ALIEN Outposts On Moon & Mars? Whistleblower Exposes Nasa Lies 7/24/16

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  1. Anne Prou Prou on

    J ai beaucoup aime. Très étrange en effet le dôme le bilding il s en passe. sur Mars. Magnifique de survoler les objets déjà montré par Secueteam 10. Merci Tyler bon travail.

  2. doggies00 on

    I recall when your videos were about 7 to 10 minutes long, now you just dribble on & on about the same thing in your videos in some lame attempt to put us to sleep… Whats the deal mate, why make videos so long & just keep repeating the same lines over & over…??? I like your channel but fair suck of the sav mate, keep it simple & stop with all the dribbling, there is no reason to go on & on & on about a 10 second video that to be honest isnt very interesting.. Now you just keep repeating shit, half the stuff in this video you have shown numerous times…

  3. Chris Wright on

    So catching up on your Videos and for some reason starting at 16:13 part of the video screamed to me Black Knight Satellite.

  4. Randy Cox on

    each image is identical do I need to say more. all you do get a bunch of paranoid people to these whatever you call them “videos” come on man

  5. Ryan Larivee on

    Ring clouds are obviously either Massive cloaked craft that have, while remaining stationary, clouds pass over them. This would explain the ring shape because of the moisture clinging to the cool surface. I may also be that these are formed by an object moving upward through clouds, but this is much less likely due to the perfectness of the ring on the inside. If it would be caused by an object or hot air rapidly rising through the cloud, the inside of the ring would retain a more chaotic pattern found commonly in nature. I personally think that there is something physical there causing the clouds to act this way, after all, If we just imagine that in those photos that there was a visible object there we wouldn’t have to question why the clouds are acting that way, it would be obvious.

  6. Andy on

    Tyler, Here`s a thought for you to ponder : On looking at all those images of rocks and, cut Boulders, do you not think that a Catastrophy there could be a more recent thing than in Ancient times ? Look at those Stone Blocks again – there`s not much in the way of Dust or, Sand over them. If they are Ancient, you`d think the Winds would have covered them over by now

  7. Myron Mason on

    This is one of my first comments on one of your videos and I have this to say: 30 is NOT old! I am sure you are joking though lol.

  8. FoxDragon1 on

    19:38 I was hoping someone got a picture of that! I’m from pensacola as well and saw it clear as day!! There was another one popped up early morning about two weeks ago too.

  9. Jacob Smith on

    Aren’t those domes just the top half of the meteor/asteroids that made the crater in the first place? I like watching your videos for a different POV on stuff but saying its 100% evidence really bugs me sometimes lol. Cause its definitely not 100% evidence.

  10. Sk_Chapel on

    that ring clouds (18:40) looks like the ones that are formed around a giant electromagentic flux.
    it could be some really shady business happening below earth surface, sort of similar effects of the hadron collider wich happen to create pertubations of that source in the sky .
    or it could be the haarp machine, the area of effect of haarp can shoot energy pulse of that size and it happen to create that kind of reaction where the energy ricochet hits..

  11. Cloudy011 on

    30 old? If I was your wife I be afraid of turning 30 which will happen. She’s not because you wouldn’t be saying that! Being old at 30 shows the intelligence of sticking to youth instead of experienced with time. Being 59 yesterday, glad I witness a world full of beauty that does not exist any more and never will again where grand parents were respected and not just free money when they die, children had manners knew their p!ace in stead of bossing around young parents who cater to every need and lose them selves in a 4 yrs old want patterns..and it shows, the changes started 30 years ago. UFO and aliens. I am dealing with reptilians who live over 2500 years. Everything on this channel is showing a build up of beings coming from everywhere to finish a battle ..suspended from over 25,000 years ago. Earth rested, Adam the flood, then Jesus and now us today at the finish of the beginning of a war humans are not involved too but good job proving what I am saying is true..keep up the good work..little one! Lol sorry

  12. R T on

    Dude do you seemingly nonchalantly said your old in way that I’m sure just pissed off a few of your subscribers. 30 is actually old and it’s when your mitochondria actually start telling your body to begin it slow decay but did you have to really go that far with Velcro shoes and arthritis? I happen to a have an uncle that is 80 that does not have it nor does he wear a velcro shoes he actually still Mountain hikes in The Laguna Mountains. He is a members of the hells angels.


    When You reach 60+ & suffer arthritis, heart attack & have difficulty walking due to degenerative bone disease like many elderly people you can joke about it then my friend, experience excuses humour…
    I know you are only kidding, but I do find your remarks a little insensitive & somewhat offensive as I am a sufferer of the aforementioned, these ailments are nothing to take light heartedly or joke about, it’s no fun, I can assure you…
    At least you can open your present unaided…
    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look for any sympathy, there are many people who suffer far worse than ever I do…
    May I suggest you stick to what your good at my friend, which is why I follow your channel & watch your video uploads…
    Have a Great 30th & appreciate your health & youth while you have it (yes I said youth, all things have relevance!)…
    I really wish I had that chance again, you got that chance now, you will understand what I’ve said when you do reach 60+…
    Thanks for the great Videos my friend…👍

  14. we are the BEESKIES I b Tommy B on

    I look at the moon a lot with my telescope. I ALWAYS am able to see lights scattered all around the surface. They are not uniform, but there are many in seemingly random fashion that probably actually is NOT random, but there SURE ARE lights that seem to be different than sunlight. I don’t know if it is reflection from sunlight off of shiny objects or if illumination is from some other source. it is very interesting

  15. skyboundpilot on

    “You as see this isn’t a Chinook Helicopter”……How the hell can anybody “see” that it’s *not* a Chinook? It’s a blurry mess taken with a poor phone camera video with a shitty frame rate and resolution.. IT very well cloud be a Heli traveling fast….so the rotor blades look odd due to the slow frame rate recording.

  16. skyboundpilot on

    I think my favorite thing about Tyler’s video is the ominous and mysterious music. It’s what keeps me coming back!

  17. Young Tommy on

    He’s 30? He sounds like he’s 15 lol and what’s he talking about arthritis, lol he needs to workout more


    “Happy birthday Tyler!” God Bless! and a wonderful year for you and yours! Great job on this video as all your videos are true to inform and relay the messages of hope and knowledge. cosmiccrazy!

  19. Samuel on

    10:49 That cable looks like it goes into that mine opening next to those three structures in the side of that ridge.

  20. Richard Marqua on

    The MOON. It was hard to loose my man in the moon, no, it is Bugs bunny riding a bicycle. Yes there is a base there. Several. Not ours nor anyone else that anyone would know. They have not been combative toward us. not yet. We nuked the moon not to long ago. Not very smart. But what do you expect from those running the space program? It is my belief that our Dulce’ battle with the Quarians (Zetas) would have gone the wrong way had it not been for the arrival of their craft. (moon). They are also at war with the Zeta. A battle between their two fleets was shown at the Vienna NATO Conference on Extraterrestrials a couple of years back..

  21. Brian Turner on

    I have got to hand it to you. I subscribe to many sites like yours. Vey big interest to me. While most do not spend enough time on an item so you can absorb the content,or the host Is eating or drinking , your site gives me enough time to digest the content. Thank-you.

  22. MrKorrigan44 on

    Happy Birthday from France, buddy!!! Old man… LOL your nooooot. Happy to follow your channel every freaking day

  23. Tonya Manning on

    Very late happy Birthday! This Mars video is new to me, but before you circled what I obviously seen was a tower, in the right a little further down seems to be a circle of pyramid shapes, and some  also again–look to the bottom left–but mostly in that circular shape to the slightly lower right. Check it out 🙂 Also, in a 2017 upload you have done, you have mentioned where this guy found neat stuff on a Mars like Google earth app. Do you have that link? I have Google Earth. already and love it! I have, and as always, with tremendous fail, tried to search NASA for things. It will show me stuff, what you see reported on news, but if I keep pushing it just quits and I have to do something else.

  24. Plageous Doom on

    looks like a lot more than just the dome in the one picture. cool . The glassy looking towers are super .

  25. harshgreen on

    The moon photo at 10:15 makes no sense to me at all. Was it taken during a lunar eclipse? Because you can clearly see the earth as a crescent meaning the moon was casting a shadow on the earth. This would also mean the sun was behind the moon from the perspective of this photo yet the shadows in the craters do not show such an angle to them. I have a hard time believing the authenticity of moon photos because of anomalies such as these. Love your videos Tyler, they keep me thinking.

  26. Scooter77 on

    Those circular clouds are just the ongoing worldwide geoengineering. They sprayed the hell outta us here in LA today..

  27. Joseph sideman on

    You think you’re an old man ? 30 is the best but time start to fly faster every year, you still young, I’m two away from 60. You’re still on your way up the mountain, with the average age of death for man in the USA, you still have ten years in front of you before starting to go down the life mountain. Keep going, you’re doing a great job at transmitting this kind of information. Happy Birthday ! Peace and Love to Humanity !

  28. Thomas Luczak on

    u people don’t believe that we have bases on the moon right ? because if you do you are crazy. just a little reality check for you all.

  29. koalas OG on

    that thing thats just sitting still…… that shit is spinning look at it really good its spinning not fast but not slow but that shit is spinning

  30. JimZiii on

    you sure that’s ask alien cake? looked like a self-portrait.
    and the do called outpost is obviously a lighthouse for all those martian sailors, sailing through the night

  31. lucas sacul on

    Happy birthday to you, have a good time together with your wife and friends and have a quiet day, great and different without any E.T history to think or report, Greetings from Venezuela, I liked your cake with the E.T motif, it’s great. Caranba man, your birthday was a year ago, well I did not know, better late than never haja haja, see ya

  32. Karel Anne Orser on

    Tyler Hello
    Tyler being 30 is not old
    I am 62 age is just a number
    My mother is 91 an no one is going to put her in any nursing home
    Tyler I love your show and when I first heard your show was shutting down
    I was sad
    Your show and you are cool and interesting
    I am curious why did they try to shut you down
    Can you take steps to make sure they do not have access to shut you down
    My friend said to me that you will be back
    You are Yes
    I love your birthday cool idea
    My friends and I love your show and I know many many
    I have a question
    I am down loading Google Earth and I am always surfing Mars and Moon
    My question is when I am surfing Mars why is Mars covered and can”t I see what is under neath
    And who cover up these areas is this NASA covering up these areas
    I see strange thing on the Mars and the Moon
    I really want to see what is underneath
    Thank You so much for your time
    No you are not a old man Tyler
    I always ask a person what age are you Thank you for you and your show

  33. Bill Louis on

    This is a really fun and informative channel, thanks for taking the time for putting it together. One question for you, have you ever been fortunate enough to see any other worldly vehicles in action?

  34. candidandy52 on

    Nasa didn’t go to mars or anywhere else but put the billions of tax dollars in their back pocket to pay for all the terrorist wars and all the payoffs to officials in governments all over the world.


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