Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”

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  1. agubaia on

    I don’t see nothing strange , since the moon was active in the past. But the last crater looks very bizarre shapes inside. Doesn’t look natural, but the image is not with a good resolution. China is cheap stuff even with themselves. 

  2. DetectiveTOX on

    These images make my heart race and wow, if those darkened areas are forest lines and lakes etc! My recent dreams will cause even more emotions! Dreams of townships, roads, vehicles on the moon, accessing an underground base via a lake! Yeah, crazy dreams I know but seeing these moon photos, clearer than any NASA shots is stunning!

    The moon is indeed a strange body, not turning at all, just moving in orbit with Earth! Too weird! Reminds me of HALO, but not a Ribbon of land but a created sphere, for something beyond our normal way of thinking! I look forward to the day we, the average people get to view the moon with affordable high powered viewing goggles or telescopic equipment far beyond that which we have been and currently use! I think we’ll know the truth before then though! Thank you China, thank you for not suppressing these photos!

  3. stopdemockery on

    First you say the sunlight comes from the right, which it doesn’t.  Then you contradict yourself with an arrow showing the correct direction of the sun, all within the same image.  Really shoddy.  Don’t you even watch your own videos before you make them public?

  4. Twinny Ate on

    Around 10 years ago or so, a whistler from NASA gave a public seminar about photos of the moon that NASA had obtained and wouldn’t release to the public. I forget his name, but, he had numerous photos with him, and the pictures had those “trichome” looking towers, all over the moons surface, I mean, mass amounts. I haven’T heard ANYTHING from dude since then, and this is the first time I seen photos of these trichomes since then, however, even then, they were blurred out. The thing was huge, even made it to CNN and the likes. They blurred out the photos claiming “national security” and yeah, it was huge, but that was it, ’til now.  Good job at exposing these demons… (Deceit, #1 trick of this world’s king)..

  5. realitycheck297 on

    Not exactly ‘Google Earth’ detail, just some fuzzy shots of mildly anomalous craters. Where are the ‘space ports’ and motherships I ask?
     And what about the ‘Spire, Castle, Shard’ anomalies?

  6. Imalwaysrightson on

    Really there’s nothing there ! You see what you want to see . Shadows of lights reflections on rocks of different sizes and shapes on a 3D exposure can create a Picasso . You suggesting that aliens live under the surface of the moon ! Why all that trouble ? Most people on this planet park their car outside of the garage ! Not to mention the airplanes at the airport . Show me something more than rocks son !

  7. Van Hovey on

    No trolls on the comments on this video. Interesting. This is bunk. Sorry dude. I don’t see domes in the craters, only craters. And the pipe only looks like a pipe because you colored it.

  8. Brodo Toto on

    It’s the same picture and there’s two different direction of sun in your explanation !!! Lack of knowledge… Not enough resolution also to confirm any kind of structures !!!

  9. Leo Leo on

    Photo is strange land / moon has a perfect black background and never leave see no stars … very rare, besides the earth photo is edited and is a very old copy of a photo that is all over the Internet in different types and sizes, just with a little research you will see that is true. You only base its research in the formation of clouds circular bottom (South) of the photo. The Chinese also hide information. It is unfortunate but there is not a single photo of the earth from space, that is true. In the domes topic I have no doubt that possibility is true.

  10. HighArchDruidMorph on

    your domes I cannot explain….,yet….The “dug” craters is a falsehood… Possibly fresh impacts… Same with your glass dome.. Fresh impact in an old crater you can see it hit from right spewing ejecta material… Your pipe looks interesting (china one), yet the other looks more like a wall of some sort.. Nice try though

  11. gary raggett on

    the government are really starting to p#ss me off why would they hide all this information from us and suddenly release it so many years down the line their meant to be leaders, how can they lead us when they are lying to us i cant follow these fools that lie and think its never going to be found b#ll#cks to the so called leaders/government you’ll never have me following you i can not be brain washed. and for you f#ckers out there making all this sh#t up get a f#cking life other then the one you have trying manipulate the people viewing your crap (low lives).

  12. Jason W on

    The crater with the nipple in the middle is the result of electric discharge! It has been reproduced on earth and youtube.

  13. OniMV on

    I strongly suggest you study the effects of light and shadow on topographical formations, not to mention how craters on the moon have been formed over millions of years; craters can occur within other, pre-existing craters by debris crashing into the surface in the same location. The moon has no protective atmosphere or ionosphere to help deflect incoming debris or break it up, resulting in many multiple impacts craters all over the surface. I’m a believer in et visitation and much more, but if you’re going to continue to post things like this, please address the more scientific possibilities as well as the further fetched concepts such as domes inside of craters that are clearly just double impact craters on a heavily bombarded surface. Thanks!

  14. SofaKingCool on

    RIGHT from the Get Go of this video, told me it was ALL BULLSHIT!!………The Earth is too fukn Small…….You Fucked up!!……..You fukn IDIOTS……..LMFAO

  15. Slyguy threeonetwonine on

    2:07 Casted? *Cast: Is past tense. And has been since the 16th Century. I get that some of the old way of saying things is becoming “cool” to do, but don’t. It makes you look like an idiot to people who don’t know that Casted was once acceptable in the 16th Century, in which we do not live.

    Not trying to bust your balls here, but typos and grammatical errors make it hard to take people seriously. Wich z y matur adultz dont typ lik dis.

    • Slyguy threeonetwonine on

      I can’t help you if you can’t correctly read the comment I left which you clearly didn’t.. I looked it the fuck up. Maybe you should too if you don’t know wtf I’m talking about.

  16. WTHbuddy on

    No offense to the channel operator or those who think this credible, but to me this is ridiculous, I’ve seen plenty of compelling evidence that would suggest that there are structures on the moon and various planets, I’d say alien life is real and if so, there is strong indications that they may been involved with our planet, throughout human history. This ‘evidence’ however is just delusional.

    • Anthony Smith on

      +WTHbuddy There are three types of people…1 – they can see the details of what’s there! 2 – these people can be TRAINED to see the details of what’s there! and 3….these people will NEVER see ANY details of what’s there!
      Which group do YOU belong to??

  17. DanielVision on

    These “anomalies,” although unexplained by mainstream science, are perfectly normal and expected by anyone familiar with plasma theory and the electric universe. Sorry to burst your bubble about aliens on the moon but at least you know whats up with all this stuff now. Go to thunderbolts project or any one of the electric/plasma universe videos where they make these EXACT anomalies using plasma discharges just like the ones the moon and mars has been bombarded with.

  18. Casey Garner on

    Wouldn’t it most likely just be the rock that left the crater? I mean, when I throw a fucking rock into the sand, it looks just like that. There are many more in the picture, you just seemed to pick out the most prominent looking two. Look, i’m all into weird stuff like this, but I am not sold here.

  19. Baleur on

    2:07 no, the sun is shining from the left, as can be seen on all other craters and land formations in the picture. The walls of the crater in question are lit from the sun at the left. The center is an INDENTED HOLE, which is why the shadows are reversed. Its not a dome sticking up, its an indentation with ejecta walls around it.

  20. paul skillman on

    Would we be able to see the spinx or the pyramids from the distance we are looking at objects on Mars & the moon? What would it look like? Could we even identify it as what we know it to be? So far, nothing they have showed me looks anything like an intelligent made object. I just think we are too eager to find some evidence of an object of intelligent design.

  21. all good on

    the moon is not so far so if we can take photo with a huge telescope of the moon and see any of those towers or structures we can prove it once and for all. why no one use those huge dome telescope to look at the moon and take photo? that’s my questions.

  22. RobQos on

    If not water can anyone theorise as to what the blue patches in the ‘dome’ are? I don’t see any blue outside that area. If it is a crater could it be metals from what ever made impact?

    Also what would cause the blinding ‘reflection’ on the right hand side? Much more intensely white than any other craters. Could that be metal deposits too?

    The ‘pipe’ there is an almost identical photo from the opposite side of the moon. The ‘pipe’ runs almost exactly the same way. It has been videoed and photographed by amateur astronomers and can be seen on other YouTube sites.

  23. Toby Bridson on

    If i see another youtube ad for Ford ranger i’m going to explode – don’t want one never gonna buy one… especially because of these ads!

  24. Atomic Frog on

    Given the size of those two craters the domes within do look unnaturally large to have been formed by the impact.
    But then the moon is very different to earth so the lack of any atmosphere and gravity coupled with the thickness of the ‘crust’ could be the reason for this.
    As for the ‘pipe’… well considering it’s size maybe ‘pipe’ is not a good explanation… unless the Aliens on the moon do really huge turds lol.
    Domes are most intriguing… ‘pipe’ less so.
    And as ever… they release real low res images.
    China spent all that money going to the moon and equipped their probes with shitting cameras?
    I think not.
    They spent all that money just to prove they could go to the moon? lol… pretty obviously not.

    So yeah I reckon you’re onto some thing.
    However… doubt you’ll ever get hold of any decent images that can actually be used as indisputable proof.

  25. Dead Aces on

    I think you are seeing what you want to see. Nothing but blurry images impossible to tell what they actually are. Jumping to conclusions that they are domes and pipes is pretty ridiculous.

  26. NewWorldReport on

    If you scan all the way to the right, you can easily see a huge area blurred out…on the full size map. And a few more areas if you look enough…

  27. moonobserver Gilles on

    interresting video would be fun if the name of the craters were mentionned. So others could image that area. Never know what can happen. The more we are to monitor the moon the less Nasa can keep miss informing the world in ignorance.

    nice video by the way

    thumbs up

  28. TheReality on

    ok, that was truly Roger. Awesome video, and no question, you’re gonna get your house fucked up for this one. Just kidding. Don’t worry we are in the release phase of disclosure. Go figure, now we have to know. But, let’s not forget. the elite need us more than we need them. That was supposed to be the central balance of power. anyway, great video I would write that letter to my senator. Peace

  29. ese hombre on

    The Moon Exposed!!! Ha! Great pun or funny choice of words. The Moon Exposed!! Get it? LMAO or LMMO (Laughing My Moon Off) Ha!

  30. Geoffrey Voeth on

    You gotta remember no air on the moon so lava does not behave the same as lava on Earth. It is more like molton lead with risin all over it.

  31. Carl Mac on

    What would be great is to have someone make detailed drawings of what these pipes and bridge structures look like from the ground being nearby, along with the castles that’s been photographed this is a great site thank you for it.

    • gootvansquid on

      actually you’de have the best chance of finding life on Europa under the icy surface crust, in the oceans which are assumed to be there.

  32. Bluefirephoenix Jen on

    Dowsed the pipe structure. Question is this pipe shaped structure on the moon’s surface artificial or natural. …. response artificial Response cards blind directional and confirmational dowsing done.

  33. Rick Roche on

    Why are these pictures so blurry. China surely has some of the greatest optics on Earth today, yet these images are greyscale and out of focus, with no size scaling? Fooled again.

  34. walkingeaglewoman on

    Very interesting. This is from a probe that the Chinese sent up. What other things were discovered and we are not told. Also, why haven’t we gone back to the moon. I mean LANDING on it like we did in the 1969 thru mid 70s. Why didn’t we go back!?

  35. EDIMAR on

    my friend you see everything but don’t see nothing. look the craters. everyone have the same form. that’s the point. when you see the craters empty is just a crater but when its cover, its because there is anything on ( the stones) probably a ship. and look how many craters. there is just one explication for that: they extracting something from the moon.

  36. Fred Pfeifer on

    It’s all very interesting. But before further studies which render more solid evidence that purports to your claim, it is not unwise to approach your claim with much needed caution.

  37. MrSpanishAustralian on

    that’s the moon’s asshole. doesnt produce the amount of shit that your nutter youtube channel does. keep the caca following

  38. Blake Barron on

    So the takehome message here is that these guys have no idea of what is actually going on. Well done for being wrapped up in the network of disinformation that prevents you seeing.


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