“ALIEN BODIES” Seen In Sheriff’s Secret Roswell Confession

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  1. Larry Robertson on

    my dad was at Wrightpatterson AFB and developed films for Bluebook, he is 84 now and still wont talk about it. he gets upset if i bring it up

  2. Jacquann Childs on

    the Cia guy had a video out for years now and showed an et picture and talk of anti gravity tech. I linked this to you awhile back Tyler but I guess you just now seen the video. oh well

  3. Lightwish Light on

    It’s clearly obvious that Roswell was an E.T. Space craft and that it actually did crash in NM on the date and time it is claimed to have happened. Now this old fellow doesn’t provide any solid proof of what happened that day. I say that because we still don’t have that smoking gun yet…and if we did the government would take it, hide it and then release a bunch of disinformation that sends conspiracy nuts intentionally off in a multitude of different paths intentionally leading to crazy endpoints like Nazi’s, the Illuminati etc.

    So the old man has a great story to tell that’s for sure. Maybe he loves attention, maybe he has dementia or maybe it’s all true. Without proof we will never know. Nevertheless it is good info for watching on YouTube videos!

    PS- Does anyone else notice a child’s head popping out from that bookcase over his right shoulder (on us viewers left)? WTF!

  4. Jason Voorhees on

    Ok great. One question I have is if it is a round craft 100 ft across then how the hell are they going to move this said object ? 100 ft is a lot to put on the back of a semi truck.

  5. C D4 on

    Don’t have to convince me. Had a “UFO” experience in 1989. I’ve read almost every book on it since. Whatever “they” are, they exist!!

  6. David Santana on

    Dude no offense, but you act and sound exactly like Dib from Invader Zim! xD I love your channel btw. good shit.

  7. Rod Seller on

    Secureteam, I am not tryimg to spam but according to the Rowsell Alien interview edit by Lawrence R Spencer Earth is a Prison planet. The book is from the transcripts of a flight nurse.

  8. Don farlan on

    sure you dont be as great a people unless you got some aliens somewhere maybe swept under rug , russia even gots a few

  9. CtrlAltPhreak on

    That picture in the background, just over the dude’s right shoulder in the beginning of the video… I know it probably looks weird because of the low quality of the camera, but that shit is creepin me out

  10. Neo Smith on

    Hey, Jim. Yea, Bob? Hey, why dont you go stand over next to the alien so I can get a pic true? Great idea Jim!

  11. Vishal geerwar on

    ………very few people on earth are really concerned about their natural habitat ,that is earth. The rest are just purposedly here to serve as jokers ,as it has been the case since the very start of manipulated dna gened creatures so called as human beings. The true pattern of life evolution on earth has been cut off to thousand puzzle bits.
    Such discoveries are not haphazards ,but they are facts of a definite project ongoing since life exists on earth.
    Secureteam 10 ‘s coontribution to help people to find the truth they are searching is a marvellous example .🙈🙉🙊👽.

  12. Erik Bergers on

    lol “Dead aliens were being taken out of a flying saucer, Hey whatsup guys it’s Tyler here from Secureteam.” – Savage

  13. Wildrhody on

    I definitely think something happened at Roswell, but the thing that’s suspicious, about what the witness said in regards to the alleged 100 ft. wide circular craft, is HOW in the heck could they load it on a truck and haul it away?? For starters, that’s a mighty big truck, and secondly, where are obscure roads that are a hundred feet wide, for this massive truck to travel?

  14. Fissle Wine on

    I just don’t buy it was an alien, as the UFO phenomenon really took off after the last world war…and now the designs for warp seem to explain the UFO and objects seen…also if these aliens are brown why do they look so white in images…

  15. Shadoe Haze on

    “what I *SAW of them” singular and plural with kill more people in America than cancer, guns, heroine, and aliens.

  16. Amy Scott on

    Lies? Misinformation? A COVER-UP you say??? SURELY FUCKIN NOT!!! LMFAO…JK YOU GUYS! I get so fucking TIRED of the LIES… MISINFORMATION…THE MUDDIED WATERS! I REALLY get tired of having debates with my husband who is the “has to see it to believe it” kind of guy. I love him but he is a fucking moron when it comes to this topic and I directly blame our GOVERNMENT! SO I SAY…”THANKS A FUCKING LOT to my government for the DIREVT CAUSE of many a heated “debate” in my home that has caused a “pondering of divorce” ….YOU FUCKING GOVERNMENT PRICKS! ESAD…..

  17. KingTut_2017 Driftz on

    I’ve seen things while I’m out between 1am and 5am that I’m afraid to discuss. Let me honestly tell you that we aren’t the only ones on earth.

  18. Nekotek Edits on

    Is it possible to give subtitles in the beginning when this old man is talking? I can’t understand him because of bad quality 🙁

  19. MoonSponge on

    Was this guy just allowed to stand there watching this super secret recovery operation so he can remember it all in perfect detail 30 odd years later?

  20. papadjrowe on

    on the same feed he claims to be a cia agent. got to check them vods before you post. i cant believe this guy at all. love your channel!!

  21. seth mcnamee on

    Tyler I know you said you watched unacknowledged. Well have you seen the extras where it shows the full interview with Richard Doty? He goes into detail about the roswell crash and discribed the bodies and says there were 4 and one was still alive. He also says though that the craft was not a saucer shape but more an egg shaped craft. With contradicts alot of other stories. But you can tell Doty really knows his stuff and tells it all how it was.

  22. Brewerchch on

    Good video. Honestly, i think a lot of the videos on here are waaay to much of a reach.. I was half expecting Tyler to point out a cigar shaped object in a reflection on a photo frame… or an anomalous structure between the paperwork on the shelf 😉
    In all seriousness, It’s ones like this that keep me coming back. Thanks

  23. Alien Grey on

    Oh c’mon, that’s that crazy old dude from the “deathbed confession of a CIA guy” videos. He’s clearly senile.

  24. Kit Walker on

    Has anyone ever found out why it crashed? And why their alien buddies didn’t come to the rescue? That makes no sense, all that alien super tech and they left them their? Hmmmmm

  25. OMNISLASHER1000 on

    Why do they call them fatigues?

    Do those military clothes give you +1 stamina or something? lol!

    Sorry I think I play too many video games , I have too give them a break but first i’ll need too find something else too do with my time so i’ll have to go town and grab a Bulbasaur from the Professor , or I could always help the airforce get past the last level of “SPACE INVADERS”.

  26. LizardoPlays on

    Those poor Aliens. They fly all the way from who knows where to invade earth, only to crash and die once they arrive. I bet they’re regretting invading now.

  27. Mury Poppinz on

    Wheres the subtitles? Always easier to sneak these in at work as i can read the subtitles. Big up Tyler!!

  28. Robert Morris on

    How do you put a 100′ disk on a truck? Just one truck? How do you uncrush the truck driver’s cab?

  29. HMS Kam on

    The Aliens & Government is Watching! I Could Watch Any Video ON Youtube Just Fine But Whenever I Try To Watch UFO Videos , my computer ALWAYS Freezes

  30. Devon Modery on

    Why haven’t I heard about that guy Boyd bushman here yet? He worked for the skunkworks at Lockheed Martin and made a deathbed confession video about a year or so ago

  31. René' Cruz on

    👽👾🚀Happy to know that this Roswell Aliens/UFO USA ex-military elderly man’s first hand eye-witness accounts, were finally revealed before his death bed confessions, I bet he was finally relieved to finally get it off of his chest! Live is too short, I’m glad these elderly yesteryears OG Oldschool Aliens/UFOS first hand eye-witnesses are finally coming out of the woodworks!🐲♍/

  32. Jonathan Zapata on

    Anyone heard the theory that the aliens were actually Russian experimented children sent by the soviets?

  33. Lonely Dental Floss on

    Hmm, so this video was released to “accompany a new book.” It’s funny how often that’s the case in this field. Remember Dr Greer? He’s happy to come on this channel when he has a new film to plug, which, incidentally, was regurgitated horse shit and testimonies with no evidence.

  34. Alpha Performance Porsche on

    We are not alone in this universe, Our galaxy host Billions of stars and each star has Many planets! and there is Billions of Galaxy’s.. Aliens have visited us, and been here and who knows what other species have aswell, they could look like us. Its awesome and scary to actually think about whats out there in space and wonder whats happening. The government. has been reverse engineering technology and will continue to keep us in the dark, but hopefully something will happen or change soon and it will become answered finally

  35. jamie morrison on

    to me, the us government’s is trying to hard coverup or disprove any info on ufos that it’s going to catch up with them soon.

  36. Stiff Gam on

    The crash test dummies indicate Roswell was nothing else than a remote controlled test aircraft gone wrong.

  37. DJ kevlar V on

    he just another old folk that wants false exposure. Everything else that you “jake” expose isjust about

  38. The Fresh Peddler - Beats For People Who Hate Radio on

    Linda Howe did a couple days of recording that guy “anonymous”, though she had another name for him, “Cooper”.

  39. Alienami on

    I still don’t understand, given WikiLeaks, and the government caught lying countless times: 1 ) how people are still so brainwashed to immediately jump to the defense of government with such obvious and overt cognitive dissonance and Stockholm syndrome given the knowledge of government lying constantly; how can they still remain sheeple? and of course 2) why they do not get curious enough to do their own research like you and others constantly show the value of.

  40. SolomonsWisdom100 on

    My thought is they were doing some sort of secret test with new equipment. And it went awry causing the pilots bodies to be so mangled they looked alien. This guy didn’t have the whole story as it was a secret test, get freaking real

  41. John Tosh on

    Their skin was brown….. this is the first time the true color of aliens have been described. Aliens look more like African Americans with smelly skin, brown skin but large eyes…… the only difference between African Americans today and aliens are the the large eyes……

  42. Baba14k on

    We all know the government covered up Roswell. Aliens crashed…..too much evidence that proves it happened. The government should come out with the truth cos it’s bollocks how they are withholding it.

  43. sandy erickson on

    from my husband to secureteam ( I’ts all fine and dandy of your video’s or people sending you video’s i believe people when they take video’s and see it with there own eye’s but on your video you make it sound and show thing’s NASA is telling us. Make’s me feel kind of fishy of what you are telling us. So if you’re a cocksucker you live with it. If there is any truth to what’s going on with people that’s going to send real video’s and you are ligit then more power to you. But me I keep an open mind on everything. My wife and I have already seen what is going on.)

  44. Pj Pj on

    they were conducting the ancient alien rite of passage known as shooting whomp rats in beggars canyon, but the force was not with them.


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