7000 Year Old ALIEN AIRPORT Found In Iraq? Minister Says Yes! 10/6/16

Alien Lamp: https://goo.gl/UF60bt
Iraq Space Port: https://www.rt.com/viral/361721-aliens-first-airport-finjan/
Illinois Lights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWbDGykkvDE
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Kevin’s website: http://www.incompetech.com

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  1. sushant kumar on

    @SecureTeam10 The star in 11:00 is now being seen in gtb nagar, new Delhi, India. It sits there for more than 4 hours, gets dim and flies slowly likes a triangle shape plane with bright green flash lights.

  2. Rob_John_Male 333 on

    the earth is only 4 milleniums old, and the universe is less than a week older than earth, as the christian bible states.

  3. chunk bro on

    that is actually the ziggurat an ancient Chinese worship place not some iraq fucking airport I believe in aliens not in a fuckin airport

  4. PenGuyN on

    “Hello, this is Alien Airlines, we have an announcement to make. We found a new species in this airport so be aware of the so-called “hugh-man”, again be aware of this strange being, thank you”

  5. tbird 55 on

    please stop calling both items “the object”. That is confusing. Later on you called one the “streak”. But it was still confusing.

  6. rock crusher on

    Hello. Tylor how do I send photos?
    A my friend, I’m petty much technically challenged. In Bellflower California, my lady & I seen them towers. I have still pictures of cople petty good trips.. & I’m a petty leavle headed food. Get a hold of me please,
    When u get time. Be a pleasure talking with you. Thank you. Dale
    2kool4u. DS@GMAIL. COM

  7. Michelle Burmeister on

    I would say with out a doubt you could be more right on the bullseye with your analysis of these phenomenons I haven’t watched one video of yours that I didn’t agree with you. extremely excellent work on all your videos and I’m thankful to have you as what I consider the most reliable resource for the unknown anomalies and strange events and a great leader of a legitimate singly operated YouTube channel. your an inspiration Tyler and after listening to every watching All you videos countless of times I can say your the kind of guy that holds his integrity high and I have much respect for you and the work you do. congratulations on the success and I look forward to maybe one day chatting with you with some strange events that I’ve experienced and would like to go in further detail via email. thanks again Tyler for all the Amazing work
    Your friend
    Kenneth LaBrot
    (on my sisters Michelle’s account she’s a big fan too)

  8. Tobias Olsen on

    I once saw a green object following me while i was driving and then it suddenly shot past me and disappeared. Anyone have any idea what this could be?

  9. Charles Manning on

    Could I point out something about the streak of light that looked like “back to the future” in real life, anyway if it was something like a meteoroid and did infact come in to contact with the earths atmosphere, would the whatever regardless of travel direction show more of a glowing object travelling in the same forward direction with a tail following to the rear of the direction.. But regardless of the orbs pre or prior to the flash is this object not going backwards?

    *Does anyone understand what I’m saying here?

    PS: keep posting the videos, I’ve seen some interesting things and goings on 😀

  10. Charles Manning on

    Nice footage BTW from Theodore, I have seen something like this myself to be fair.. Very interesting to watch eh.. 😀

  11. Charles Manning on

    I know a load of producers for these 3D LED lamps, they are funny and coo, hit me up they also create your own designs if you ask nicelyl 😀

  12. Fog on

    Sees amazing lights in sky, convinced UFO, doesn’t bother stopping car to film it just drives on talking the whole time.

  13. yaser k on

    I don’t believe most of this kind of internet clips but I’m sure that aliens exist.
    Recently NASA conformed aliens existence which was told in Qur’an(holy book of Muslims) by God 1400years ago.

  14. Aly Smoothiepup on

    Yeah, I saw a light near the sun split in two and then back together…. That’s not a plane, yep, NOT a plane guys

  15. Saint Mann on

    the war in space that destroyed the planet between Mars and Jupiter had civilizations hide their civilizations. we can’t see them right now

  16. rich lowley on

    its not a meteor its going way too fast in the atmosphere it would of burn up as soon as it hit the air at that speed

  17. Joe MHL on

    the guy recording sounds kinda Scared ?… The goddamn narrator sounds soo tough… Boom, Bamn…and a bit psychotic.

  18. Susan Caverley on

    WOW,i cant believe what people think,some comments on here are sick,how do you put up with this crap your taking from people,dan.

  19. Troy Martin on

    I have seen the same kind of activity that Bradley captured. Up here in Southeast Massachusetts. I wish i could have got video. Props to you guys for capturing it on video. I did report my sighting with mufon. You can google it Ufo sighting Raynham Ma it was in 2015. It was same kind of lights but there were only 2.

  20. Jon Adams on

    the video of the lights half way thru is probably due to airplanes coming in for a landing. I see the exact same type of site from were i work near seatac airport.

  21. Ghazvin /Caspian/ Sea on

    That first image is called (Ziggurat ), one of them is located in south west of Iran too- (near the ancient city of Susa). Ziggurat of Chogha zanbil is an ancient site & complex about Elamite Dynasty which is Located in Khuzestan Province of Iran

  22. rblibit on

    Look at 7:39, the little ball of light REAPPEARS again at the FAR LEFT corner of the screen! I didn’t see it until I went full screen HD to get a better look at it – IT does NOT want to be seen, whatever it is.

  23. SOAWF on

    The question is did the Arab settler admit the Sumerians were black/negroid people? WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT YOU PASSIVE RACIST WONDER? If we wanted to know a about aliens who visited the DOGON people in West Africa do we ask Chinese? If we want to know about the Gods of Nubian Egyptians do you ask Greeks and the war babies they produced? Racism is the lock of enlightenment you will never know the truth disregarding the black peoples of this planet fools.smh

  24. Mo Elnadi on

    Those lights might be a queue of landing planes to a nearby airport. Especially that the witness say they are always there and sound like planes sometimes. Usually planes will be too slow before landing and from a distance it can appear as stationary. Please ask them if they have an airport nearby.

  25. Austin Janson on

    where at in ohio do you have to look? i live in ohio and it would be pretty neat to also keep an eye on this mysterious object

  26. nyle123nyle on

    I gotta get off this guys channel. I’m legit tryna go to bed cuz I got work tomorrow and I can’t cuz I keep watching his videos It’s 3 am

  27. tHE wHITE hOT mA mA'SS on

    that looks like someone sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle aimed out their window with a cell phone , while the driver lights a cigarette reflection is in the window.

  28. John Harrison on

    they know for a fact it’s an airport,there are cancelled tickets showing layovers in atlanta…….

  29. The Bottom-line Truth on

    Three serious anomalies in one clip pretty much proves to me that something above what they are telling us is going on out there.

  30. Robert Ursini on

    the video Theodore sent sent has to be some of the realistic footage ive seen !!! love secure team !!!

  31. Robert Ursini on

    is Edwin serious fuckin weather balloons sure buddy they move and look that way lmfao wow did you smoke the wrong stuff hahahahahaha   I bet he thinks were alone in the universe or he is a flat earther !!!!!!!

  32. Corey Ward on

    I’ve seen this strange object here in Ottawa Ontario exept it was circular and very bright, it was moving just as fast. It left a trail of light behind it for a split moment then it was gone. If I blinked, I would have missed it.

  33. Sharon Kaiser on

    Hello Peoples ! Mostly Aliens , came from Arabiens and Turkey and Eastblock Peoples , they are mostly Humanoids.
    That,s why they are always Jealous ! to the Peoples, they are all others.

  34. T U on

    sadly, we Americans will have to rely on other countries to expose the alien phenomenon for what it is because our government hates us in the U.S.

  35. freequest on

    5:38 yeah that a meteor I saw one over here in Australia a long time ago they are startling but yeah that looks like a typical one to me also seen a few just graze the atmosphere when stargazing and they do look like that as well.

    The one I saw the first one I mentioned burned up in the atmosphere looked like a long very fast moving incandescent trail and then a large flash as it just disintegrated. The atmosphere grazing ones well just look up, and if you lucky you can see them they are just very faint.

    I also live in the country, so no other polluting light sources to interfere with the night sky.

  36. Joe Blow on

    I seen that about 15 or so years ago just east of Collinsville, and south of Troy which is a pretty remote part of the state. I was on the top floor of the Super 8 looking east. Very strange, and colorful. Ive often thought about that night, and have noticed that there have been many sightings in southeastern ILL, just east of St. Louis. It was one of the 2, or 3 sightings that I have had in my 60 plus years. Definitely something going on. Chicago’s history, and politics is also a phenom in it’s own right; probably related I surmise.

  37. A.J. Loder on

    I think its a stationary drone that is a NSA surveillance type. I live in Salina,KS which is home to the 2nd largest UAV program at K-State Salina Aeronautics and we have the SAME exact things happen here when they are testing them around at night. They have cloaking technology can hover for hours within a 5-7 ft range with GPS capability.


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