Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”
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http://sohodata.nascom.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/data_query_search_movie (search may 12th)
5/19/2014 – New smoking gun footage has been discovered PROVING that NASA has edited recently released SOHO images depicting a massive UFO next to the sun. Stay tuned for updates and more coverups exposed by Secureteam.


  1. Bruce Ramsey on

    IF that is a UFO created by intelligence, man, it seems that the universe is teaming with life.  Looks like the old kiddie show, “Lost in Space”, was prophetic.


    THIS; “this bunch of retards who think there’s a giant ufo out there when not a single bloody astronomer has seen anything at all, only this pack of mental midgets who can’t even put together one plus one feel the arrogance to bring nasa down and accusing them of conspiring against the world and hiding stuff when the only thing here being hidden it’s the content of an astronomy book which could have had opened years ago…” – Paul Tergeist.  Thanks Paul, this shit cracked me up.

  3. finnsk3 on

    You guys are insane…. Totally INSANE. You really should consider seeing a doctor and getting some medication. This is obviously some post encoding cock up. They probably encode their data in to a different format for long term storage and there was some corruption. If this was a photoshop cover up they would have just shopped out the dots. This is completely retarded. You can get corruptions like this very easily with image files.

    • Chip Cooper on

      In fact, it’s almost as if NASA wanted us to find it.  If they had left it alone, we could have gone years, if ever, before this was found.  So, thank you secureteam10, and thank you NASA for pointing us in the right direction! XD

    • Chip Cooper on

      +Scott Orpwood That’s two double negatives.  Are you saying: “you’re (meaning the first poster) is just trying to find reasons to believe he can discredit this.”  Sounds like it.  It’s common for people to try and place the blame on someone elses sanity, for truth staring them in the face.  I would rather try to argue it’s just some coincidental plasma specs in the shape of a triangle, than to try and prove it’s a long term storage issue.  He would have to go into the details of ‘how” data is stored, the methods of redundancy that allow us to reconstruct the actual data from possibly corrupted data, and talk about error rates that only approach 1:1 x 10E32 or less for a single bit (0 or 1) stored, then talk about how drives are encoded with a 10101010…101010 pattern (or some other similar method) to represent a null, and on to the ramifications of that form of storage and it’s benefits, how one or more ‘parity’ bits ensure the integrity of the data and the statistics required to have that go wrong, if he wanted to make the argument that this is an artifact, and we’re insane. Not to mention the fact that this error occurred, only during data storage, and coincidentally covered not just sequenced damage, but damage that was smart enough to create huge square that included vertical damage, which in sequential encoding would be equivalent to a miracle.

      I’m listening, and waiting for that argument; but, I’m somewhat of an expert on data storage, so …. have at it.

      Heck, I’ll even provide a link to his first lesson, if he doesn’t know anything about the subject:


      This link gives only basic information, and of course he’d have to do a lot of digging; but, yes, I could make a technical and legal argument that this data had been tampered and modified from it’s original format and not by accidental spurious random cosmic radiation.  And since it happened ‘after’ the data was downloaded… this would have to be cosmic high energetic particles with intelligence that modified the image. lol

      So, if it was nothing… why cover it up?

    • Chip Cooper on

      uh… no, incorrect.  This is not jpeg blebbing… lol  That you’re suggesting that several pixels went out on the camera or f’d up, one one fame, with a fairly clear image of ‘something?” lol.  This looks like a section selection and copy, the same size as the original whatever it was, but they forgot to match resolution or image size.  And if you work with photos, you know a pain that is.  It would have been easier, but, the system is probably too old, and the ability to do what they did was a software patch, unable to match resolution or image size… just some quick hack added for cover up.

  4. sgdeluxedoc on

    That is one helluva smoking gun you got yourself there. I’ve found some of your posts in the past to be less than authentic, but this one sets all doubt to rest. A+++

  5. TheStwat on

    I’m subscribed but never get any of the vids sent to my subscriptions list !! Funny that, Hmmm. Many of my vids saved and subscriptions have been removed and deleted.  it’s getting silly now, it really is.

  6. Tesser Act on

    Justin Bieber causes more mass hysteria then a potential UFO. Why cover it up… Maybe they pixalate it because people would assume it is a UFO, while it may be not?

  7. Roman Navratil on

    This is stupid… the edit is rudiculous, nobody normal would do it, even a photoshop moron can edit it then nobody would notice anything in 1 minute (yeah, 1 minute), make 3 if you wanna be 200% sure you have done a good job… You didnt realize that (author of the video?)

    So this might be:

    1) A bored employ of Nasa who noticed it and wanted to have fun.
    2) Some stupid disinformation from nasa
    3) A real object and to appear it as nonse masked it with some ludicurous editing.

    I dont know, this doesnt prove anything, why would they do so unbeliably stupid job in editing…? Really anybody with BASIC photoshop or any other 2d editing software knowledge can edit it better. This is not possible, its stupid, or please answer why someone did so stupid job?

  8. My Kol on

    I’m trying to think of a massive object not subject to the extreme temperature, gravitational pull and foul atmosphere of the sun. Nope… not getting any. Maybe we can debate it.

  9. Francisco Gonzalez on

    Yo finnsky3 or whatever your dam name is, the only one who sounds like they need medication is you dawg, stop your dam cryin already, thats a real dam ufo. Now shut up. If you dont like it, go watch another fuckin channel dude dam….good job secure team, keep doin yall and keepin it real..

  10. MrTheeObskure on

    why is it that when the question of aliens/ufo’s comes up, there’s always a group of very vocal, very ill spoken people who are, based on their comments, generally very ignorant of things beyond their limited sphere of experience, that shows up and starts blithering about their god and their holy book of choice?

  11. Wendy Solo on

    I can’t imagine any craft being able to withstand the heat of sun at that close, unless aliens have some bizarre metal that doesn’t melt. 

  12. Gilberto Gomez on

    Wow. Nasa, come on. It’s one thing to cover things up, but it’s just EVIL to cover it-get exposed of your cover up-then try lying about it. Even though you’re caught red handed. Great work securETem. 

  13. Liam Slaney on

    wow thats unexplainable if they have nothing to hide why cover it up but im not saying it aint real im very open minded to this sort thing but how do i know someone aint just cgi’d it or what ever they do to make films and that but its the same shape as them triangle UFO’s that people have seen all round the earth at times.

  14. Mr Cut Folks on

    Great job!! I hope because your doing this that Nasa will stop doing a live feed and put it on a delay so we can’t see any of this anymore?? You don’t think they can or will do this will they?? I truly hope not. Maybe it’s better not to contact them and call them out on this stuff just record it and show it. Man you don’t think they can do that can they????

  15. Mr Cut Folks on

    You guys are doing great work I’m just worried they will put everything on a Delay so we can’t see anything anymore.

  16. arnoldskit on

    What a bunch of asses! Why don’t they just tell us the truth and get it over with. We have the right to know the truth. It blows the mind to think that the only reason their not telling us the truth is due to the fact that eventually they’ll have to release the info on their propulsion system and such, and if the do that then there goes the oil that we rely on so much. What a fuct up world.

  17. Joseph W Hack jr on

    Go to BP Earthwatch to Aug 18. 2013 and watch the ISON video concerning the UFO. It looks just like the UFO that your site is showing….just FYI….Bama Hack

  18. RA H on

    How can anybody compare humanity to cannibals, cannibal carnivores, Big Game Hunters, tribes that murder every living thing in their path, Elephants, Rhino, etc etc this place is doomed, and whoever thinks that God wants you to vote for cannibals, are not God seeking people… but in fact still sing hyms to Pharaoh… Satan… Barach Husseine Obama …AMEN

  19. Free Thought on

    Whatever happened with this story? Have there been any recent updates? I feel its one of the better examples that I’ve seen. I’m forwarding this video to Jimmy Church to see if I can get him to cover it on his show.

  20. Leon Maliniak on

    Very professional and compelling presentation.

    I would like to believe, from all the numerous cross-corroborated accounts, that it is possible that we actually have this type of technology already ourselves, with UFO type craft and advanced propulsion performance capable of visiting the sun and that some of these sightings may not be of alien craft, but of man made science…although we probably got the technology from aliens and many of these similar sightings are still ALIEN in origin.

  21. guyonthecouch007 on

    its just a weird arrangement of stars that is seen as we are spiraling through the galaxy…let me know when you see more than a constellation of stars.

  22. OneGirl007 on

    The sad fact is, the more you push NASA officials, you put them on alert, to pay more attention, then you don’t catch their slip ups. Mum is the word.

  23. Sasha Baltikoff on

    I get why you share these things. However, I don’t get why it takes a five minute dissertation to get to the point. Maybe I’m simply too impatient.

  24. rei migule on

    and everyone said they don’t exist/trust our government/they know what good for us////// thank you for showing the truth and making NASA learn that lying to the mesas have serious consequences

  25. Aleksandrgrc on

    Months later. Venus was in the same area. Looked weird. Got lens flair bs. Venus is now closer to the sun. Yet that same section of sky is still very much. Weird.

  26. Thermospecialist on

     At  4:39 the thing has its shadow side towards the Sun and is illuminated on the side away from the Sun  – that doesn’t make sense. Moreover, it looks like a sphere with a ring around it’s equator – Perry Rhodan comes directly to my mind! It only becomes a square when zooming in more, which can be due to pixelation. I don’t know what to think about all this ..

  27. 1950Viper on

    the corona of the sun is ten million degrees radiation that close would need shield as thick as earth. Complete uninformed people in the information age.
    ? temperature suns corona type into search bar bet you dont know how.
    ? How much radiation at the suns surface?
    ? The ship would have to have thousands of times more gravity to escape the sun this close.
    These are sun shields at angles to the the shield can be seen along with the supports.
    Why are you so stupid?…..

  28. 1950Viper on

    This dude never made it past 9th grade science. A ship that close to the sun its gravity would distort the suns surface it DONT!… Use the search bar you cant do that and makes you look like a moron!.

  29. Raymond Ramlow on

    This object is around 1.6 degrees from the sun and is roughly 1/5th the diameter of the sun, or 0.1 degrees, which would make it easily visible to the naked eye as a nonstellar object if viewed under a dark sky. Assuming the object is physically near the sun (1 AU or 149600000 km from Earth), we have tan(0.1 degrees)=X/149600000km. X is 261000 km. Thus, the object would need to be twice Jupiter’s size. However, the object need not be 1 AU from the Earth; it could be significantly closer. Assuming the object is only as distant as the moon, it would still need to be 663 km. wide, similar to Enceladus and the cited size of the fictional Death Star.

    Also, the Lasco C2 images have a limiting magnitude of about 8.5 at the fringes. It is entirely implausible that any spacecraft would have lights so bright; assuming favorable circumstances (the object is one lunar distance away), each one would give off more light than some NEAs of nearly a kilometer reflect at that same distance.

  30. Nini N on

    Secure team thank u so much for showing us the footage of the sun that u have…I know that these images are not fabricated, something that anyone can make up.. when I saw the images shown this past yr, I became completely blown away over this! There r craft or whatever that r 30,000 miles long plus, we have been lied to for too many yrs. It is footage by sights like urs that bring this into perspective. …thanks again for all u do in making us aware, THE TRUTH HAS BEEN THERE FOR EONS

  31. Dr. Blameberg on

    “Its all pixelation”  even if there will be extraterrestial starship fleet in our orbit.. they will say ” Ice particles”  You know, 80% of all people are still religious. Maybe more.

  32. tbirdsc92 on

    I really want to belive that its true, but the colossal size of that ship is almost unfathomable, it has to be almost as big as the earth! So is that normal, like come on! As big as the earth! If its real these guys would be like planet engineers….but I do want to belive, just seems kinda big, can anyone enlighten me ?……….

  33. Nola West on

    I’ve been wanting to ask this for a lonnnnggg time now…  Aren’t the Space-Crafts that go Near the Sun, going to Melt or Burn to Nullity?!?!  How is this possible?  And, I’d like to add — I’m real glad I ran into your Channel…  Very Interesting Stuff!!
    ~ Thanks & Peace

  34. Dave Mullen on

    its SO obvious! nasa spots a ufo, and attempts to “hide” it using a shopjob so bad my dog could do better. because no one at nasa knows how to cut and paste an 8×8 pixel right, so obviously its a cover up because they didnt cover up anything, they made it more noticeable. the original might be a ufo, it might just be stars. did you compare the next and previous frames for that area? talk about tenuous, this proves nothing

  35. ivstova47 on

    I have no idea why in Gods name I keep wasting my spare time and watching such douche bag videos , and then being very disappointed at the very evidence they provide……. Show me more evidence. This is straight shiteeee.

  36. Fred Cameron on

    The moon is only a, sometimes transparent, less than 35 mile away, light source of some kind, unable to hide anything on. And, the only thing nasa’s hiding is the moon missions were staged, and the fact that space travel, beyond low earth orbit, is impossible! It’s high time to wake up people. Our space program, and all the other ones, in the world, are only the best front governments have ever come up with to fleece its people.

  37. Bitter Clinger on

    It’s nice to be able to make liars out themselves. Kudos for pushing them to own their lie. “No comment”, often is a very telling comment in itself.


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