Alien Craft Flies THROUGH Erupting Volcano! Outside Help? 3/16/16

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  1. Element Xh on

    The lights you see revolving are it’s highly volatile power source, radioactive in origin, driving a magnetic 4th dimension displacement field engine. Oh and it’s not here to help you, they’re seeding volcanoes to work out how to get them to erupt just enough to safely wipe out humanity, without destroying the entire planet. Primarily to stop your self centered, testosterone fueled, often aggressive primal civilization, before it becomes advanced enough to space fare and do harm to other inhabitants of the universe.
    Contrary to what is portrayed in your pop culture with shows such as Star Trek, for us to see a species still in the primate stage with nukes, rockets and AI is extremely disturbing and rare in the universe. Humanity is a potential problem that needs to be guarded against and one way to contingency plan against this is to prepare a planet wide reset.

  2. J.E Ledoux on

    What would’n t i give to know the diverse agendas from the many many civilizations that are visiting us.And moreover to learn about their knowledge.Do you think they mapped the “entire” Universe,Multivereses,Microverses,Tinyverses,Miniverses.
    Sometimes i wish i could escape “Prison”Earth.Sometimes I wish i was Rick Sanchez for Real : )

  3. angie nima on

    lol, it didn’t fly THROUGH IT< IT went past it haha, whatever it was.It must have been behind the volcano but gave the illusion of passing through it

  4. Olelo 80000008 on

    They have been seen flying right into the sun in to active volcanos , so maybe they are fueled by hydrogen-3 , or some other fusion , we do know what ever type of metals they use for their craft is not from this planet , well non humans know of

  5. Paul Beoxn on

    If you live near a ticking time bomb, you would want to get the hell out of there, Reptilians have fears too. Plane at end, I have seen them hear. Keep it up guys, good work, we are nearly at home base, just the curve ball you have to dictate the thrower

  6. Cledon on

    In the ancient age angels was a mysterious creatures that was protecting humans and the earth . So that aliens was the angels in the ancient age

  7. pd2210 on

    one thing that baffles me with regard to UFO’s is what makes us believe that alien crafts would have flashing light on their ships? if they can get here from far away, i think flashing lights would be the last things they would have. IMO

  8. Cheesy Biscuit on

    That is just speculation that the object flew through the erupting volcano. It’s just a coincidence the object happens to fly by at that exact moment… I’t could’ve simply flew behind giving a false perspective of it’s heading… Please I like your channel don’t do what turd phase of crap do and jump to conclusions…

  9. The Retro Gamer on

    That object dose not seem to be interacting with the volcano. If it had flow through the eruption it would have moved material with it and that would have been visible.

  10. purplecorn1234 on

    perhaps it has to do with magnetism, maybe the craft caused it. don’t know probably won’t. but its a guess

  11. sojo brian moran on

    there worm holes mate they are going to the sun , they use there worm holes to traverse the universe , this is star travel ,:)

  12. DatSmokenGuy on

    I have a theory about the aliens. humans from the past. the world has been destroyed many times. the moon is a safe place to hide if earth got destroyed.

  13. Hon Paul on

    this future-humans theory sounds wrong. and odd. Okay, we believe in aliens, but guys… don’t overact, let’s keep it basic. No 10th dimensions, no travel through time, ok? Otherwise, where will this end, we’ll smoke on sabbath eventually.

  14. Jordan Tenikoff on

    Some flying saucers have a metal ring around the outside of the craft that rotates around in a circle, this could be it

  15. DaBot Agudo on

    its is us humans from the future coming back in time to protect us but why the hell is the government trying to distroy them or telling us they as bad aliens

  16. Alex Tigre on

    Perfect timing for the craft to “splash” molten lava in mid air. Maybe collecting samples? And how about the kind of technology they use that makes them not only fly through the air at probably nearly infinite speeds and with no inertia, not to mention artificial gravity and anti-gravity and virtually indestructible. The only thing I know that can do that is the Aether.

  17. haloscorp on

    Cory, from Billings MT, I’m in Billings and I saw a triangular craft a few years ago. No lights and silent, about the size of a small stadium. Flew from the Rims over my place near Pioneer Park and off South. Excellent capture.

  18. Borr Magilicutty on

    I agree and feel protected, that comet in Russia that was torpedoed by a UFO.
    From what I know, time travel is exercised regularly and occasional out of place objects are mistakingly left behind.
    Those “car/truck tracks” in Russia are amazingly consistent in width, are deep, and just mind boggling

  19. The Truth Hurts. on

    I thought it was interesting that the eruption seemed ti dissipate as soon as the object passed through it.

  20. Staminist on

    One thing makes no sense to me… Why are most of the UFOs lit up like a christmas tree? It’s totally a human thing – to see the craft and to be able to identify it, trace it, etc.

  21. knucklehead on

    It’s 2016 all this new technology but nobody ever can take a good picture of a UFO its always blurry can’t
    tell what it is amazing. What bullshit

  22. assfuckt on

    ThirdPhakesOfMoon says you ripped this video off them and that they did this UFO/Volcano video a month before you did it. Crazy fucks.

  23. Scrunor on

    Pretty good footage, but the question is, why would they do that?? “Oh yeah, that looks nice and warm, let’s fly through that shit.”

  24. thesaltinusall2 on

    to think they or we would come back to save us but not take out the evil ones that will cause this makes no sense . destroy the things that would enslave us and kill our children would be much better don’t u think

  25. Jim Lahey on

    This is interesting because you know no commercial or military flight will take a route directly over an active volcano at low altitude.. thanks for the upload!

  26. Stuart De la mare on

    Something happens just above and to the left of volcano before it erupts during and after. Also the smoke and lavas going to the right and the sonic speed of the craft passing pulls it to the left almost leaving a shape in the lava

  27. phantom films on

    it could mean that agarthians are real. if you did not know well agartha is the the idea that earth is hollow and a higher species live there and one of the first reports of agartha was a man who wasflying his plane(around the time were planes are just being invented) and he came across a giant hole witch he flew into becuase it was big enough for him to come out again and he saw light he ended up in a place where the sides are green with trees and grass and strange crafts fly about these crafts guided him to a place to land and he met the leaders of this place they told him that he is in agartha aka the inside of the earth and these beings told him of agartha and guided him out of the hole. when he told others about this obviously they did not belive him. theorist and others say that there are ways to get there and volcanos go really deep under ground so maybe ufo’s use these volcanos to go to the top and the inside i dont know just sharing info.

  28. Samuel Taveras on

    wdfff i think i saw that exact same ufo today, i was outside and i saw this superr bright white line in the sky, there was no sun so i thought it was a reflection, and it was going real fast and slowed down and stopped 3 times and went a lil faster and it left a trail of some sort and dissapeared. then i saw other planes that didnt look like the ufo, just normal.

  29. nikprntss on

    You realize that aliens are listening and receiving your channel….Tyler your not very good in making up legit stories so it sounds unbelievable.

  30. The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom on

    why people are so consumed by UFOs? THere are much more very well documented USOs then UFOs. Well as long as you can lay your hand on the unpublished sonar reports.

  31. Anthony Sgambati on

    Yeah “help”. We’re being “helped”. That’s why this life is so easy, because of all the “help”. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about all the “help” I can stand. I don’t know what I would do with any more “help”. Life is so easy from all this “help” I don’t think I could take it being any easier. All this “help” might want to tone it down.

  32. Tophe on

    Notice how just as the volcano eruption is beginning, the object passes right over it. At this exact point, the activity dies down and it stops erupting pretty much. Almost as though something inside it has been activated to stop it erupting…

  33. Dj1LL on

    As if a bunch of flying balls in perfect god damn harmony in space isn’t fantasy-like enough, along will life forms evolving and beings functioning perfectly. Billions of galaxies and even parallel universes….. why’s it so hard to believe there’s more advanced life out there…

  34. 1993blackmetal on

    something like this happened with that russian meteor that exploded a few years ago, there’s a video of a craft flying right through it and breaking it apart.

  35. natasha begley on

    Until we see a live alien getting interviewed on tv there are no such things as aliens I’ve searched all over the Internet and there’s not one image to prove aliens I think they would if made contact by now lol and if there is another life form out there if you think about it they would be pretty special to be as clever as a human we are one of a kind!

  36. balzonurchin on

    LOL, this guy has never seen a _plane_ before? … and he’s been seeing for about a week? So he’s got all this time to prepare his toaster to film it, and produce this ultra convincing blurry imagery full of camera artifacts, and _still_ didn’t manage to hide the blinkers on the wing tips. Bravo.

  37. Marjon Lahun Chicchan on

    As an answer to your question: UFO’s use the energie of it, just like the sun is sometimes used as a ‘gas station’ – and there may be more reasons…

  38. AtomicGamer StarFrank on

    I have not seen this type of craft… But I have seen black squiggly lines in the sky. It was as if some one was drawing in the sky…

  39. Hannibal Graham on

    I’m glad you have the same thought process as me. I wouldn’t mind telling you my theory on everything. I think you’d be intrigued.

  40. gagago302 on

    The most peculiar part of this video is how the craft appears; that the intelligence in the ufo actually knew the exact time framing of the eruption; perhaps to charge the vehicle with zero-point (as with tornadic lightning – vortexing electromagnetic – storms) energy. Zero-point is the cover up; zero-point is the key. The true dark energy of the universe is simply electromagnetism manipulation. Srsly, research Tesla, a coverup conducted since the 40’s. What is the true meaning behind this cover up though; is it seriously so dangerous that it would cause the extinction of humanity? This is the question that we all need to brace for the answer of, not whether aliens exist. We all know that already Ffs…


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