Alien Planets BUSTED Communicating? Putin’s Nibiru Warning! 10/13/16

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    if nibiru is gonna disrupt our solar system thn why didnt it do it before.afterall it is allegedly revolving around the sun.

  2. cadet prepper on

    the us fighter jets I reckon that they will be order to strike anywhere in the world to make it look like the Russians did it

  3. pasqualeredo on

    Look at the VAST amount of different species and life forms on THIS planet that exist in environments here that are so greatly different fromeachother that their alien to eachother.

  4. Donald Youngs on

    nubiru is real, however its not called that, do some research secure, i like you video’s but there is evidence, however it goes by another name, its past pluto also called planet x

  5. The Truth Hurts. on

    There was going to be a false flag event. But Clinton didn’t win and all the Russian involvement was proven to be a lie.

  6. Anonymityisdead1984 on

    We’ve been visited before by many kinds of ETs. It’s just that lately, self-serving parasite aliens are in collusion with self-serving parasite humans to control humanity and parasite off of it. They BOTH keep the nice ETs away as best they can, because the nice ones keep telling us about these parasites, human and otherwise. They’re more of the “treat others the way you would want to be treated” types as opposed to the abuse others until you have to run away like a scoundrel types like our elites. Don’t take my word for it. Listen to various self-proclaimed ET contactees like Alex Collier and Corey Goode.

  7. Aden Scott on

    Secureteam10 I would like to thank you for calming my fears. I’m 14 and lately I was very scared about the world ending because of niribu. I trust and believe you so thanks to you I am no longer scared. I believe aliens exist and I hope that maybe someday I can help you out with information and anything you need. I hope that someday I could possibly work with you. And once again thank you for calming my fears

  8. JRC3 on

    So you havent read Sitchin yet? Nibiru is detailed in the ancient Sumerian Texts and retold in The Christian Bible as Wormwood or in Egyptian “the destroyer”. Cmon man, this is the root of your UFO path, it is the heart of prophecy, it is the source of the new world ordeer no proof of anything but MUCH evidence like ufos in general so as much as i like your channel I have to call you on this one Putin theory probably BS but GO READ SITCHIN as you say there is no real source.

  9. jake sims on

    why do we believe that we are going to destroy are selves, sure there’s gonna be conflicts in the future but we need to move on from fighting and myths, mis beliefs,i don’t know how but i believe that will’ll find a way to in enlighten are self as a spices and there will be no conflict.

  10. TRIBUNAL 1 on

    we enter this world through the female womb isn’t it logical that the womb may be the portal to other realities as well??just the right frequency to crack it open.

  11. Stuart De la mare on

    If you can buy a roll up TV screen surly you can wrap any government craft with their high end versions and give it a type of digital invisibility cloak

  12. degrandmjr on

    If some thing like Nibiru  was to hit us or come by us there is not a lot we can do about it . just in joy your life and don`t worry about it

  13. monaliza sachs on

    It’s March 2017 now..the future lol and they NASA has come out to say that there is another planet of our solar system and they say they haven’t found it?yet but, it’s 100% a fact so Tyler you where kinda wrong to 100% debunk this theory. .and there is a lot of video Web cam footage and people’s personal video clips of this in our skies. .chem trails are helping hide this fact from the world population..I mean it would be total chaos if this where released before the fact..just believe in Jesus Christ and you will have nothing to worry about

  14. Ron Hunter on

    If it hasn’t already been asked and answered, is our solar system participating in this group of stars communicating back and forth? Also, when I was in the Navy in the ’70s we had aircraft painted as adversaries in the agressor squadrons as part of top gun and other squadrons. Nothing new there. Certainly it is not sinister in its self.

  15. J. Williams on

    I’m not worried about Nibiru. Wasn’t worried about 2012. Remember – we all died from Y2K!!
    Actually I wasn’t worried about Y2K either, I was too busy updating 300+ company computers. 🙂
    THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!!! – SOME DAY!! I’ll worry about it the day after.

  16. Ken Dye on

    ETs using lasers to communicate? Sounds like they’re no more “advanced” than we are, if that’s the case. We’re already delving into Quantum communication. Read up on what Einstein called “Spooky action at a distance.” It’s INSTANTANEOUS — there is no “light speed barrier” involved there. Distance is not a factor.

  17. Martin law on

    you might have to review this subject tyler. as stargazer live on bbc2 with brain cox. are on the hunt for this 9th planet. Australia have some org set up called anu.

  18. Strrasha1 on

    That putin thing was in 2016, when they did the 40 million personnel nuclear drill, in case a conflict should have arose with the WEST. Does no one here recall all that tension last year? lol

  19. tbird 55 on

    It is now 6 months later than this news report, but last week there was a video on youtube that was from NASA, announcing a brown dwarf star with 8 planets. I can’t find it anymore. I thought about the many volcanoes erupting now and wondered if this system was causing that.

  20. Max Daddy on

    I have seen only one ufo sighting probably better than any other ive seen on video. it was simillar to this but it had and extra one so it looked like the southern cross. I asked myself the southern cross is usually on its side. but this one was up straight. next thing all 4 lights that looked like stars joined together like in a second and a brighter light flashed next thing it was right above me in less than a second. when that happen i looked at it right above me with no lights like it was aware i could see it. because of the speed of the thing i said to myself while I was looking at it. this is not real i turned and just walked away my mind didn’t want to deal with it. until i saw a bit of blurry footage on one of Tylers videos. and all memories came flooding back . didn’t look like a saucer it was a galatic looking ship. no sound no light and aware that I was aware of it. and cause there were no reports of this i ignored it till secure team brought back the memories cheers . just wanted to share

  21. Erik Coulombe on

    Tyler the world has come to an end many times in the past,and it will come to an end again. Only time stands in the way of the next earth age.

  22. The Spanish Inquisition on

    Maybe the cloak generators are in the corners and it can only cloak around the whole body but it has to leave the corners uncloaked because of not sufficient tech? just an idea….

  23. Lin Bat on

    Nibiru has now been photographed by many telescopes and hundreds of pictures by everyday people. You can’t deny the double sunsets and pics of multiple planets in the sky plus the brown dwarf star Nemesis around the world in addition to the effects of gravitational pull on several planets in addition to the incredible and record breaking weather changes around the world. The Cal Tech scientists that set out to disprove the planet’s existence have now said that they have proved that there is a 99.99% chance that this planet exists because of the effects it is having on Earth, etc. and in fact NASA has a contest to those who first find the exact location. Sorry you were wrong on this one, Tyler. I love you dearly but knew you would have to eat your words on this one. Pretty good track record though, you’ve only been wrong twice since I’ve been watching you 🙂

  24. Robin Phillips on

    The US Airforce bought 25 russian jets about five years ago. This was a legitamate puchase and its on record!

  25. Aubrey Langlois on

    Sigh, I liked the “Nibiru” theory. I never thought it would hit earth or it was ever supposed to come to an end. It was just a fascinating conversation, especially with so many mythical stories about Nibiru in mythological history.
    Tyler, I love your videos and watch them daily. I’m not going to “debate” you to the Nibiru side, but I have some issues with how you phrased your need for proof for Nibiru when your channel and your beliefs on aliens could have the same things said about it to people who don’t believe in “aliens”. I mean, not everything you show is necessarily and shouldn’t necessarily be used as proof.
    This isn’t a personal attack, sir. Don’t take it as such. But please be open-minded and read about everything whether you believe it or not. 5 years ago and I was a staunch disbeliever in aliens. Now, I realize there’s some things about the universe I clearly don’t know or fully understand. It doesn’t mean I believe you and everything you say as the “god’s gospel”(I don’t believe in God), but I still listen because your videos are good and worth listening to.
    Anyway, man. Thanks for the videos and please be a bit more open-minded. Later.

  26. TRIPPLE-H'S DIK on

    dear god please let there be aliens , let them roam freely , hard long nob ends swaying nonchalantly in the wind as they brush by us in the street,let them come to worship the human fall ice , let them errect our civilisation finally and totally so we can jizz together as one,thus calling god back down to earth where he will suck our might collective super-dik!!!!

  27. Joseph sideman on

    Good news ! right, this is very good propaganda to prepare the population for, eventually, they will have to spill the beans and acknowledge that we’re in contact with, at least, a few different races of aliens and with us from the future. Beside a few privileged, no one knows for sure about the real HISTORY of Humanity, not the STORY we’re brainwashed with from the birth to the grave. Keep at it, you’re doing a great job spreading the information they’re keeping for themselves. Peace and Love to Humanity !

  28. Tim Shine on

    a afew months ago on uk tv they was asking what to name a new planet that there saying might be there and its in the same place as planet x is

  29. Kimberly Weaver on

    5/26/17….. i think that’s why trump is in office now not taking sides but numbers dont lie look at who the people wanted in and who’s in there now…. . just saying…. I think there covering something up

  30. Sic_Shadow on

    there is another planet between the size of earth and neptune. way out by the oort cloud. ( i might be a theory still?) but all the evidence is there. it would be on a stable orbit @secureteam

  31. john wilder on

    not only did i see nibiru down that well, it made me forget to set my alarm this morning. i woke up after 11. i could just kill nibiru

  32. alison fu on

    its obvious the three lighs are part of one object.probably man made. ufo lights do not usually flash or stay fixed. our government has been reverse engineering ufos for a long time. the body is probably invisible somehow.

  33. Yummy Fairlady on

    Tyler I’m in total agreement with you on this Planet X Nibiru stuff out there on Youtube, if there was any Validity to it why do there feel the need to use a Overlay on the picture of the Video of Offical TV new Station or Us some Doctor said this, or NASA gives a warning when they didn’t or Dr. Greer Said this about Nibiru and when you watch there Video that Person of that Official Body Like NASA Said Nothing of the sort if there was Validity to what there saying Why on earth LIE? That’s my Point..

  34. Death Blooms on

    The USAF, Navy, and Marines all paint aircraft in the “Aggressor” scheme which not only resembles Russian aircraft but many different countries that the Military believe we may have to engage at some point. I myself have been involved in the painting of these aircraft. Most Air Force Aggressors are stationed in Alaska and Nevada and aren’t just used as a mock enemy for other aircraft but ground troops as well. Exercises are run in which every branch of the Military take part as if they were fighting a real war. The most effective Military is the one that can work together through all branches for the greater good.

  35. dante theinferno89 on

    what if its not a ship the 3 lights but a lasser msg from another planet or ship some were els . kinda like a test by showing us shapes to see if we can understand what a shape is . watch maybe they start makeing diffrent shapes. sorry about my spelling not sayin i beleave this but kinda an idea i just got .

  36. short sighteddog on

    Prof. Brian Cox is not the type to research off earth life/ufos therefore like millions other ppl ..know nothing about it… so to them its all fiction. I know nothing about his “Quantum Physics” yet i would not say it dont exist.

  37. Jesus Gotay on

    all of ya people with your retarted replys, you need to be more serious smh who ever believes were the only one is real ignorant

  38. gerald dorrian on

    looking back, now that we know trump lost his bid for the presidency, and we now as of june 2017 have hillary as the first female president i wonder if putin will come clean about nibiru?


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