Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ_uCvTBhaA

1/19/2014 – This could be the smoking gun we’ve been looking for.. There is no way this structure is natural. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. JRod on

    There are so many things that are a complete mystery about Mars. I wish we were at a slightly more advanced level of technology and society so that I could be able to go and do a proper archaeological expedition of the planet within my lifetime.

  2. notrombones on

    If The Japanese are actually from Mars, then Gojira could be real.
    Gojira could be waiting for us on Mars!
    Nah, just kiddin’.

    When was the original pic taken?
    Is it from Mars Global Surveyor, or newer?

  3. Linus Ericsson on

    The Mars Tomb is not made from nature for sure! If people dont beleive this then why dont you say then ”Yeah ik…Mars Tomb was created by nature…Also New York….”

  4. blitzem fiver on

    If the measurement tool is accurate on the Mars maps, then the feature is almost 3km long. And is in the middle of nowhere with nothing but windblown landscape and craters around it. Probably natural. And it’s covered in craters, which you can see if you go and download the hi-res image from NASA which makes it very, very old.

  5. Haidar Matar on

    if its true they have found this on mars , then Nasa if you read this FUCK YOU! for all this years and the years to come! 

  6. Glenn Fletcher on


  7. Roberto Cassola on

    Si esto es real, podria atreverme a decir que , alguien de alguna forma traslado la tumba desde Marte y la puso en Japon, donde se dice esta hoy.. en marte solo quedo la huella.

  8. jake page on

    This is just old water ripple marks left in the dirt. U get it in old dryed up lakes. There used to be water on mars this may of been one of its meany lakes that has dryed up.

  9. D4RKBRU73 on

    Thats definately the impact of a meteor.
    Not all meteors fall down 180° angle… Just in your dreams lol. This meteor went down sharp angle and left this trail. This is a PERFECT PICTURE of PHYSICS!
    And nothing more. But fits nicely into your “conspiracy theory”, right? 🙂

  10. cafu8012 on

    Love your intro sound! Makes one fell good!
    You and Mister UFO.
    Best intro sounds!
    Ohh – and UFOtv.ch.
    You 3 !!!

  11. 2150dalek on

    You gotta love NASA’s spin with explanations.
    Personally, I couldn’t keep a straight face after spewing such psychobabble.

  12. ChatNoodle on

    I beleive this to be a coincidental rock formation. I’m not exactly sure though, so if anyone could point out some evidence leading to it being a structure, that would be great.


    this is so dumb, its clearly a lock and key deal, the tombs on this planet fit into the tombs on that planet then we link up and have a huge party.

  14. Mr Cut Folks on

    Now how can anyone look at this and say it’s just a natural formation?? How crazy is that? I don’t need some proff with a PhDs NBA or what ever to tell me that’s natural! What a slap in the face. That’s deff constructed. A kid can look at that and tell you someone made it come on man!! That should be on national news everyone should see it. What a dam shame!!

    • Oliver Tanner on

      +ojkolsrud1 Very good point. Why did humans build pyramids and mounds to begin with? Did ancient people seek to create artificial mountains? Were they copying the geometry of nature? It’s fun looking at these formations. I enjoy the wild speculation. It helps to guarantee continued funding for future missions. No one can say for sure that these things weren’t built. The only way to find out is to continue exploring. Thanks NASA for the great images. Thanks to the uploader for the comparison. Interesting for sure. Let’s send some people!

    • ojkolsrud1 on

      The human brain is designed to look for patterns. I can’t speak for others, but I’ve seen a lot of things like rocks, stones, trees etc. which looks like something else. Why do people see “the Man in the Moon”? Clearly, it’s the Moon, and if you look close, you see that there’s no face there. But it still sort of looks like a face, right? You can see the eyes and the mouth, but your mind tells you that it’s really not. See this? =) That’s just an equal sign and an end-parenthesis. Still, people see it as a smiling face. It’s really the same here. I agree, it sort of looks like that Japanese tomb, but that’s mainly because you’re trained through thousands of years of evolution, to look for and recognize patterns. Boring, you say, that it’s not really a structure? Maybe, but at least it’s the truth.

  15. Nathan Kessler on

    there was a shape that looked like a mans face on mars too though and that turned out to just be from our perspective 

  16. Izen Guarr on

    Neither are tombs, nor are any pyramids tombs.   This monument on Mars, I’ve found with google earth and have taken photos of it.  There are many similar types of monuments here on earth which have replicas on the other planets and moons in our solar system.   The famous snake mound in Ohio, US,  I’ve found one nearly identical to it on the moon.

  17. Astrologer Promod on

    If it is an old structure, it may be that of our Ancestors. Because as per VEDAs,the settled in outer PLANETS. If it is a new structure. America is far behind……..r

  18. Charles de Torres on

    Dejando aparte su parecido con la tumba, no deja de ser una estructura singular, geométrica (un trapecio y un círculo) y nada usual. Muy alejada de los típicos crateres o de otras formaciones rocosas. Leaving apart the likeness with the tomb, really it is a structure unique (a trapecio and a circle) and inusual. Very far from the tipical craters and another stone formations.

  19. Empregnator on

    I am going to take the uploader of this video and dunk his head into a bucket of human shit until he vomets blood and farts out his internal organs! Im pretty sure it is the guy that my cousin told me came into the emergency room at the hospital with his fist stuck up his ass! Classic

  20. Narval maman on

    WAOUU….y a les memes sur la lune….mais alors,s’ ils balancent les memes idées sur toutes les planètes qu’ils ont décidés d’anéantir, ce sont les memes races d’aliens qui agissent que sur notre planète?

  21. Joe Shatterstar on

    Seeing is believing but it doesn’t matter how much you show some people. Some people refuse to believe. We are one nuclear or biological world war away from human extinction, not to mention extinction from a natural disaster or from space. We better get interested in finding out what’s out there

    • Joe Shatterstar on

      +creativeprojects720 I agree humans are resilient.  But a real threat is there.  That is why the government has built underground bunkers and tunnels everywhere here in America.  Scientist work diligently to avoid such mass extinction.  But there is a real threat from space from asteroids, and the sun, to maybe even a super-nova explosion outside of our solar system that could reach here that would make this planet uninhabitable.  it might be tomorrow, and it might be 10 million years from now, but something will happen.  It’s murphy’s law.  What can happen, will happen.  So as a species, we need to learn how to get off this planet and explore other habitable worlds.

  22. David Setali on

    i dont get it ?? yet NASA is tryning to find life ? at the same time denieying that theyv found life ? what are they trying to prove ?? wtf

  23. dj abbott on

    good vids, keep it up!
    btw most monolithic structures aren’t made as tombs. Well, when i say that, they obviously do serve as a good tomb as well, and for good reasons. most of these monoliths have enormous energy potential due to their sheer shape and size just for a start. if you were to take an emf reader into any of these, you would be surprised at how much electro-magnetic energy these structures can generate just through shape and size ALONE, not even including the composition. they can serve as buildings for various tasks, be it electricity, to healing, preservation etc. it’s been proven the pyramid shape can preserve organic materials and interact with living DNA in a positive manner. I’ve done experiments myself and its actually pretty incredible the power of even a small home made pyramid! Food for thought…

  24. Freddie Wilson on

    I agree with dj. Thats how the big pyramid is made. Amazing part about it. They had metal pips and walls with salt inside of them. Some sort of electromagnetic energy tight of deal. Technology way before our time that the don’t even us. We can build our own electricity if we had the brains folks or unknown beings had

  25. Snake's Raven on

    In this day and age of photoshop and CGI, and with a massive cover up from governments all over the world, the only thing NASA does is a crappy job at blurring pictures… Seems legit.

  26. Vollassi Toni on

    The proof that we was there in atlantis times and before,, follow on Edda ,book of light,santias of perun,weden swaga der asen,the kalevala,the sampo,book of veles you got best historical written evidence , on papers myths, we are the masters and ourold foes the greys,you will know them ,grey hood blacknight eyes ,,,santias of perun,,in edda them wrotten as ,,the grey widget of iron bush in east,,,our foes and destroyers of our wonderful atlantis ,and more outhere stations ,,much more other planets and worlds they blast down ,and our gvts worshipped them now theyre more as stupid they should better realize that the grey snakes bite them away too by comfort times .

  27. Vollassi Toni on

    Many worlds blast away with elektro plasma cannons Deat star Anode cathode system inreally really big planet destroy tastes, some evidence on earths devilsmountain one of them blastpoints,the craters on mars( planet of war ) a big shot of it ,,,,wake up,,, old norse tales tells us the grey fallen down on earth with us ,,we lost our arts in catastrophical wartimes on earth,so many died in mattern of this bad times followed with an 1000 jear winter very hard times ,,,,and greys nothing learned ,they follow theyre old roots,,,we have to follow our old micha aya roots we are atlantis brosis

  28. Clumpov Atoms on

    Space exploration, excursion to the stars.
    Solar system bases, the new world order.
    Lust for space dust, forming galaxy borders.
    Never seeking new life, only planning war.    I.B

  29. Onyx Soul on

    IF the “Mars structure” wasn´t about one million times larger than the japanese one on the right, then, maybe someone could had built it, but since it´s an satelite view from extremely far, no chance in hell, it´s definitely a natural ocurrence.


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