7000 Year Old ALIEN AIRPORT Found In Iraq? Minister Says Yes! 10/6/16


Alien Lamp: https://goo.gl/UF60bt
Iraq Space Port: https://www.rt.com/viral/361721-aliens-first-airport-finjan/
Illinois Lights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWbDGykkvDE
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Kevin’s website: http://www.incompetech.com

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Date: April 20, 2017

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  1. Reece Bainbridge on

    So how are the clouds still moving so fast, even after the video being slowed down? Never knew clouds rolled that fast.

  2. Cory Swanson on

    That so called landing sight for me looks strangly like the one they found under water on the Coast of either Japan, or China.

  3. Sam G on

    Object @ 6:50 i have seen similiar light to that for around 25 minutes continously at pretty much the same altitude, it also moved very similar to this.

  4. Robbie Shields on

    What if that little dot that appears right before that green streak at 9:20 is what causes the green streak? I mean we already saw a flying object teleport. Plus that little dot disappears RIGHT as we see the streak, so why not think that it could possibly be the cause?

  5. hanson jo on

    hey guys this reminds me of when I was biking home when I was 17 from one town to another. Right when I was almost home, I remember seeing something similar but their was orange as well and it cleared the whole sky sideways in under 3 seconds, definitely the craziest thing I ever seen in the sky, I couldn’t believe what I saw and was 99% sure it couldn’t of been a meteor, I saw one of those before too!

  6. AM JHEEZ on

    Best thing to do, is everyone go buy a cheap super high powered lens, next time the dudes that see this shizz on the regular, get zooming in so we can see what we are looking at, and if possible a sound boom if that would even reach that distance, we all want to see more primarily, so get super zooming in on a stable tripod, instead of seeing floating lights 24/7. Also put 1 or 2 high powered green lasers on top of the camera to try and line them up with the right trajectory to see the objects patter/shape/structure because light wont reach that distance but lasers will, by doing this you can see if its a solid object and will act as a small dim light if connected to the object with the laser pointers point glowing you know. Because it could just be an army mission and they get in the air, then switch a huge light on that could appear to be alien looking when in actual fact it could just be a bunch of choppers chilling n cruising on a mission, thats why a sound boom will tell you if you can hear the rotor blades or not- boom.

  7. Franklin Puerto on

    im sure that aliens lived even before us humans or even before earth was created or EVEN BEFORE the Big Bang theory, i mean im sure that this is just 1 univerese out of millions or trillions other that have existed and contained life of maybe 500x longer than our univeres, the space we live in right now and going outside of this univeres will contain more univerese where youll be able to see huge floating balls which indicate a univeres and could vary in color cuz im sure not all univeres will have the same sphere shaped planets, galaxies, solar system, stars, moon, and suns, black holes and such more and it may even have 80% chance of seeing other ✌people✌ that you can see with whichever equipment those univerese use depending just how much more advanced they are to the point where they can make their planet evade any danger such as black holes, meteors, and the suns switch of events of growing at a rapid speed in which the planet will move at the equal speed of that object without causing any problems to the people and any sort of light will pretend as the sun to still keep life but will need to find a sun soon before maybe 500 years atleast a star to act as the sun. cuz without the sun the planet is vulnerable to anything but they could still teleport, evade, and have lights act as the sun.

    • Franklin Puerto on

      these aliens may even be our GOD. The GOD that christians believe in may be them, I mean maybe they know how to create ✌people✌ in such a perfect way because they are more experienced with science / have the materials they need for the right amount and know how much to use and such to make life.

  8. Spencer DeLauro on

    I remember about two or three years ago my mother and I used to go outside to a park and watch the stars on weekends. It was probably around June and we were looking outside. My mom remembers this too, When a massively bright object fairly slowly launched into the sky. It was not like a meteor, it didn’t streak and moved upwards. It was so bright and big you had to squint to look at it. It was like a second sun flew into the sky. And I live in Boise Idaho, where jack happens. Im sure you get a lot of comments like this but I didn’t have a cellphone to take a picture at the time. Plus it was only about five seconds long so you’ll have to take my word for it.

  9. Tyson Lee on

    I’m very sorry, but the picture of the yellow structure is a ziggurat, where they thought the gods lived, not… Alien… Airports. No hate tho

  10. Brandon Gentry on

    Jake Mc, I like the opium theory but if the President doesn’t know, “no one does” then how the fk do you know? LOL @ you’re calling people idiots and contradict yourself in two sentences. ..but I did like your information, although, i feel like it probably had more to do with the six thousand plus year old artifacts… Perhaps like the other person said, I’m sure our government had a multitude of reasons for the attack!

    • Fake Chow on

      That1Guy Yes that is what you are told by school. They also say Egyptians built the pyramids yet every the more we dig into the subject the more we disprove it. 1. It would to a few hundred men over 100 year to move and place each rock in just one pyramid let alone the hundreds maybe thousands we have on earth. 2. They are actually older than than the civilization claimed to have built them. As in thousands of years older, so they were there before any Egyptians or humans in our history. 3. Buildings like ziggurats and pyramids are all over the world even in the jungles of china. These are just a very few facts but yet they disprove alot of what we think we know today. This channel isnt about what you learned in school its about the truth. He makes it very clear in his videos that what we learn today isn’t exactly true on what went down and how shit happens and functioned back then. He always says something like the truth is even more crazier than fiction or something like that.

  11. Fake Chow on

    Watch at 7:35 to about 7:42 securteam10 when the light kinda teleports down after it disappears look in the far bottom left corner of the screen you can literally see it reappear and shoot off.

  12. Doctor Dano on

    3:43 I’ve read and seen some footage of (probably) human-made satellites that can blast UFO’s from space and in space. The footage I’ve seen was shot in space but looks identical to what happens here in this footage. [Source: Youtube] BigsmallVillage – Star Wars Defence Shoots at UFO In Orbit

  13. J Rod on

    That’s why they’ve been crashing left right and centre out off the sky, couldn’t find their airport it’s in Iraq all this time.

  14. Richard Redner on

    This video, if I’m commenting on the right one, is reminiscent of what you would call a Helicarrier or Levicarrier. Supposedly , we already have things like this in commission just waitung for a technologically advanced war to take place. The problem is, as it was when I was in the Navy, that all the ships will be super advanced, but run off Windows XP. LOL

  15. Sten-Åke Dahl on

    Ufo are working in pairs to be able to support each other if needed. Mars photos shows reinforced tunnels and tubes D= 21 m.. Ufo D= 15 m can pass through these. The drills are ca 2 m in D. They are hammering the ground going to and fro until the tunnel is clear. The drill heads are worn out and have to be changed with new ones who are dropped to the ground looking like silver pencils with small fins. The two ufo are over seeing the operation hovering until the drills have entered and been taken care of by the under ground working organisation. From the earth they can be seen as fiery spears with a fiery tail and sometimes a bang can be heard. 1946 there were hundreds of such events in Sweden after the american nuclear tests.


    I called NASA they said the facilities therapist made copies of patient notes and got mixed up with the research dept reports. classic mistake.

  17. Robin Green on

    *CORRECTION… Sorry in a previous comment I mentioned Round Lake being West of O’Hare. It is actually 36 miles NNW of O’Hare.

  18. Mark Cash on

    The second video that showed the guy filming from his car, was said to be sent in from Illinois, but the Jeep that rolled up next to the guy had an Alabama Crimson Tide magnet on his passenger door. hmmm, Guess our college football team has a following way over in Chicago. Awesome!

  19. sushant kumar on

    @SecureTeam10 The star in 11:00 is now being seen in gtb nagar, new Delhi, India. It sits there for more than 4 hours, gets dim and flies slowly likes a triangle shape plane with bright green flash lights.

  20. Rob_John_Male 333 on

    the earth is only 4 milleniums old, and the universe is less than a week older than earth, as the christian bible states.

  21. chunk bro on

    that is actually the ziggurat an ancient Chinese worship place not some iraq fucking airport I believe in aliens not in a fuckin airport

  22. PenGuyN on

    “Hello, this is Alien Airlines, we have an announcement to make. We found a new species in this airport so be aware of the so-called “hugh-man”, again be aware of this strange being, thank you”

  23. 55 tbird on

    please stop calling both items “the object”. That is confusing. Later on you called one the “streak”. But it was still confusing.

  24. rock crusher on

    Hello. Tylor how do I send photos?
    A my friend, I’m petty much technically challenged. In Bellflower California, my lady & I seen them towers. I have still pictures of cople petty good trips.. & I’m a petty leavle headed food. Get a hold of me please,
    When u get time. Be a pleasure talking with you. Thank you. Dale
    2kool4u. DS@GMAIL. COM

  25. Michelle Burmeister on

    I would say with out a doubt you could be more right on the bullseye with your analysis of these phenomenons I haven’t watched one video of yours that I didn’t agree with you. extremely excellent work on all your videos and I’m thankful to have you as what I consider the most reliable resource for the unknown anomalies and strange events and a great leader of a legitimate singly operated YouTube channel. your an inspiration Tyler and after listening to every watching All you videos countless of times I can say your the kind of guy that holds his integrity high and I have much respect for you and the work you do. congratulations on the success and I look forward to maybe one day chatting with you with some strange events that I’ve experienced and would like to go in further detail via email. thanks again Tyler for all the Amazing work
    Your friend
    Kenneth LaBrot
    (on my sisters Michelle’s account she’s a big fan too)

  26. Tobias Olsen on

    I once saw a green object following me while i was driving and then it suddenly shot past me and disappeared. Anyone have any idea what this could be?

  27. Darren Wise on

    Could I point out something about the streak of light that looked like “back to the future” in real life, anyway if it was something like a meteoroid and did infact come in to contact with the earths atmosphere, would the whatever regardless of travel direction show more of a glowing object travelling in the same forward direction with a tail following to the rear of the direction.. But regardless of the orbs pre or prior to the flash is this object not going backwards?

    *Does anyone understand what I’m saying here?

    PS: keep posting the videos, I’ve seen some interesting things and goings on 😀

  28. Darren Wise on

    Nice footage BTW from Theodore, I have seen something like this myself to be fair.. Very interesting to watch eh.. 😀

  29. Darren Wise on

    I know a load of producers for these 3D LED lamps, they are funny and coo, hit me up they also create your own designs if you ask nicelyl 😀

  30. Fog on

    Sees amazing lights in sky, convinced UFO, doesn’t bother stopping car to film it just drives on talking the whole time.

  31. yaser k on

    I don’t believe most of this kind of internet clips but I’m sure that aliens exist.
    Recently NASA conformed aliens existence which was told in Qur’an(holy book of Muslims) by God 1400years ago.

  32. Aly Smoothiepup on

    Yeah, I saw a light near the sun split in two and then back together…. That’s not a plane, yep, NOT a plane guys

  33. Saint Mann on

    the war in space that destroyed the planet between Mars and Jupiter had civilizations hide their civilizations. we can’t see them right now


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