, it jumped into its portal after hyper speeding through the air. it looked the exact same leaving the same ring and everything… but that’s just me being skeptical and thinking wishfully

  18. orzart on

    secureteam10 you are the only decent ufo channel ! please share your sources with us ! is there some reddit pages , forums that are not moronic ?

  19. keo on

    did no one else hear that shockwave sound shortly after portal opening? the delayed sound sounded pretty accurate given how far this happened from the camera.

  20. T0xiC Pl4gu3 on

    hey guys I’m sorry and I don’t want the rain on your parade and please don’t get mad at me but it’s not real the guy who made this told the media the it was a simulation I hope you guys understand

  21. lilly waters on

    Anywhere in The MT kosiosko Park is Good For Sky Watching. There Were Loud HARP Sounds During August – September 2015

  22. mrsmerily on

    Ball lightning is really interesting happening that science has no explanation. So do not discard that so easy. I have heard stories where it has come through open window to the room. In my country they are talking about story where farmer went and hit it with stick. Nothing happened to him, but it went to the animals and explode killing the cows as a revenge. This of course can be so called urban legend but this story has been around ages.

  23. X-oduZ EUPHORIA on

    ive seen a ufo with my own eyes… actually two separate times thoe ..on both occasions ive seen them leave the earth… they would get smaller and smaller until you see a light.. a blink … like a star for about a second and after that the ufo was gone

    if you tell me… that must of been a huge aircraft leaving the earth

  24. CH3353N1NJ45 on

    1. Its pronounced Can-Bra.
    2. Bronwyn Bishop taxpayer funded joke made me chuckle.
    3. Keep up the good work mate.

    Cheers, from a fan in Australia.

  25. Calvin Gallen on

    The so called Aurora that is present before the ‘ball lightning’ strike takes place also disapper when the ball does!?

  26. M F Lunatic Blo on

    This is HAARP at night, if this is done at daytime, the population will suffer severe UV radiation harms , even death. It,s not a portal but a hole in the ionosphere.Check your internet info on this.

  27. Raging Butterfly on

    cam – bear – a. ahahahaha cant stop laughing its pronounced cam-brah or cam-ber-ah said as one word. i bet we do the same aswell.

  28. Jack Kelly on

    saw a similar thing in canberra, look upspiral light harp over australia around 2011 i think. i make music i think the aliens are coming for me

  29. crazy crys on

    I heard it was becuase of the lighting. but idk. I’m more into the alien and portal and all that lol so who’s down? let’s go into it ! lol

  30. kenny Dude on

    but but the ball lightning u showed us had lighting thingies around it but this one has like no lightning things .

  31. mrkevintubes on

    You started as a simple research channel and still are. You need to learn how and where to source your data and research. Greatly lacks credibility. Probably a ball of lightning that started away from the camera and worked its way towards the camera.

  32. Christopher Fleming on

    I know im late but i just got this thought, ninja turtles 2016 = portal, Ghost busters 2016= portal, suicide squad = portal ??? connection

  33. Onlythefaithful one on


  34. Bitter Clinger on

    Grew up in Orlando FL, lightening capital of the world as we called it. Never once saw “ball” lightening, so you can take that terminology to dismiss UFO activity and wipe your asses with it, it’s total horseshit. I think you could safetly say I’ve withnessed hundreds of thousands of lightening strikes. Not one, I repeat not ONE “ball lightening” event, ever.

  35. Z-Series on

    Oh fuck yes my city Canberra! I was debating whether it was Canberra or Adelaide but it turns out its my home town! Legend

    And I don’t remember when this happened XD. I was still living in the city when you uploaded this video, now i am residing in Adelaide.

  36. Writers Ink on

    hey there. I’m a Canberra resident and I can tell you that we do have an aurora during winter months. I can also tell you that something eary is going on here. the cities atmosphere has changed dramatically and it has been since around the date of this event in the sky. the nights seem darker there is a growing impatience and frustration across the city. also I have been dreaming in last few months about a major event.i saw a kind of portal and strange beings taking over the minds of humans. I saw them in doctors bodies and they were cutting the people up exploring our workings. it was frightening and strange as I have never been one to believe in aliens. I found your video because I have been looking for anything that correlates with my dreams and intuition . very scary .I have always been intuitive and prophetic.

  37. zeus and hera on

    gees it is funny the way you AMERICAN’s pronounce the names of our AUSTRALIAN STATES ,CITIES and TOWNS!! lol that is not how CANBERRA is meant to be pronounced!!


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