ALIEN MUMMY Found Near Peru’s Nazca Lines? 6/22/17

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  1. Luis Galaz on

    Hahahah Holy Shit it’s Jaime Mausan! (Not Jaymee or Masan it’s Haimey Mausan, I know you’re a white american that doesn’t know any better but gees the Tyler) He’s a joke and a moron hahaha

  2. Rudy Flores on

    at 1:35. the man with the white hair is a famous UFO researcher ! what’s his name? I used to watch his shows back in the 90s!

  3. Victor Fernandez on

    I agree with you. I live in Chile and I’ve seen this guy for many years showing off about his researchings and at last were just disinformation in most of the cases. Thanks for your work!

  4. upthebid upthebid on

    yeah got to be paper mache over a real mummy and cut and paste feet and hands from some mummified animal

  5. Luis Galaz on

    You should work on your pronunciations man you’ll seem less informal and more educated. Adds credibility and respect to your person. Don’t be that douche bag typical american who only knows one thing and that’s american english

  6. Jav Xor on

    This guy was visited in Mexico by Mufon to verify his UFO material and turned out his best UFO footage was computer manipulated.

    However has produced some
    Interesting footage like the Mexican Air Force airplanes chasing a fleet of UFOs with infrared cameras.

    I see him as loose gun as he is not thoughtful enough when he publishes material.

    He does little research and doesn’t discriminate if the material is real or not as long as it brings attention.

  7. Tyler Pruett on

    that area is known for strange skulls. good video. looks like they may have had a smarter way to mummy if that’s real. kinda sad. he balled up.

  8. Bigg Phill on

    Now we know the purpose of the lines. They are pointing to the graves of these aliens so their friends can find them easily

  9. Mike Joseph on

    ya a mummy alien lol omg it gets better and better every day, I tell ya Tyler you got a good racket go in bro, you should hire a manager and do conferences you’d do alot better then on this hole, don’t forget the alien invasion is COMIN soon make sure you watch for that government hologram in the sky they are getting so good they are just about perfectly real, most would believe if they didn’t know better, but most do not know better

  10. Angry Mimi on

    Thank you Tyler! I would be a lot more entrigued if Masson (did I get that right?) was not involved. It’s hard to take that leap of faith after he has burned us at least twice already. Waiting sounds like the perfect plan.

    Also, I look forward to your videos more than any other thing on the web. Truly appreciate you!

  11. alexfithero on

    There a rock in Arizona near Hopi where it has a petroglyph. Of a galactic battle it said king tentacular fingers so maybe its true.

  12. Shannon McDowell on

    When I see the press release on the AP wire I will start to give it some thougjt. The Mexican Mufon guy is always a shady story. Hes just in it for the $$$

  13. Kasim Shavis on

    My boys and I watch your channel every single day at work. Keep doing your thing. So glad you posted this one!

  14. Scott Forget on

    I watched this from third phase of the moon and they didn’t say any of this shit Tyler this is why I watch you bro. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’re the best

  15. Stuart Miller on

    mmm charging ridiculous amounts to listen to a bunch of chancers, charging ridiculous amounts to stream it online !! Steve Olson anyone ?


    right on Tyler as Travis Walton once said : ” I’ve come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people’s perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want, and do not want, to be true.”

  17. Resellers Highway on

    Nice to see a level headed response . Let’s wait and see. You have to admit it looks crazy ! Thanks Tyler!

  18. Lifted Australian on

    ‘Just pick it up by the arms’ ‘they won’t break’s made up of carbon fibre rods and plaster’

  19. Niki Mullinax on

    Tyler, I’m kinda disappointed that you didnt bring up the hand and skull that was found in nazca not too long ago. the hand looks just like the hand on this body. not saying this is a real body, just wondering what your take was on the similarities of the hands.

  20. Jason Pray on

    They have released a second video and have discovered that it is female because there is the presence of a Y chromosome.

  21. Kyle Hurd on

    Ya know, there was a time a few months back that I thought you had lost your way, I thought you wanted proof so bad that you’d release just about anything to push that agenda. But since then, I’ve seen you take a turn and come back to the old Tyler and I just gotta say I appreciate it! I’m back to watching every single day because I trust you! I know you’ll be honest about the content you bring out! I’m so glad! This channel is too important to not do the right things all the time!!!! Great job man!!!! Keep up the honest reporting, that’s we need from you!

  22. Rhiannon Hartwell on

    anyone whos taken a kindergarten level art class can see thats plaster of paris. seriously. yes there’s armature (aka something that the plaster is put over, like a metal or wood “skeleton”) underneath. they had to do that to form a “body” for the plaster strips to lay over. its basic level doll making. but if you look at the close up shots, you can see the air bubbles on the torso and shoulders. they probably did no more than a couple of layers to make it look thin and “dried out.”

  23. TrumpTards on

    So… there are some people out there paying this website to let them see shit that SecureTeam shows for free ??

  24. rimer82k on

    lol Tyler NO ONE really takes seriously Jaime Mausan in Mexico , he is more like a joke, but still i kinda hope this “mummy” where a real alien one 🙄

  25. slidetek on

    If this were real, the mummy would be in a warehouse in Virginia, the discovery team would have sadly died in a bus accident, and Jaime would suddenly retire to a South Pacific island.

  26. Cheyne Simons on

    You are one of the channels reporting it as an ALIEN mummy in its Title lol, grad you clarified your beliefs to anyone that watches it through completion

  27. boomrattle on

    The issue that jumps out to me is that with humans the mouth opens as the jaw muscles retract with mummification and with this ‘alien’ that doesn’t appear to be the case. So, does that mean that what happens to us does not happen to aliens?

  28. Timothy Mason on

    I not much of a believer but I must say that some of those elongated skulls to witch was believed to be formed from head boarding or binding were missing the sagittal crest which all humans have it is caused by the formation plates in the human skull coming together while the skull is being formed.” Yet some examples of these skulls are missing said sagittal crest which can not be explained away by head boarding.

  29. Dave on

    key words “they joined film makers” still no ? there here and have been here for thousands of years good video

  30. petventures on

    there was also another hand with 3 long fingers like that dug up in Peru. Central and South America are very mysterious

  31. Maessen on

    Okay, it looks real. But the surroundings, the people who stand next to it and the surrounding area don’t look like scientists nor a research lab… More like artists and stuff…

  32. LisaMarie Wahner on

    The so-called called mummy looks like plaster of paris it’s obvious…even a five-year-old could see it… so I’m not buyin it.. But I love Your videos.. I think you AWESOME Tyler keep up the great work….

  33. Mick Trip on

    Tyler look up brien Forrester he researches elongated skulls of Peru n has alot of good evidence n raising funds to DNA test.

  34. SpockCanYouSaveme on

    Looks like you need to do your research on Cory Goode and David wilcock and stop promoting them on your channel too

  35. Cynthia Cormier on

    Good morning Tyler, thank you for the update on the Alien Mummy. Nice to see that you check and then report all the facts. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy this channel. Once again thank you for the facts looking forward to your next video

  36. james kovach on

    Tyler it is true that head bordering is a practice wit old cultures . There is also a fact that mummy’s from thr Paracas of Peru have skeletons and infants were Head binding was not the result of the people made it to skull. The skeletons found in the Paracas area of Peru also are miss plates that all humans have. Humans have 3 bone Plates the make up the spherical shape of the skull. The elongated pads of paper will only have two plates making up the skull.

  37. Jim Mc on

    Hello Tyler, Glad to see you’re maintaining a healthy skepticism. Remember, the objective of science is not to prove something but to disprove what came before and advance a new explanation. Good job.

  38. MartinJamiroo Aitriz on

    elongated skulls backward are the more interresting ones. thank u for doing this because it is an fact that many well known ”researcher” are just simple hoaxers. But we will continue researching ufo´s FOREVER even if the fakers out there, the aliens are outthere too

  39. Strange Days on

    Ha ha ha of course it’s an alien yeah right
    It looks like a college art project the first thing I thought was that’s not real😂😂😂

  40. djmickyp on

    its human nature to jump to conclusions, everybody does it and they are hippocrites if they deny it or persecute another for doing the same.

  41. John Secret on

    Well now you’ve gone and pissed me off. Firstly, the Mexican dude, your probably jealous of his TV show where he shows clips that were witnessed sometimes by people numbering in the tens of thousands. Secondly, in regards to charging, have you ever priced out a night of looking for ufos with your hero Steven Greer? The skulls, you failed to point out that it’s obvious when it’s a human elongated skull by the sutures positioning. Many many elongated skulls are all wrong and cannot be human. And ps. Show me other remains with hands and feet like these smartass

  42. Laynor on

    you didn’t show the other photos and video, that went out at the same time, showing an 60 cm alien with eggs found in the belly

  43. Jade Repaye-Finnerty on

    Very well done Tyler. I agree. Plus the Mummy looks deformed with a precise disease that has been shown a few times on you tube. Most memorable one is a young lady who has become a lawyer or something. She has a big square face as her bones keep fusing together and will not stop. She gives seminars about her condition, goes to schools to inform children of her condition, and I think she has a saying positive you tube channel putting on makeup and such. I think it is on the Rich’s channel and I would guess her skeletal facial features would look the same as this skeleton’s. It is the 3, fingers that differ though. But I have not seen or read anything of any other remains or living people with only , fingers. Maybe the fingers were fused as well? Very informative. Thank you. And yes, you’ve definitely improved your videos most noticeably over the at 2 years. Congratulations. That is a huge feat for most on topics like the one’s you cover. However, I hope they do DNA sampling as they’ve supposedly done carbon dating. The DNA would give more proof or disproof. Have fun lol!


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