32 COWS Wiped Out By Something In The Sky 5/5/17

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  1. Distance runner on

    It’s those damned alien interns having a BLAST with the weapons system behind their mentors’ backs.

  2. Look For THE Life of Love on

    What about a lightning strike, hitting a methane pocket that may have been continuing to release, AFTER the ignited gas burned up? Gas being released from the Earth explains almost EVERY strange, mass death/die off AND, most of the disappearances in the Bermuda & Devils’ Triangles. What do you think?  ** B READY **

  3. Blitzkrieg2002 on

    I’ve raised & been around Cattle since I was a kid, and this is a VERY rare thing. The 1 time I know of Lightning killing Cattle is my Uncle had his Black Angus Bull killed by Lightning. And it was the ONLY one killed even though he had over 50 in that pasture, and there was burn marks from the Lightning strike.

  4. :Leon :Edwards on

    There is 2 satellites above the earth. They know what the heart frequencies are for most if not all living creatures including Man. The satellites can beam down a beam in 1 square mile radius that resonates at the same frequency as whatever is targeted. This is why all over the world you see mass die offs of different species.

  5. Peter LaCombe on

    Perhaps its some type of weapon being tested as long as we are speculating it wouldn’t be the first time the military used live stock as a test bed for weapons

  6. ArwenEvenStar79 on

    Fishy. Maybe gov’t testing their Tesla weapon. If it was from lightning, there would be burns. If not the gov’t, then I would say Hosea prophecy.

  7. Ernst Wepener on

    well they are swollen up which is a normal trait for lightning. dunno hey. if it was a lightning storm or possibly a higher content or iron ore present in the ground…i think that this one might very well be plausible

  8. hi im sonssu on

    Could it be the govern ment is trying to eliminate the organic cows, only wanting G MO fed cows to be consumed by the public? The reindeer one is really odd though…

  9. nickolas sanders on

    lightening is the animal version of swamp gas as a coverup story..lightening does kill but no way that many animals in one go..

  10. andvas1994 on

    Those darn aliens allways target the cows! WHY OH WHY CRUEL SPACE!? I think it’s time to build a wall! Yes we’re building a wall and the aliens have to pay for it! I don’t care what they say they are paying for it and we’re building this wall no matter what anyone says. There will be NO more cow murders on my watch! To celebrate this i’m inviting all of you to come grill and eat as many cheeseburgers as you want! #SaveTheCowsWithCheeseBurgers

  11. Simon Hebert on

    32 cows by a lightning? I know the government is bad at covering odd activities but that is just ridiculous. Ask any physicians. They should start paying their ”SpinDoctors” a better salary ’cause they are producing crap, even considering the circonstances.

  12. Flat Earth is the truth on

    The reindeer some were decapitated and horns removed so yea not getting hit by lightning

  13. anthony romano on

    so a human can survive a lightning strike but over 300 reindeer can’t? not buying the lightning strike theory

  14. Monte Lang on

    The elite shadow governments have had high energy electromagnetic weapons for some time. Perhaps these animal deaths are the result of tests, or outright intentional ritual sacrifices using these weapons.

  15. Dunjinz Draco on

    Missing heads is strange, but one lightening strike on wet ground can kill anything that’s on the wet ground if there’s enough water on the ground, even if there’s no storm, there could be water on the ground from dew or rain from the day before.

  16. Longbow Shooter on

    Tyler, I live not far from where that happened. It was a devastating storm, many towns were flooded down here. I was caught driving in it and had lightning hitting 100 feet away several times. There was a LOT of lightning, and it could have been what killed them this time. Look at all the water around them in the picture, they could have been in water up to their knees with the floods. A pasture near me was waist deep from the storm. A lightning strike while they’re all knees deep in water while they are all huddles under a tree …….. could take out the whole bunch.

  17. Bruno Quelhas on

    32 COWS Wiped Out By Something In The Sky. Yeah tyle, lightning does that. I actually witnessed this kind of thing. Were not 32 cows, but 12. It was raining and the poor things took cover under a big tree. Big mistake.

  18. Kyle Lamarche on

    @SecureTeam10 Hey i am an 18 year old student of Coastal Carolina. I currently live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. I recently discovered your channel and i wanted to reach out to you. I have a few pairs of 2nd gen night vision goggles.I have always had an interest in them,ever since my father showed me how to use them when i was 9 ever since them I’ve been obsessed with looking at the stars or looking at anything that i found interesting. I use them frequently,but one night while i was doing my usual looking into the depts of space. I noticed something very intriguing in the video. Something that i didn’t Notice at first. When I was editing it one night i noticed a what looked like at first as a shooting star or something,but than i looked closer. I noticed it was shooting across the screen bright as the sun,than it vanished. I don’t know exactly what it was but definitely worth taking a look at. I figured i could send u the video via Email and maybe you could debunk it better than i can. Get back to me and ill send that video to your email.

  19. Victor Sevigny on

    How about HAARP? Ibelieve they can do this,Maybe they are working on a (HELL) arm to help Agenda 21 killing a good parts of the population,

  20. Vincent Gatekeeper on

    these are test for the upcoming deception of the rapture. They will target certain dense populations of humans like time square and do it so instantly 100-200 people in every city, just drop where they are, and this will be all over the world at the same exact time. Then they will excite the public via media and chaos will ensue allowing the U.N. to declare martial law across the world. Then the fema camps begin, the offer of the mark or death is given, and fate is decided for each individual.

  21. DowN2PanterA on

    Are aliens controlling our thunders now?Gosh these aliens are annoying,they took out thunder technology to wipe out 32 cows.
    Honestly this channel is becoming more and more of a joke

  22. Jeff Timekeeper on

    these incidents were foretold thousands of years ago, as were many of the other strange and bizarre things we are seeing at ever increasing rates.

  23. momatomic on

    Clue- these yearly storms have always existed, but the mass deaths of entire herds of animals is new. What has changed is that the skies all over the world, due to aerosol spraying of metal chaff have made the the atmosphere into an electrically charged weapons grid. I think Judith Wood would be a good consult on this possibility. She understands destructive energy weapons possibilities. For sure, the intensity plus the thought that these animals seem to have been targeted, as well as the lack of the usual physical signs of lightning strike damage on the bodies of these animals gives me the creeps. If it is weapons practice- will human targets be next? Also, my condolences to the farmers who took a huge loss of their beloved cows- I know they all had names and personalities- I am so sorry for you.

  24. Mark Pate on

    We should maintain the actual documented information. The Farmer reported that some were dead and others were in the process. All instantly dead in every circumstance is a distortion. Just a suggestion. Thanks!

  25. Elbert Derf on

    What is going on with the Space People? They did this. Why do they come here from far away galaxies to mutilate cows and abduct people and look up their asses? Why do all the “abductee” believers ignore this question?

  26. JennyHaigst on

    I just wanna say, if the lightning was strong enough to take out 30 cow, how is the farmer still alive? He was outside and did not feel static charge, or anything? And cattle losing their heads?? Lightning DOES NOT remove your head….if it did you would be able to clearly see it! I have lived in the country my entire life and Never heard of anything like this????

  27. 흫MysticM๛ss흫 on

    I really loved seeing the viewer projects! Great job everyone and great job to you, humble SecureTeam10!

  28. Joseph Cingrani on

    The cows were probably in a group standing in water. Lightning struck the water and caused a chain reaction. Must have been a big bolt.

  29. Olimpo 2016 on

    Ahhh, No wonder the meat was so cheap in all the markets all across US, thanks to the mass cow killings due to the lightening strike. 5-13-17

  30. MrSmithwayne Smith on

    Having come to the conclusion there are invisible to our eyes ships cloaking themselves in our atmosphere after watching many many videos and reports on the web in the last couple years I do believe now that the massive bird deaths also are a result of them being in proximity to these craft and whatever propulsion system is being used of cloaking field is also causing these birds nervous systems to shut down. The evidence sure does seem to point to these ships having been the cause of these massive die offs around the world.

  31. BlueEyed SouthernGirl on

    It actually could really happen though. But these cows were poisoned as well some was beheaded. Its totally human beings doing this to the animals.

  32. Cashis Clay on

    All these cows dying is the governments doing. Trying to force farmers off their land. I like Scott Byergo’s response too but I am gonna go with my original thoughts.

  33. N Hughes on

    there truly seems to be a terrible effort to demise our food resources be it domestic or wild. there are many UFO ships that hide in the clouds under the guise as storms. It seems though there is a sinister and world control group at work trying to devastate any life.

  34. j.d. di giusto on

    The Illuminati is said to use electromagnetic energy to cause earthquakes, volcano eruptions as well as the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Perhaps they are in the planning stages of threatening or destroying our food supply?I balked at this idea as well until I saw a youtube video by an ex-NSA agent who proved the earthquake and tsunami were indeed man made.

  35. Nufosmatic on

    Just a few years ago the University of Florida LIghtning Lab at Camp Blanding finally instrumented and discovered that lightning can create gamma rays. Up until that time it was posited that there was not enough energy in a lightning strike to create gamma rays and that gamma rays that had been detected were instrumentation anomalies.

    So lighting is still being understood, and, sometimes, truth can be too strange to believe…

  36. Dogmo Satchmo on

    They are just terrible farmers..Hopefully they don’t replace them, and they move on to another hillbilly venture, like making meth..Options are limited when your cousin is your sister..

  37. TStorms on

    Lightning could have easily done this, especially positive lightning. This type has a much higher peak current and longer continuing current than standard bolts, and can strike 10 miles outside of a storm (So it doesn’t even have to be raining for them to occur). Also on the date of this incident (29th of April) there was a very intense line of storms stretching from Ohio to Texas, cutting right through Missouri.

  38. Kyarrah Molina on

    Jesus is coming!!! Y’all who don’t believe need to bow down to your creator our Heavenly Father. Repent of your sins and believe. He is showing us in so many ways we ARE in the end times. Humanity will suffer greatly. You all ready for FEMA camps?

  39. Franziska on

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